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How To Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit? A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit? A Step-By-Step Guide

Trying to figure out how to wear cowboy boots with a suit means you’re probably not one of those men who were blessed with the slick swagger of a cowboy.

Good western boots can change that, which attests to the fact you’re willing to escape a boys’ night out for the sake of learning how to wear cowboy boots the right way. Before we go any further, know that you can achieve that smoking-hot western style whether or not you’ve ridden a horse or worn a cowboy hat.

Cowboys might not be happy about everyone snatching the style they worked so hard on, but we’re pretty sure they’re going to forgive you (and us) for trying to understand the allure of wearing cowboy boots with a suit.

According to GQ magazine, replacing any style of shoes with cowboy boots makes you appear 100% more attractive, charming, and confident. Whether you wear them with chinos and a simple, white tee or with dress pants and a button-down, you’re guaranteed to turn heads and demand attention.

Pointy toes, mesmerizing stitching, and delicate details can make or break your entire ensemble, depending on whether or not you know what you’re doing.

Before you start scouring the world wide web guns a-blazin’, check out our step-by-step guide on how to wear cowboy boots with suits. We’ve added our favorite brands to make your quest even easier!

Can you wear cowboy boots with suits?

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit? A Step-By-Step Guide

Sure, you can wear cowboy boots with suits. Cowboy boots have the power to elevate pretty much everything you wear on a daily. From denim-on-denim ensembles to basic, boring dress pants and button-downs, to even simple, easy-going chinos and tees.

Cowboy boots are your secret weapon whenever you get that annoying thought telling you that “something’s missing.”

Now, there’s a right way and a wrong way to wear cowboy boots with a suit. Suits, on one hand, are reserved for office, business meetings, formal events, and other occasions that require you to dress smart.

Cowboy boots, on the other, are reserved for head-to-toe denim, plaid button-downs, light-hearted events, family outings, and certain outdoor activities.

However, cowboys would argue that you can (and should) wear cowboy boots any place, any time of the year. With that out of the way, we’re going with what the cowboys deem appropriate.

But, before we chatter about the dos, we must address a few don’ts to ensure we don’t offend the western boot community.

Right off the bat, whenever you’re wearing cowboy boots with a suit make sure you don’t tuck the ends of your trousers into the boots. Cowboy boots offer you a subtle way to add a dash of Texas to your ensemble, but you don’t want to overdo the deed.

Showing off your cowboy boots appears much better without the “I love cowboy boots!” squeak. On the other hand, wearing cowboy boots can be difficult because you don’t want to end up looking like you’re going to a Halloween party.

Add accessories, but make sure you keep them simple (don’t wear a cowboy hat, a western belt, and a bolo tie together unless you’re going to an event that requires you to wear those things). And voilà, you’re a modern-day cowboy!

How can you wear cowboy boots with suits the right way?

Now that you’re without a shadow of a doubt convinced that you need cowboy boots, we’re happy to offer some wisdom to ensure you wear them with a suit the right way.

What’s the right way, you might wonder? Getting the right length, the right type of leather, and the right color palette requires knowledge that you might not possess but we’re here to help.

Right away, we know you’re probably thinking of wearing a Canadian tuxedo. While we adore the denim-on-denim look, we’re pretty sure that the Canadian tuxedo doesn’t count as formalwear.

We suggest you go with a traditional wool or linen suit for the occasion and leave the head-to-toe denim for when you’re hanging out with your cowboy buddies.

Other than that, we recommend you read the step-by-step guide we prepared for you and try to follow the tips and tricks to a tee for a subtle, timeless, and effortless western vibe.

1. Get the right length

Real cowboys make friends with their tailors because they know that the length of the trousers they’re wearing makes all the difference.

When you’re wearing cowboy boots with a suit, you need to make sure that your trousers aren’t too short or too long because both of those things can wreck the entire ensemble.

