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Joybees Vs. Crocs: The Battle Of Famous Foam Clogs

Joybees Vs. Crocs: The Battle Of Famous Foam Clogs

“Joybees vs. Crocs” – the battle we didn’t think we needed. Crocs have to have been the most hated footwear for decades because they’ve been on the receiving end of fashion criticism ever since they appeared around 2002. Are they clogs? Are they slippers? Are they made of plastic?!

Now, even though we all know about Crocs because of how hated and adored they are at the same time, they’ve managed to endure the shifting economic climate for more than 20 years.

Crocs seem to buoy back to the surface every time we start to think we’ve forgotten about them. Joybees, on the other hand, seem to have wanted a piece of that Croc cake, too.

Joybees appeared on the market 18 years after Crocs, but here’s the twist we didn’t expect. Joybees were started by the former CEO of Crocs who stated that he wanted to use the knowledge he secured at Crocs to create something even better and bigger than the famous foam clogs.

Oh, that explains why Joybees and Crocs are so similar, right?!

Whether we’re talking about the signature appearance, the famous EVA foam, or the ever-enduring comfort they offer, there’s no denying that both Joybees and Crocs are here to stay – whether you love them or hate them.

We’re here to offer you a rundown on what makes these two footwear pioneers so similar, yet so different from one another. Read everything you need to know down below!

What’s the history behind Crocs?

Joybees Vs. Crocs: The Battle Of Famous Foam Clogs

We have to start with Crocs because Crocs are the ones that started the entire EVA foam clogs craze we’ve been seeing everywhere we go. Crocs were started around the year 2002 by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker.

When the two discovered the antimicrobial, injection-molded foam developed by a company called Foam Creations, they thought to create a waterproof boat shoe called “the Beach.”

We’re pretty sure that the Beach shoes were a huge success because the two managed to sell out the entire collection (which consisted of more than 200 shoes) at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

We don’t even have to explain that the Beach shoes and the OG Crocs shoes were designed for boaters and were constructed to be waterproof, offer traction, grip, and foot protection, and be simple to throw on and off when necessary.

Even though the OG Crocs were made with the type of foam we mentioned beforehand, over time Crocs came out with an enhanced, patented version named Croslite.

Actually, Crocs became sort of an homage to crocodiles because they were constructed to perform on both land and sea, the same as crocodiles. As Crocs grew bigger and better, the famous foam clogs managed to live up to that name.

Crocs have been both hated and imitated by many. Kanye’s Foam Runners and Merell’s Hydro Morcs are freakishly similar to Crocs due to the same foamy appearance.

New Balance 574 YURT sneakers took things even further by keeping the signature sneaker design and adding the Croslite foam. Joybees, however, took the cake with the same appearance, materials, and (possibly) quality.

What’s the history behind Joybees?

To complete the “Joybees vs. Crocs” battle, we can’t forget about the history behind Joybees. We’ve brushed over the fact that Joybees was started by the former CEO of Crocs, John McCarvel, and the former Merchandise Manager of Crocs, Kellen McCarvel.

But, the father and son decided to start Joybees around the year 2020, many years after they’d departed from Crocs. We know what you’re thinking, there must have been bad blood between the two and their former employers.

We, however, have to report that both John and Kellan continue to talk highly about the time they spent with Crocs and attribute the motivation behind starting Joybees to the experience they gained while working with Crocs.

We mentioned how Crocs went through different periods when we’re talking about the popularity of the famous foam clogs. Whether they were crucified because they were considered “ugly,” or whether they were adored because they were considered “on-trend” and rocked by numerous celebrities, Crocs managed to make headlines.

When foam footwear resurfaced once more, John and Kellan decided to give Joybees a go. From the get-go, they decided to make Joybees with the same EVA foam but to advertise them to a different demographic.

Rather than targeting the feel-goods and the explorers the way Crocs do, Joybees decided to target families with young children. Joybees, of course, decided to continue producing some of the designs seen on Crocs but to offer innovative and imaginative alternatives, too.

Joybees vs. Crocs: What are the similarities?

1. Appearance

Joybees Vs. Crocs: The Battle Of Famous Foam Clogs

Right off the bat, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume the two are too similar for comfort. Of course, we’re not talking about every single style the two companies offer, but some of the styles featured on their websites appear pretty similar.

