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12 Yeezy Alternatives: Great Options To Save Some Money

12 Yeezy Alternatives: Great Options To Save Some Money

Despite the feud between Kanye West and Adidas about Yeezy (we won’t go into the drama too much), no one can deny that those shoes look breathtaking, to say the least. But, they also look (and are!) expensive. So, it is only natural to wonder if there are any Yeezy alternatives on the market.

If you are wondering the same thing, then I guess you will be happy when I tell you that the answer is a resounding yes! There are plenty of footwear alternatives to this brand, some that resemble the Yeezy idea almost perfectly, and some that are, let’s say, only inspired by it.

Nonetheless, there are many options to choose from, which by the way, won’t cause you to be strapped for cash after the purchase.

I have selected 12 Yeezy alternatives for you that are pretty affordable, but at the same time also very fashion-forward and unique looking. So, if you are on a budget, and you do not (or cannot) spend too much money on shoes, these 12 options might be your saving grace.

Without further ado, let’s see what we have here!

Yeezy Alternatives: 12 Amazing Options

1. Adidas Adilette 22 Slides

12 Yeezy Alternatives: Great Options To Save Some Money

(Source: Adidas)

We are starting strong with an obvious rip-off of Yeezy slides. These Adidas Adilette 22 Slides might not look like an exact copy of Yeezy, but they do bear some resemblance, which certainly made Kanye West’s blood boil.

These slides feature a 3D print and are made out of natural and renewable materials. The brand said that the intention behind the design was to attempt to imagine what would man-made slides look like in space. And I do have to admit that they truly give off that outer-space vibe.

Unlike some of Adidas’ usual sporty designs, these are very minimalistic. They come in 7 neutral colors and don’t feature the standard Adidas logo on them. Instead, they decided to print “The brand with the three stripes” on their sides near the heel (which I find very witty and fun).

All in all, these are some pretty amazing-looking slides and the ones you go for when you wish to make a statement. They cost around $50, which is roughly $30 cheaper than Yeezy.

2. Hancock X Converse Jack Purcell Wetland Mid Sneakers

(Source: GOAT)

Second on our list are these Hancock X Converse Jack Purcell Wetland Mid. They were made for wet weather, with a specific design that will fight back any amount of mud they encounter.

These are the alternative for Yeezy 1020 Boots since they have a lot of similarities.

They feature Hancock’s signature protective rubber layer and Jack Purcell’s famous toe cap. These features give them a sort of unfinished look like the designers ran out of color when producing them which is actually cool and interesting.

If they are anything like other Converse shoes, these ones are also good for walking. So you don’t have to worry about what would be your shoe of choice when it’s raining.

And they are pretty affordable, costing only around $50.

3. Karhu Fusion 2.0 Sneakers

Another great Yeezy alternative! These Karhu Fusion 2.0 sneakers are made out of suede overlays with mesh details. They feature rope details and a micro-perforated suede toe box.

They are both elegant and comfortable and come in many different colors, so you’ll surely find something that floats your boat.

4. Maison Margiela Future High Top Sneakers

Maison Margiela Mens Future High Top Sneakers

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When it comes to high-top sneakers, rarely anyone can compete with Yeezy ones. However, these Maison Margiela sneakers are more than a worthy opponent.

These sneakers have a similar look to Yeezy Boost 750. They both feature a minimalistic, but special design, that can be paired with pretty much any item of clothing.

However, these Maison Margiela ones are a fraction of the Yeezy price. They cost around $250, while Yeezy Boost 750s cost around $850.

5. New Balance 247 Sneakers

New Balance Men's 247 V3 Sneaker, Pigment/Munsell White, 8

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Another one among Yeezy alternatives are the New Balance 247 sneakers. They have that same pointed-toe box as many other Yeezy sneakers do. But they are much more… let’s say toned down.

These sneakers are made out of synthetic nubuck leather, and they feature a clean and minimal design. They are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, which makes them perfect for everyday wear around town.

At the front, they feature a mesh perforated toe box which ensures your toes are well-ventilated all day. They come in many different colors and are very affordable.

6. Nike Zoom Fly 2 Shoes

Nike never seems to disappoint, right? No wonder this brand found its place on our list of Yeezy alternatives.

These Nike Zoom Fly 2 Shoes are made for runners who are on a budget but still want to get value for their money. They have durable outsoles and an amazing grip. They are made of very thin and lightweight material and are quite breathable.

