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What Socks To Wear With Vans? 7 Amazing Ideas

What Socks To Wear With Vans? 7 Amazing Ideas

Have you ever wondered what socks to wear with Vans? If you have, then you’ve come to the right place!

Vans has been designing shoes for our wildest skate dreams for over 50 years now. These shoes feature extremely resilient soles, great ankle padding, and durable canvas, so it’s no wonder they are loved by many skater boys and girls around the world.

However, they are not only designed for them. These shoes have found their place among many street-style shoes and people of all ages and professions have been spotted wearing them. They can be both dressed up and dressed down, and they go with basically everything your closet hides.

But, with what socks to wear these amazing shoes?!

If you’ve been wondering about this little fashion dilemma, let me tell you right away that your contemplation will soon come to an end.

What socks to wear with Vans?

1. Plain dress socks

What Socks To Wear With Vans? 7 Amazing Ideas

There’s no need to put any extra thought into what socks to wear with Vans. Sometimes playing it safe is the way to go.

A pair of plain white or black dress socks can do wonders for your outfit, and they will definitely go well with pretty much anything you put together from your closet. Whether you pair them with your trousers or shorts, these socks will look good with anything.

Plain socks are usually what many Vans lovers typically opt for. You can have fun and wear different colored socks than your Vans to achieve contrast and make a statement. Or you can opt for a more monochromatic look and opt for the same color as your Vans.

2. Striped socks

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Striped socks are a great option when you want to add a bit of fun to your outfit. Alongside plain socks, these are the ones you’ll also often see paired with Vans.

If you have colorful Vans, try staying in the same color lane and opt for socks where the color scheme matches the color of your Vans. On the other hand, if you have regular black or white Vans, have fun with any striped socks of your choice.

There are no rules, really. Well, maybe just one: make sure your socks match the rest of your outfit.

Many people like to wear knee-high striped socks with their shorts to really draw attention to their Vans. If you want something that is not that in your face, but still playful and fun, Adidas lower-striped socks will do the trick.

3. Slip-on socks

What Socks To Wear With Vans? 7 Amazing Ideas

If you’re someone who prefers the sockless look but hates to wear shoes without socks – slip-on socks can be your new besties!

The great thing about these slip-on socks is that they come in a variety of colors, but no one would be able to see what color you’ve chosen.

So, if it’s laundry day in your home and all you have is your colorful slip-on socks with fun designs, but you have planned to wear a more minimalistic black-and-white look, these socks won’t spoil your plans.

They will nicely expose your ankle and give you a clean look. That way, you’ll be able to dress up your Vans and aim for a more stylish and fancy look, without having to deal with socks peaking through and ruining your outfit.

I suggest you buy some high-quality slip-on socks which have a decent amount of grip. These socks have an annoying habit of slipping off. So, if you wish to avoid that awkward feeling we’re all familiar with, now you know what you have to do.

4. Funky socks

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If you like to wear fun outfits and striped socks are not enough for your artistic soul, funky socks can do wonders for you!

These socks are perfect for all our skater boys and girls out there since Vans are often associated with skater aesthetics. They will go so well with whatever style of Vans you have and be a perfect conversational piece.

Funky socks by Rockbottom come in many different and creative designs. They can have cartoon characters on them, pizza slices, avocados, bananas or other food items, flames, stars, animals, and many more. The possibilities are endless.

Pick something that you love and opt for high socks, so everyone can see how cool you are!

5. Branded socks

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If you are a true Vans aficionado, and you wonder what socks to wear with Vans, you can always go for brand-matching socks.

Some people don’t like this combination and think it’s a tad bit too much. I personally love it! When I see someone wearing socks of the same brand as their sneakers, I know they’re pretty cool.

But I do understand why many people hate it and think it’s too pretentious and even tacky in some cases.

So, if you want to try this trend but don’t want to end up like a walking billboard for Vans, try choosing socks that have a more subtle Vans logo. Subtlety is the key to a good style, that’s for sure!

6. Knee-high socks

We have already touched upon these ones, but if you’re feeling bold and brave, you can wear your Vans with a nice pair of knee-high socks.

These socks can be hard to pull off, that’s for sure. I have never mastered this look, and believe me I have tried. For some reason, I always end up looking either like a child or like a clown. So, this one is not for me.

However, if you know you can pull this off, feel free to try. Knee-high socks can be both plain and with fun designs. So, whatever floats your boat and goes with the rest of your outfit will be amazing.

7. Fishnet socks

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Last but not least, when you’re wondering what socks to wear with Vans, you can always opt for fishnet socks or tights.

This is a model-worthy combination. Literally. Even Kendal Jenner was spotted wearing these two! She opted for a pair of cropped raw-hem jeans, and a black low-top, and paired it all with her trusty Canvas Old Skool Vans and a pair of $5 fishnet socks.

What a look! So effortless and so cool!

If you wish to embrace your inner supermodel, but still keep it casual and cool, pair your Vans with some fishnet socks. You’ll be turning heads, that’s for sure.

How to figure out what socks to wear with Vans?

When you’re trying to figure out what socks to wear with Vans, rather than thinking about whether your socks match your Vans or not, think about your whole outfit in general.

There are three main things you have to consider in order to create the perfect outfit around your Vans. You have to think about what style of Vans shoes you’ll be wearing, what is the length of your pant hem, and for what activity or occasion you’ll be wearing your Vans.

When it comes to style, Vans shoes come in three different versions: The Sk8-Hi, The Old Skool, The Authentic, The Slip-On, and The Era. The style of the shoe can help you determine whether you want to go for slip-on socks, knee-high ones, or plain dress socks.

The style, in a way, also determines the occasion and the activity. Depending on what you’re going to do, you can decide what socks you’ll pair with your Vans.

If it’s a casual, get-together-in-the-park kind of thing, you can wear your plain socks. If you’re going on a casual date, but want to look sexy and cool, pair your Vans with some fishnets.

Also, consider the season when deciding what socks and style of Vans you’ll be wearing. For example, The Old Skool model can be worn during all four seasons, while The Authentic, The Slip-On, and The Era models are more suitable for spring, summer, and fall.

Finally, consider the length of your pant hem. If you’re going to wear long pants, there’s no need to opt for knee-high, striped or funky socks since they won’t be noticeable at all. If you want your socks to do the talking in this case, wear shorts or skirts.

Or, if you’re going to wear pants that reach your ankle, this is a good opportunity to add a bit of fun and let your funky socks peak through.

Can you wear your Vans without socks?

What Socks To Wear With Vans? 7 Amazing Ideas

I know it’s tempting to slide your bare foot into your shoes in the middle of the summer, but is that really good for you? I mean, no one can stop you from going sockless. However, it can have some unpleasant consequences for your precious feet.

First of all, the smell. You know what I’m talking about, right? If you wear your Vans (or any shoes for that matter) alone and without socks, the chances of your feet becoming stinky are extremely high.

Secondly, the moisture from your feet will speed up the wear-out process, and you’ll have to get rid of your Vans sooner than you thought you would.

Also, you’ll be very likely to get blisters, especially in the heel area. And I’m certain you don’t want to deal with these painful foot conditions if you don’t have to.

So, the best thing would be to wear socks with your Vans. However, as we have said, if you prefer the sockless look, you can always wear slip-on no-show socks.

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What Socks To Wear With Vans 7 Amazing Ideas