On one hand, we’ve got the Crocs specialist work clogs and the Joybees unisex work clogs which feature the same rounded toe, the same straps at the back, and a bunch of holes for ventilation. On the other hand, Joybees offer espadrilles, sneakers, sandals, and clogs, but Crocs offer numerous other styles, too.

Even though the two brands offer different styles, there’s no denying that they’re pretty similar when we’re talking about appearance.

2. Materials

Oh, nobody would win the “Joybees vs. Crocs” battle had we been choosing the winner based on the quality of the materials used to produce them.

Both Joybees and Crocs are made with the famous EVA foam that’s proved to be much better than rubber or plastic (which are used to produce footwear that’s similar to Joybees and Crocs). Not to mention that both of them are actually made with the patented version of EVA foam known as Croslite.

Croslite’s different from rubber and plastic. Footwear made with Croslite tends to be more comfortable, durable, and easy to wash and dry. For that matter, both Joybees and Crocs are guaranteed to withstand different conditions and last a long time.

3. Soles

And, as you might have guessed, both Joybees and Crocs are made with the same EVA foam soles that make them lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

When you wear the Joybees work clogs and the Crocs work clogs, there’s pretty much a 100% chance you won’t notice the difference between the two because of how comfortable and soft the EVA foam insoles are.

Other than that, both brands provide the same amount of traction and grip that prevents you from slipping and falling while you’re wearing their footwear (thanks to the EVA foam, once more).

We should mention that Joybees refer to their insoles as Honeycomb insoles, and Crocs refers to their insoles as Massage-pod footbeds – but, both offer you the same “I’m waking on clouds” feeling.

4. Quality

Need we even say anything regarding quality? We probably do because most folks that are wondering about the winner of the Joybees vs. Crocs battle are most curious about the quality.

We’re pretty sure that nobody wants to pay the same amount of money for a subpar product, right? However, we’re happy to argue that both Joybees and Crocs offer similar quality because they’re made with similar materials, similar technologies, and similar additions – what more could you expect?

Both are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and hard-wearing. Both are stylish (depending on your preferences) and both are meant to make or break your outfit.

5. Comfort

No matter what you think of Crocs or Joybees, you can’t deny that they’re among the most comfortable clogs out there. Not to mention that they offer a bunch of other styles that are equally comfortable as the signature clogs.

Now, we know we talked your ears off about how lightweight, breathable, and comfortable they are. But, that’s pretty much why they’re as popular as they are which pretty much means we’re obligated to mention that every time we try to talk them up.

Between the two brands, there’s little to no difference when we’re talking about appearance, materials, soles, quality, and comfort. But, what about the production variation, shape, and price?

Joybees vs. Crocs: What are the differences?

1. Production variation

Joybees Vs. Crocs: The Battle Of Famous Foam Clogs

We’re at the point where we’re comfortable with saying that Joybees and Crocs don’t have that many differences. However, there are a few things to keep an eye on when you’re serious about choosing the winner of the Joybees vs. Crocs battle.

Whether you’re searching for foam footwear that’s not as popular at the moment or you don’t know what type of footwear you’re searching for, Crocs might be the answer for you.

Crocs offer much more variety when we’re talking about different styles of footwear – from clogs, slippers, slides, and sandals (that we know and love) to flip flops, boots, platform, and socks, you can get them all at Crocs. Joybees, on the other hand, only offer espadrilles, sneakers, clogs, and sandals.

2. Shape

Crocs might offer variety, but Joybees offer better-fitting footwear because they’re focused on producing footwear that’s comfortable for both wide and narrow-footed people.

Crocs, on the other hand, offer a few styles for wide-footed people and a few for narrow-footed people, but the rest of the collection seems to be targeted at average-footed people.

3. Price

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We know that most shopping battles end when we take a peep at the price. Crocs are more expensive than Joybees – but, Crocs do offer designer pieces and collaboration pieces that rack up the average price.

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Joybees, on the other hand, offer affordable alternatives (that’s sort of the motto they’re going with) for a wider range of shoppers. Whether you’re a fan of Joybees or Crocs, know that they’re both pretty similar, nonetheless.

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Joybees Vs. Crocs The Battle Of Famous Foam Clogs