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11 Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Slides On Your Feet

11 Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Slides On Your Feet

Slides are one of the most comfortable footwear you can use, especially during hot summer days. Most of the time, they’re pretty easy to wear, but at other times they can be a real pain in the neck. If you’re a fan of this type of footwear, then you must have wondered how to keep slides on your feet.

Over the years, slides have become highly popular, especially when sports brands started to put them out, too. Now, wearing them isn’t only practical, but it makes you pretty fashionable, too. Who would’ve thought? However, there’s nothing stylish about wearing slides that keep sliding off your feet…

Slides that keep falling off your feet are definitely somewhere near the top of the list of the most annoying things that can ruin your day. If this often happens to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. So, what can you do to be able to take part in this newest fashion trend without making a complete fool of yourself?

We’re happy to inform you that there are many things you can do, and you’ve come to the right place to find out what they are. We’ve come up with a list of our favorite tips and tricks on keeping slides on your feet, and all of them are pretty easy to do. Let’s find out what they are!

Tips on how to keep slides on your feet

11 Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Slides On Your Feet

In the summertime, sandals and slides become everyone’s favorite invention. They let your feet breathe in unbearable heat while giving you some protection, too. Plus, they look adorable with pretty much every summer outfit.

However, wearing slides isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. They have the annoying habit of slipping off your feet. Not only is it irritating, but it can cause you to fall when you walk. Not so cute now, is it?

Because this happens way too often, people have come up with many ideas on keeping slides on your feet. We’ve made a list of our favorite ones, so let’s see what are some easy ways to stop your slides from slipping off.

1. Make sure they’re the right size

Let’s start with the most logical one. When buying new slides, make sure you’re getting them in the right size. Keeping on slides that are too big for your feet can be a real challenge. We get it, sometimes even your size doesn’t fit and it’s pretty easy to make that mistake.

Because of that, we recommend you don’t buy your next pair without trying them on first. Sometimes, depending on the model of the shoes you’re getting, the size can fool you.

If you’re getting slides, we want to avoid that at all costs. However, if you have narrow feet, getting slides that are smaller than your normal size might be a good idea.

Make sure that the bands on the slides cover your feet enough for them to feel snug and don’t have much ability to move around. This will keep them from slipping forward while you’re walking.

We recommend getting slides with a thicker band rather than those with a narrow one. They’ll cover the front area of your foot and give it more stability. A lot of designer brands come out with slides that have a small band. Although they might look pretty, they’re not practical, and your feet are more likely to slip out.

2. A double-sized tape is your best friend

If you’ve already purchased a pair of slides that don’t fit you, don’t give them away just yet. There are still options to make them work. When thinking of ways how to keep slides on your feet, you want to think of an idea to get your feet to stick to the sole as you walk.

That’s when the double-stick tape comes in handy. You can purchase a tape specially made for this, like URSA tape which will easily stick on shoes while remaining gentle on the skin. You can also use ordinary sellotape or masking tape. Both of these are good alternatives, too.

There are some problems with this method, though. The first issue is that most double-sided tapes only work for one use. It’s easy for debris and dust to stick to the tape, which leads to it losing its grip. If you opt for this method, prepare to change the tape each time you wear your slides.

Moreover, a double-sized tape might not be the best idea if you’re wearing your shoes to the beach or anywhere near water, as it will fail pretty quickly. The sand and water are the tape’s biggest enemies, so this method works best in a more urban environment.

3. Use a ball of foot cushions

When you start wondering how to keep slides on your feet, we recommend you consider getting foot cushions. These kinds of inserts come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. Although they were primarily designed to make your feet feel comfortable, they’re also pretty great at keeping them in place.

Using foot cushions proved to be a great way to keep your feet inside your slides because they raise your foot slightly, helping it fit more snugly into your sandal or slides. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but they’ll give your feet much more stability, too.

If you’re planning to wear your slides and sandals for your normal, everyday tasks, then any material could do the trick. However, if you intend on going anywhere near water, then gel or metatarsal pads will do a much better job of keeping your feet in place.

4. Shoe bumps as sole grips

11 Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Slides On Your Feet

Shoe bumps, also known as forefoot pads, are becoming more and more popular in the foot care market. Although their primary goal is to give more comfort, they can have other purposes, too.

Forefoot pads are thin bands with slightly raised sections. They’re designed to be attached to the part of your shoes where the toes join the ball of your foot.

One of the reasons why slides might be slipping off your feet is that your toes have difficulties gripping the sole of your footwear. That’s where the shoe bumps come to your rescue.

When it comes to this method, make sure you purchase shoe bumps that are made from a gel material. That way, your toes will have a nice grip, even if you’re wearing your slides to the beach. It’s a simple, yet effective way to help with this annoying problem, and they can be pretty comfortable, too!

5. Use padding

“How to keep slides on your feet?” can become a question of the past once you discover shoe padding. Although similar to cushions, this method can help with other issues besides your feet sliding out of your slides.

