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Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

If you ask women whose sneakers are better designed, theirs or men’s, they’ll probably say men’s. However, if you ask men the same question, they’ll probably say the opposite. So, what if there’s a simple solution to this? Can men wear women’s shoes?

It’s true that sometimes something seems better simply because we can’t have it. And that’s what makes it even more desirable. However, it’s also true that some clothes and footwear can fit both, men and women, perfectly.

So, does that mean that men can wear women’s shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got this! Here’s everything you need to know.

The main differences between men’s and women’s shoes

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

Before we start discussing whether men can wear women’s shoes, it’s important to note the differences first. Sometimes some differences are so big that they make it impossible to neglect. So, is that the case with shoes? Or are these contrasts not that big?

Learning about the 6 biggest differences between men’s and female’s footwear will help us understand the answer to the main question. So, let’s not wait any longer!

1. They can endure different weights

Did you know that weight plays a big role when choosing the right pair of shoes? Yes, and that’s exactly one of the reasons why men’s shoes differ from those that women wear. On average, women have around 10-15 percent less muscle mass than men do.

That’s why women overall weigh less and their shoes are made differently. They are lighter and they aren’t as strong as men’s footwear.

That is exactly one of the most common reasons why men love women’s shoes. Some of the most frequent comments are that women’s shoes are better because they are softer and they simply feel more comfortable.

2. Prices

Every brand needed to learn how to operate its business in a smart way so that it can get the best profit possible. That’s why they are always making surveys, following trends, and making sure that they know what their customers want and need.

It wasn’t that difficult for them to conclude that most women enjoy getting a pair of new shoes that they can wear with a new piece of clothing. Therefore, they decided to do some quick maths and they figured that it’s much better to make shoes cost a bit less and let women buy more of them, rather than have one very expensive design.

However, they haven’t paid much attention to what men need and want as they always assume that women are those who will be willing to spend more time planning their outfits and searching for new footwear to fit perfectly.

Brands go by the logic that men buy fewer shoes, so their prices need to be higher so the profit is bigger. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why men are asking themselves whether they could wear women’s shoes. If they could, they would spend less money, and buy more things they like.

3. They are shaped differently

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

We all know that men and women have different physical structures. It’s visible in many parts of our bodies, including our feet. Since we’re talking about shoes, it’s important to mention physical differences regarding feet.

Okay, so the first thing we can notice when we look at men’s and women’s feet is that women’s feet are smaller. It’s not only that they are shorter, but also narrower. That’s why their shoes are slimmer.

When it comes to men, their feet are wider and longer. Therefore, their shoes are also bigger and designed differently so they can fit them properly.

However, the differences vary from person to person. Men who are 6′ tall and women who are 5’2″ tall will have bigger differences in their feet structure, than those who are approximately the same height.

Therefore, men with narrower and shorter feet can definitely find a female pair of shoes that will fit them perfectly. So, the answer to “Can men wear women’s shoes?“ is yes, if it feels comfortable on their feet.

Many brands nowadays are trying to make universal shoes. Some of them are Converse, Vans, and Adidas. So we can expect to see more and more cool designs that can be worn by anyone who likes them.

Since there isn’t a big difference in the style, the biggest difference lies in the sizing. Luckily, almost every brand has its own size chart that can help you find a pair of shoes that will fit you perfectly. So, there’s no need to worry about that.

4. Design

Another common comparison between men’s and women’s shoes is concerned with designs. Women have more styles and designs to choose from. And it’s true for footwear that it will help you do both, dress up or dress down.

Every type of women’s shoe has a purpose. Some are designed for running, some for formal events, and so on and so on. While men have the same options, it’s true that women can choose between many more options.

Let’s say you’re getting ready for a wedding. If you’re a man, you can choose between a few types of shoes such as oxfords, loafers, derby shoes… However, women can choose from heels to flats (with about at least 10 designs in between).

Even if we’re talking about sneakers, women have many more options. And men get bored of their designs since they are always pretty much the same. So, it’s not difficult to notice the difference between the options.

5. Color

Another common difference between men’s and women’s shoes is in the color palette. Even though nowadays we see that men are slowly getting more color options when it comes to sneakers, it’s still not even close to how many options women have.

We’re not surprised that men got bored of seeing only dull colors available when they’re shopping for new shoes. Sneakers and other types of shoes are mostly black, brown, grey, or white. And it’s sometimes combined with a pinch of some other lighter color.

Yes, it’s great that those colors make it easier for you to style a perfect outfit. However, most men would also like to have a chance to choose shoes while having never-ending color options. Maybe the new hoodie fits perfectly with bright red sneakers, but they are rarely found in the men’s section.

When you think of absolutely any color, you can find women’s clothes and shoes in that exact color. Since you can’t do the same when it comes to men, it’s no surprise that men would like to see whether they could buy sneakers from the female section.

Luckily, many brands, such as Nike and Adidas, started playing with their color palettes a bit more. Therefore, men could expect more and more color options in the upcoming releases.

6. Q-angle

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

Another fact that has a lot to do with our biology is that women have larger hips. And that’s one of the reasons why there’s a difference between our feet. The Q angle is actually the angle of the foot muscle.

Women have wider angles and that’s exactly the reason why their shoes require more support. While men’s shoes don’t provide support against pronation, women’s shoes do. That’s why it’s better for men to wear women’s shoes than vice versa.

Can men wear women’s shoes, then?

Okay, so, can men wear women’s shoes? After seeing all the differences between those two, it wasn’t difficult to conclude why men want to buy women’s shoes. However, can they really do it or it’s not really recommended?