On the off chance that your trousers are unhemmed when you purchase them, make sure to put them on with the boots you’re planning on wearing on the day of the event and get them hemmed right at the top of the vamp (a.k.a. the “shoe part” at the bottom of the shaft).

Or, when they’re already hemmed, make sure to get them longer than you need to ensure your tailor has enough fabric to work with. Of course, we know you’re over the moon to show off the newest addition to your cowboy boots collection. But, don’t forget to keep the western vibe subtle when you’re attending a formal event.

2. Always go for leather

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit? A Step-By-Step Guide

Now, we’re only assuming you’re wondering how to wear cowboy boots with suits because you’re planning on attending an event that requires you to wear a suit.

We’re pretty sure you’re tempted to wear the cowboy boots you wear everywhere you go because they’re so comfortable, but you might want to go for cowboy boots that are reserved for special occasions.

What do we mean by that? Cowboy boots are an expression of the southwestern culture and they’re oftentimes made with rubber soles. Sure, you can wear rubber soles when you’re running errands, grabbing a drink with your buddies, or even going to work.

However, when you’re attending a formal event you should opt for leather soles because they’re more… Well, formal. Leather’s always a great way to elevate whatever you’re wearing, and leather cowboy boots tend to appear softer, creamier, and shinier (always a plus).

3. Choose the right color palette

Argh, who would’ve thought dressing up would be annoying?! But, when you’re attending an event that expects you to polish up, the best way to achieve that happens to be to choose the right (or the appropriate) color palette and stick with it.

Whether you’re wearing a navy suit, a tan suit, or a black suit, you should choose your accessories and accents based on the same colors or colors that go with the color of the suit.

When you’re wearing a navy suit, for example, go with brown/tan cowboy boots and a matching leather belt to tie the ensemble together. When you’re wearing a black suit, on the other hand, opt for black cowboy boots.

When you’re wearing a tan suit, don’t shy away from experimenting with both brown and black cowboy boots, accessories, and accents. Tan suits are generally more forgiving than some of the other colors we mentioned beforehand. That being said, you can also darken your leather boots.

4. Don’t shy away from accessories

Accessories can make or break your outfit, everybody knows that. As a matter of fact, when you’re wearing cowboy boots with a suit, you should tie the entire ensemble together with western accessories to ensure you don’t look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

But, you should also make sure that the event you’re attending views such accessories as appropriate (whether you’re attending a wedding, a business meeting, or a business event). Accessories such as bolo ties, cowboy hats, and leather belts with show buckles work wonders with cowboy boots.

Add them all on the off chance that you’re attending an event that doesn’t have a strict dress code, but otherwise, choose one of them that matches your cowboy boots the best. Also, make sure that your accessories follow the same color palette, too.

5. Experiment with exotic leather for an added je ne sais quoi

When everything else goes over your head and makes you think “Something’s missing here…” don’t steer clear from experimenting with exotic leathers. Exotic leathers such as lizard, snake, alligator, and ostrich can make you appear more polished, put-together, and luxurious.

We know we talked your ears off with the “always check whether you’re allowed to wear something” speech, but that’s something to keep an eye on when you’re planning on wearing something as extravagant as alligator leather cowboy boots.

Who wants to tread on the groom’s toes on the day of his wedding?! With that thought, we come to the end of the “tips and tricks” part of the article. Worry not, now we’re bringing you a few of our favorite cowboy boots available on the market as we speak.

What are the best cowboy boots to wear with suits at the moment?

Whether you’re thinking of buying brand-new cowboy boots for the event or planning on expanding your cowboy boots collection, you shouldn’t buy the first cowboy boots that pop up on your feed.

Lucchese boots, for example, are the right choice when you’re searching for high-end, high-quality cowboy boots to wear with an equally luxurious (a.k.a. expensive) suit. Ariat boots, on the other hand, are better for when you’re only learning about the wide world of Western boots.

What are you waiting for? Read on, and make sure you choose whatever cowboy boots call your name.

