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Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding? What’s The Deal?

Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding? What’s The Deal?

Are you excited because you have a wedding coming up? It’s been a long time since you have busted your moves on the dance floor, and you can’t wait for the DJ to start playing the all-time hits. You’ve already said yes to the dress, but maybe you’re wondering: can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

The mere fact that you are asking yourself this question is a sign you are a very considerate person. Many people today wouldn’t think twice, and they would wear whatever they feel like it, without thinking about whether their choices would upset the bride and the groom.

The wedding day is the day when the happy couple is easily triggered (well, mostly the bride). But we can’t blame them, it’s their important day.

Sometimes I find it funny how some brides react to certain wedding-related things. But then I stop, knowing full well I might find myself in a situation like that, where you’ll definitely see me crying over the wrong shade of peonies.

So, I hold my laugh and pray that on my wedding day, I’ll have guests who’ll be just as thoughtful as you are, who would wonder about things like would the color of their shoes upset me or not.

Anyway, there is a common belief that the color white is reserved solely for the bride. Whether that opinion holds true today, we’ll find out in the rest of this article.

Why do brides wear white wedding dresses?

Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding? What's The Deal?

The color white is often associated with purity, chastity, virtue, and innocence, and that’s why this color happens to be the color of the majority of wedding dresses, especially in Western culture. Some might say it’s part of the tradition, but there’s actually more to the story.

In the far past, it was common to choose a wedding dress in other colors. In fact, anything but white was actually preferable since brides were choosing their dress according to the degree of practicality. They wanted a dress that could be worn multiple times, and not just once.

So, when did the wearing of exclusively white wedding dresses begin, and who started this trend? Well, we have to thank the royals for that; Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, to be more precise, who got married in 1840.

As per usual, royal weddings were heavily covered by the media at that time, so these famous couples had the ability and the right to set up trends. Queen Victoria was no exception.

Her appearance in a beautiful white gown with special lace details produced by, at that time, the prestigious, British lace industry, took the whole world by storm. From that moment, every woman, regardless of the class she belonged to, began to choose a white dress for her wedding.

What’s the deal with wearing white to someone’s wedding?

So, as we all know, weddings have been happening for many years. The customs of it are ever-changing, but somehow there’s one rule that doesn’t seem to budge, and that is to never wear white to someone’s wedding.

They say that as a guest at someone’s wedding, the most important thing is not to upset the bride and groom. You’re not there to make a mess, cause a scene and ruin someone’s most important day.

I get that. But why is wearing white so upsetting? Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

As we already mentioned, the color white is reserved for the bride. Just like Queen Victoria, every bride has to feel special. So, a female guest appearing in a white cocktail dress can be very insulting and rude.

Some couples don’t mind. Some even request wearing white for their themed wedding. And some have a different cultural background and don’t consider white to be so important, since they aren’t wearing it to their wedding.

So, the general rule is to steer clear from the color white, or anything similar, like ivory or cream, and, if not instructed differently, opt for some other colors.

It’s also always good to do some quick research if you’re not too close with the bride and the groom. Find out what they are wearing, what the bridesmaids are wearing, and what’s the general mood of the wedding. That way, you’ll be absolutely certain you’re not making any mistakes.

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding that’s not yours?

Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding? What's The Deal?

For so many years, the bride’s crisp white dress was the only acceptable white piece of clothing in any wedding ceremony.

Luckily for many of us, the times have changed. People are much more rebellious, and they have started to wear things like white-ish clothing items and even boots as a part of their wedding guest attire. Not only that, but even traditional wedding dresses have taken a turn in other directions.

Today, there are various styles of wedding dresses on the market, and you can definitely find something for any type of aesthetic.

There are long wedding dresses, short wedding dresses, with or without a train, skin-tight dresses, ball gown dresses, the ones made out of lace, or satin… you name it, and it probably already exists! You can even find them in other colors, such as pink and black, for example.

So the rules are not as strict as they used to be. Besides that, if the male part of the guests can wear a white button down, I don’t see why you shouldn’t wear white shoes.

So, can you wear white shoes to a wedding? You absolutely can, if you want to! However, you should pay attention to certain details, like:

  • the cultural background of the couple – find out what white represents in their culture
  • are the bride and the groom overly uptight – if so, you might not want to make them angry
  • how outdoorsy is the wedding – you don’t want to mess up your white shoes, do you?
  • what are your white shoes made out of – meaning, you don’t want to wear something overly formal (basically a type of shoe a bride might want to wear).

Once you check all of these criteria off, you’ll be ready to take your white shoes to the dance floor.

How can you style white shoes for a wedding?

1. Wear white strappy sandals with a light-colored, satin dress

A satin dress is very in style this season. It’s a great option for a wedding because it’s simple to wear, it feels comfortable without being too restricting, it is very elegant, and it hugs your body in all the right places.

Satin dresses come in many colors, so depending on your style and personal preference, you’ll choose the color that works best for you.

My suggestion is to with a lighter color, like pink or blue. This is because your white shoes (in this case strappy white sandals) would not appear as a stark contrast, which otherwise might happen if you go for a deeper color, like dark green or black, for example.

Strappy sandals are a must because they will go perfectly with the elegance of the dress and won’t draw too much attention to themselves. And, they will still give you the confidence you need.

2. Pair your white heels with a lilac, lace A-line dress

Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding? What's The Deal?

Lace is one of the most feminine and elegant materials on the market. When paired with an A-line dress, that femininity and elegance only get accentuated.

So no wonder this kind of dress is a style of choice for many female wedding guests. Especially in such a delicate color as lilac.

With this type of dress, you can go for cream-white leather pumps. These shoes will elongate your legs, go great with that dress and be perfect for dancing.

3. Not a dress kind of girl? Pair your white heels with a jumpsuit

If you’re not the biggest fan of dresses, and you prefer wearing something a little less feminine and a bit edgier, a modern-looking jumpsuit should be your number one option.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that a jumpsuit cannot look elegant or anything like that. It’s just that women usually don’t wear it as their wedding guest attire. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, though. With a jumpsuit on, you’ll know you’ll stand out and be unique but won’t overshadow the bride.

I suggest you go for a strapless jumpsuit with a heart-shaped neckline and wide pant legs. And if the pants are long enough, people won’t even be able to see your shoes. So, you won’t have to worry that you’ll upset the bride.

4. Go for a floral, off-the-shoulder moment

Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding? What's The Deal?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but off-the-shoulder dresses are extremely hard to pull off. So, I was never the one to opt for this style of dress, and I’ve always envied the girls who could. These dresses are so feminine, elegant, and dainty.

The exposed shoulders give you the sense of empowerment and confidence you need.

A floral off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for an outdoor spring wedding. With the right accessories, a cute hairdo, or even a hat to protect your head from the sun, this dress can be the dress of your dreams. Add a pair of white sandals with a chunkier heel and you will look amazing!

5. Wear a classic, tan pencil dress

If you prefer a more formal, old-school type of style, a classic pencil dress is the way to go. This type of dress will make you look elegant and confident, with a dash of professionalism.

Opt for a tan pencil dress since it will look best with your white shoes and won’t contrast them too much. The shoes, in this case, can be good-old stilettos or classic pumps.

Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding What's The Deal