Yes! Men can wear women’s shoes. Good news, right? Imagine how many new options they just got. However, it’s important to remember a few things we’ve talked about. Since women’s sneakers are thinner and smaller, it might feel uncomfortable for male feet if they get the size wrong.

Luckily, it’s easy to convert sizes and if it’s done correctly, there’s no need to worry about how the new shoes will fit. Buying women’s shoes brings so many new outfit ideas that will give men a chance to finally play with colors a bit. Isn’t that exciting?

Wearing women’s shoes for the first time might feel a bit odd because of the differences in texture, design, and shape, however, the feeling will be gone pretty soon. Women’s footwear is famous for being more comfortable than men’s, so the odd feeling won’t be negative anyways!

The best women’s shoes that men can wear

Considering all the differences, we need to point out that not every women’s shoe will be great for every man. The biggest reason to avoid certain types of shoes is that they could damage men’s feet. For example, men shouldn’t wear female running shoes.

However, we’ll talk about that a bit later. Now’s the time to see what are the best women’s shoes that men can wear. Some of them are gender-neutral, while the rest are usually worn by women, even though they will look simply stunning on a man, too. So, let’s check them out.

1. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots have been around for ages. And let me tell you something, they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. That’s because their simple and elegant style makes them a perfect everyday type of footwear.

There are both, men’s and women’s types of these boots. However, there’s still a difference in their designs. While men’s Chelsea boots are simple and usually come in only one or two colors, women’s are usually more complex.

Therefore, when it comes to the women’s segment of Chelsea boots, they come with different patterns and kinds of zippers. And that’s a great addition when you get bored of classic, plain-looking boots.

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why people want to find out can men wear women’s shoes. There’s a huge difference in design, color, and comfort.

While women can choose sneakers that come in almost any color you can think of, men usually have the chance to choose between a few common colors. However, that’s not the only problem.

Women’s sneakers also have many more designs, and you can clearly notice the difference between them. But when you’re looking at men’s sneakers, most of them look pretty much the same. So, there’s no surprise that men are a bit jealous of all the options women have when choosing their new pair of shoes.

3. Oxfords 

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

Oxfords are one of the types of shoes that are favorite amongst people. Why? Because their simple, yet elegant look gives you a chance to look like a real fashion diva. Whether you’re just going to grab a cup of coffee or attend a meeting, oxfords will always be there for you.

Well, some good news for all the men out there is that they can wear them too! So, every one of them should definitely have a pair of oxfords hiding in their shoe rack as it fits perfectly with almost any other piece of clothing.

4. Loafers

Loafers are another type of shoe that comes in two versions: for men and women. Even though their whole design is pretty much the same, there are still some minor differences that can make men buy women’s loafers.

This type of shoe, when designed for women, usually has some small pattern or an accessory that breaks their simplicity. Therefore, they could be an interesting choice for men. And since the rest of their structure is very similar, they will not only be beautiful on the outside but also comfortable.

5. Desert boots

Dessert boots are one of the most popular universal shoes. They look simply stunning when you combine them with a dress or a suit. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see both, men and women wearing them.

There’s not much visible difference between these two versions of them. However, the main difference can be seen in the color palette. Women’s dessert boots usually come in many colors, while men can mostly buy them in nude, brown, or black.

6. Vans

Vans are one more type of shoe that is made for both, men and women. However, their designs are different and that’s why it might be interesting for men to buy women’s shoes. Vans are famous for its unique styles and it’s great to have more options than usual.

You can wear them on casual outfits, however, it’s also not uncommon to see people pairing Vans with their more formal outfits.

How to convert the sizes?

In case a man would like to buy a women’s pair of shoes, he’ll need to pay close attention to sizes. Many people don’t even know that there’s a difference in sizes when it comes to shoes. So, women’s size 9, is not the same as men’s size 9, and so on.

How to convert sizes and not make mistakes while choosing new sneakers?

When it comes to men’s and women’s sizing, there’s an approximate 1.5 size difference between them. Therefore, it’s very easy to do some maths and get the right size. Here’s how it goes. To make it easier, we will put women’s sizes on the right, and males on the left.

Male sizing vs. female sizing:

– 7 = 5.5

– 7.5 = 6

– 8 = 6.5

– 8.5 = 7

– 9 = 7.5

– 9.5  = 8

– 10 = 8.5

– 10.5 = 9

– 11 = 9.5

P.S. Every universal model is in men’s size. So keep that in mind while converting sizes. And the smallest male size is 5.5.

Why men shouldn’t wear women’s running shoes?

Just as we’ve mentioned, some types of shoes should definitely be avoided when men are trying to find a perfect pair of women’s shoes for themselves. Luckily, it’s not about many designs and types. However, there’s one that can do a lot of damage.

Men should avoid buying women’s athletic shoes! These shoes are designed differently from every other type of shoe. That’s because they are made in a way that gives them a chance to support different areas of the foot. It’s important to do it to prevent injuries.

However, we’ve already mentioned that male and female feet are different. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that running shoes will be made differently. And that difference can cause pain and put you at risk of getting injured if you wear the wrong type of shoes.


Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Okay Or Not Okay?

It’s understandable why men would like to buy women’s shoes. As we’ve seen, there are many more options when it comes to designs and colors, and there’s a difference in prices as well. So, who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

Luckily, the answer to “Can men wear women’s shoes?” is yes, so this is some great news. However, they need to be very careful when choosing them. It’s important to keep in mind differences in sizes and the fact that athletic shoes should be avoided.

With all that in mind, there’s only one thing left to do. And that’s to enjoy the new pair of shoes!

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