1. Lucchese “Elgin” boots

Lucchese Bootmaker Mens Elgin Full Quill Ostrich Round Toe Boots Mid Calf - Brown - Size 9 D
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We know we mentioned how you should only wear exotic leather cowboy boots when you’re allowed, but the Lucchese “Elgin” boots are worth the wrangle you might have with the groom. We’re kidding, but we’re not kidding about Lucchese boots being one of the best cowboy boots you can wear with a suit.

First off, they’re made with ostrich leather which makes them super, super rare. They’re stained by hand and they’re made with stitching that matches the rest of the boot. They’re made with leather soles and they’re handmade (and hand-painted).

They’re quite expensive considering the fact their price is up to $795 but, they’re guaranteed to go with whatever suit you’re wearing because you can get them in Black Cherry, Chocolate, and Navy.

2. Tecovas “Johnny” boots

Tecovas appear to be pretty new to the cowboy boot game, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing.

Tecovas offers you one of the best ways to wear cowboy boots with suits because they provide you with high-quality construction, traditional lemonwood pegs at the soles, and exotic leathers such as ostrich and alligator.

The Tecovas “Johnny” boots would match a navy or a tan suit to a tee because they’re made in Honey Suede and Granite Suede. They’re made with waterproof suede that appears both rugged and elegant (perfect for laid-back events).

They’re also made with signature Tecovas toe stitching, angled heels, and leather outsoles. And, they’re much cheaper than the Lucchese ones – you can get them on the official Tecovas website for $275 at the moment.

They’re still quite expensive, but they’re a great investment considering you can wear them with pretty much everything you own.

3. Ariat Reckoning Western boots

Ariat Mens Reckoning Western Boot Dark Tabac Smooth Quill Ostric/Nut Brown 8.5 Wide
$259.95 $199.97
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03/18/2024 04:15 am GMT

Turns out we appreciate ostrich leather more than we thought because we were taken aback by the beauty of these embroidered, ostrich leather Ariat boots.

Ariat Reckoning Western boots are comfortable, breathable, and lightweight unlike other cowboy boots because Ariat embraces modern materials and innovative technologies and techniques.

Now, you can get them in Antique Saddle SQ Ostrich and Dark Tabac Smooth Quill Ostrich. We would suggest you go for the latter ones because they’re more simple and more subtle.

Combine them with a navy suit and a matching leather (or even suede) belt. Don’t go overboard with a cowboy hat because you’re better off keeping the attention on the boots.

4. Frye “Grady” Chelsea boots

Frye Men's Grady Chelsea Boot
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Cowboy boots don’t always look like cowboy boots, at least not at first glance. That’s exactly what’s so amazing about these Frye boots. Frye boots offer you enough room to experiment with the rest of the outfit because they’re quite straightforward and subdued.

Sure, the Frye styles might appear more rock ‘n’ roll than ranch, but that’s what makes them stand out. Right off the bat, the Frye “Grady” Chelsea boots are made with full-grain leather and a round-toe silhouette. They’re equipped with Chelsea-style elastic detailing that guarantees easy dressing.

They’re also made with time-tested construction methods that make them hardwearing and durable. They’re black which means you should wear them with a matching suit and matching accessories, too.

5. Rios of Mercedes Chocolate Belly Crocodile boots

Last, but certainly not least, we have Rios of Mercedes boots. They are the cowboy boots you turn to when you’re willing to break the bank for something that’s high-fashion and high-quality. Rios of Mercedes boots are handmade by master bootmakers who stitch everything with incredible attention to detail.

Rios of Mercedes Chocolate Belly Crocodile boots, the ones that caught our attention, are made with crocodile leather which attests to the fact that we’re rooting for exotic leathers.

They’re brown which means they would work wonders with a navy suit for that classic, timeless look or a chocolate brown suit for a monochromatic moment. They don’t need any accessories, but you can always add a matching belt to tie the look together.

Whatever you decide to go with, we wish you good luck, partner!

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit A Step-By-Step Guide