If you’ve bought sandals or slides that are too big for you, don’t feel discouraged just yet. There’s a solution for this, too. Using padding can keep your feet in place and help with keeping on slides that are too large for your feet.

In contrast to cushions, padding is taped to any area of your feet where you might feel discomfort. This method can help you with blisters, your foot rubbing uncomfortably, and more. Simply stick additional padding to the inside of your slides’ bands and your feet won’t budge.

Additional padding help slides fit your foot better and keep them in place. Unfortunately, padding might not help you if you plan on wearing your slides to the beach, so you can try some other methods from our list.

6. Hairspray is a game-changer

Hairspray is a wondrous, multi-functioning product. It seems like any problem has hairspray as one of the possible solutions, including removing lipstick from fabric, killing buds, stopping runs in stockings, and even keeping your slides on your feet.

For this method, you’ll need a strong hairspray that can hold well. Simply spraying it on the soles of your feet before sliding them into your slides or sandals should do the trick.

This is a great way to make your feet stick to the soles for a couple of hours. If you have a long day ahead of you, buying a travel-sized bottle would be a great idea.

Although any hairspray can help with this, an aerosol one might be the best option since it has a stronger hold. Another great solution can be a non-slip spray; however, unlike hairspray, it isn’t really a thing we all have in our homes, and it can be pretty pricey.

If you’re worried about your feet being too sticky afterward, simply wiping them clean with a soapy washcloth can help. Since water can dissolve the hairspray, we don’t recommend using this method when going to the beach.

7. Try to reduce sweat

It’s normal to sweat more during spring and summer. That’s when your feet become more slippery and can lose grip on your slides or sandals, no matter how much airflow they provide. Sometimes it gets so hot that nothing can help. Or so we think.

Summer heat can make your feet super sweaty, which leads to them moving around in your footwear. This is completely normal, no matter what you’re wearing. When it happens, you can lose the grip of your soles as you walk. So, how to keep slides on your feet and reduce sweat, you may be wondering.

There are many products on the market that target this issue, such as foot lotions, sprays, and more. If you decide to use an antiperspirant lotion, simply using a pea-sized amount of it on your feet, two times a day, can help you keep your feet dry.

8. Rough insoles might keep your feet in place

11 Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Slides On Your Feet

If you still haven’t purchased a pair of slides, but you’re thinking of doing so, it’s good you’re here! To avoid your new slides from slipping off your feet, we recommend getting a pair that has rough insoles.

If you prefer shoes with completely smooth insides, then it might be a lot harder for you to keep your feet inside them when you walk. They’ll easily slide forward or backward. This often happens because there’s nothing that your feet can stick to.

Don’t worry, rougher insoles won’t make wearing slides uncomfortable or irritate your foot. They’ll make it easy to keep them on your feet, which creates a lot more stability for you when you’re walking. You’ll no longer be worried about losing your slide in the middle of the street.

9. Try talcum powder

Not everyone has foot lotion sitting in their cabinets. If you’re one of the people who don’t, and you don’t plan on spending money on it, then we recommend using some talcum powder in your shoes.

This is another great way to keep your feet sweat-free, as it has the ability to dry out any moisture. That means your shoes won’t be sliding off your feet if sweat is the main reason why it usually happens. Simply apply some powder on the inside of your slides, or over your feet, before sliding them on.

The only thing you should pay attention to is how much powder you use. Since it’s white, using too much is going to be pretty visible on your feet. No one wants to look like they have baby powder all over their foot, so make sure you don’t go crazy with it and keep it light.

10. Be controversial and wear socks

We’re going to be brave and say something pretty controversial. You can always choose to wear socks with your slides in order to prevent your foot from slipping. I know, it’s a brave fashion choice that many people despise, but if it works – who are we to judge?

The public has divided opinions when it comes to wearing slides with socks. Some think it’s a cool trend, while others think it’s a complete fashion catastrophe.

If your feet fall out of your slides often, wearing socks might be a great way to stop this. However, if you’re not wearing them in a fashion-conscious environment, get ready to notice a few weird looks.

At the end of the day, who cares about a few stares if that’s what makes you feel comfortable? Put your socks and slides on and rock that look with confidence. At least your slides will stay on.

If you plan on wearing this to the beach, however, we wish you good luck. This is not the most comfortable fashion choice when it comes to summer heat.

11. Purchase slides with adjustable straps

Although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, slides with adjustable straps can also be a good idea. Unless you choose to wear slides simply because they’re easy to wear and require no strapping or lacing, then you can completely ignore this method.

Luckily for us, slides with adjustable straps have been gaining more and more popularity over the last few years. It seems that people are choosing comfort over looks and we’re loving every second of it.

Slides with elasticized backs or straps might also be a great way to keep your feet in place. Not only will they keep your slides from sliding off, but they’re also really comfortable and provide good support and stability.

11 Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Slides On Your Feet