They are also extremely comfortable, which makes them perfect for easy runs.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Shoes are a perfect alternative to Yeezy Boost. They come in several different colors, so you will definitely find a version of them you like the best. Also, we don’t even have to say that they’re way more affordable than Yeezys.

Their price comes at $100, which is significantly better than the Yeezy Boost model which costs from $200 to around $580.

7. Puma EvoKnit Running Shoes

PUMA Men's Ignite Flash Evoknit Sneaker, Black-Asphalt-White, 10 M US

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This Puma model is a perfect alternative for the Yeezy BSKTBL Knit sneakers.

These Puma EvoKnit shoes are a high-top model that features a sock-like fit that reaches the ankle. This provides great security and a sleek look, making these shoes perfect for both everyday casual activities and actual sports.

They are extremely comfortable and flexible, and surprisingly enough, thanks to their durable outsoles, these shoes have decent traction.

They come in many fun color combinations and are really cheap.

8. Reebok Workout Plus Sneakers

Reebok Men's Workout Plus Sneaker, Black/Charcoal, 14
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03/15/2024 09:10 pm GMT

Reebok Workout Plus Sneakers are another one among the amazing Yeezy alternatives. Although they were created as gym shoes, they are considered to be perfect everyday sneakers, with a classic timeless design made to last.

These sneakers are extremely comfortable, made out of durable leather upper, and fit true to their size. They do run a bit narrow, though. So keep that in mind if you do decide to buy them. They also offer superb stability and support, which are features everyone should want in their footwear.

These sneakers come in 8 different colors and they’re really affordable.

9. Sandro X Reebok InstaPump Fury Sneakers

Reebok Men's Instapump Fury OG, Echo Blue/Black/Steel/Matte Silver/White/red, 5 M US

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03/15/2024 09:29 pm GMT

Some people might call these ugly, but personally, I find them very cool. They are the true embodiment of the phrase “statement shoes”. Sure, they might not be my style, but if I saw someone rocking these, I would think only highly of them and their fashion sense.

What is interesting about these is that they aren’t your standard sneakers. They don’t have laces and tongues, and they act as sock shoes, although, they look nothing like them in my opinion. These truly have a futuristic appeal to them, just like any other Yeezy model does.

These sneakers come in a variety of styles, and they cost up to $110.

10. Alp Techloom Pro Sneakers

APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs Men’s Techloom Pro Running Sneakers, Black/White/Black, 9 Medium US
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03/17/2024 06:14 pm GMT

A good alternative to Yeezy Boost 350 are the Alp Techloom Pro sneakers. They are made out of a one-piece woven upper with different knit patterns which ensures a clean and simple look.

They are extremely comfortable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for day-to-day wear.

Unlike the Yeezy model, which cost around $250, these ones come at a price of $160. So, you get to save some dollars while at the same time enjoying similar features. Sounds good to me!

11. Adidas Y-3 Kozoko Low Sneakers

Another minimalistic model that awfully resembles Yeezy style. These Adidas Y-3 Kozoko Low Sneakers are exceptionally stylish. They come in a variety of colors, and they all have this simplistic design to them, which makes them extremely easy to pair with whatever you got in your closet.

But these shoes don’t only look good. They feel good, too. They are very comfortable and supportive, and once you get used to them, you’ll hardly switch to anything else.

Their retail price is $350, but they can be found for much less when on sale. So, if you got your eyes on them, make sure to scan the internet for all the sales available, and get your hand on one of these pairs.

12. Adidas Tubular Shadow Knit Sneakers

adidas Originals Men's Tubular Shadow Running Shoe, ash Silver/Chalk White/ash Silver, 8.5 M US
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03/15/2024 10:09 pm GMT

These Adidas Tubular Shadow Knit Sneakers we can say are more than similar to Yeezy Boost ones.

These sneakers are very comfortable. They are extremely lightweight and flexible, and they feel like you have nothing on your feet. They are perfect for easy runs, but not so much for long-distance running.

However, because of their simple and minimalistic design, you can easily pair them with anything and wear them for everyday occasions, not only when running.

When it comes to their price, they are obviously more affordable than Yeezy ones but still aren’t extremely affordable as some other pairs on this list.

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12 Yeezy Alternatives Great Options To Save Some Money