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6 Easy-Going Outfits With Duck Boots And Leggings

6 Easy-Going Outfits With Duck Boots And Leggings

“Outfits with duck boots and leggings” might not be the most frequent Google search ever, but we’re pretty sure there’s a time when that thought crosses everyone’s minds.

Carefully created with a signature rubber sole and a leather upper, duck boots (a.k.a bean boots) are the boots you turn to when the weather turns crappy.

Now, duck boots are a timeless and effortless wardrobe must-have which attests to the fact that they’ve managed to endure the test of time.

Whether we’re talking about popularity, quality, or aesthetics, duck boots have been around for more than a hundred years (as a matter of fact, the first duck boot ever was cobbled together around 1911).

Actually, the history, importance, and persistence of duck boots seem to fly over everyone’s heads. And, we shouldn’t even talk about outfits with duck boots and leggings without at least touching upon the odd, old days when these boots were created.

Here’s how the story goes – a Maine fisherman and hunter Leon Leonwood Bean crafted the first duck boots because he grew tired of wet, soggy feet. He combined a light, leather upper and a rugged rubber outsole to ensure ultimate protection without the weight or the rigidity of regular rubber boots.

So, the Bean Boot or Maine Hunting Shoe (as they were known at the time) ended up making waves across Maine.

Over the course of time, duck boots became popular, loved, and respected across the world with both celebrities and regular folk coming back to them each time they come back to chunky cardigans and pumpkin spice lattes.

Duck boots and chunky cardigans are a match made in heaven, but what else can you add to this combination?

What outfits with duck boots and leggings can you rock during the season?

Duck boots might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we can understand that. But, there are times when you need to wear something comfortable, functional, and protective. And, duck boots happen to be exactly that (and more) considering they’re made with high-quality, waterproof fabrics.

With that out of the way, we can attempt to answer your “What outfits with duck boots and leggings to wear?” question. Whether you’re thinking of the preppy, put-together style or walking the easy-going, relaxed route, we’re bringing you a couple of outfits to copy.

1. Duck boots, fleece-lined leggings, and a button-down

6 Easy-Going Outfits With Duck Boots And Leggings

Starting with the most casual, easy-to-wear outfit out there, duck boots combined with fleece-lined leggings and a button-down are guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable.

Whether you’re running errands or grabbing a coffee with friends, fleece-lined leggings and a button-down can make you look polished and put-together within minutes.

On the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock, fleece-lined leggings have been a thing for quite some time thanks to TikTok. They’re super easy to style considering they’re warmer than regular leggings, which also means you can combine them with whatever you want without freezing to death.

Our favorites at the moment are Aday Layered Up Thermal Leggings, L. L. Bean Women’s Primaloft ThermaStretch Fleece Tights (yes, that L. L. Bean), and UGG Ashlee Double Knit Legging.

Throw on a simple tee, a denim button-down, and a quilted coat with your favorite duck boots, and you’re good to go.

2. Duck boots, leather leggings, and a chunky cardigan

Whenever you don’t know what to wear, leather leggings are the safest way for you to look like a million dollars (ask Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski). We would go as far as to argue that duck boots combined with leather leggings and a chunky cardigan deserve a Vogue column of their own.

What better way to elevate something as simple as duck boots than to add a dash of leather?! Our favorite leather leggings at the moment are Wolford x Amina Muaddi Stirrup Leggings, Commando Mid-Rise Faux Leather Split Flared Leggings, and Rag & Bone Nina Faux Leather Skinny Pant.

Another great way to make your outfit pop – combine leather leggings with duck boots of the same shade for a monochromatic look. Add a chunky cardigan for a pop of color (or stick with the same palette) and you’re pretty much set for the rest of the day.

3. Duck boots, denim leggings, a cashmere sweater, and a quilted vest

6 Easy-Going Outfits With Duck Boots And Leggings

Oh, the love story between duck boots and quilted vests! Whenever you’re wondering what outfits with duck boots and leggings to wear during the winter, don’t forget about the preppiest of them all – duck boots, denim leggings, a cashmere sweater, and a quilted vest are always the right choice.

Of course, you can always swap the denim leggings with actual denim. But, there’s no reason why you would need to be uncomfortable and restrained for the sake of wearing something that’s not stretchy. We definitely got used to wearing stretchy things during the lockdown and we’re not coming back.

Cashmere sweaters can add a dash of “I’m wearing expensive things” to every outfit and a quilted vest attests to that fact. Whether you opt for a cashmere sweater or not, do not compromise on a high-quality, structured quilted vest.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Quilted Crest Vest, Barbour Betty Fleece Lined Quilted Vest, and Free People We the Free Billy Quilted Vest are the best, but you can go for whichever brand you prefer.

4. Duck boots, sheer leggings, and a knitted dress

Outfits with duck boots and leggings can be pretty basic and boring, right? Whenever you Google search them, you’re presented with a bunch of outfits consisting of black leggings, sweaters, and puffers – but, you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching and fashion-forward.

Turns out you don’t have to give up leggings to achieve a look that says “I know what I’m doing, fashion-wise!” Sheer leggings are exactly what you need because you can combine them with knitted dresses, chunky cardigans that go past your bottom, and oversized coats.

Simple, black (sheer) leggings are great, but you can also go for whichever color works better with your outfit. Don’t be scared to experiment with color combinations, patterns, and fabrics.

5. Duck boots, black leggings, and a checkered shacket

6 Easy-Going Outfits With Duck Boots And Leggings

But, what do you do when the only leggings you own are black? Black leggings are a wardrobe must-have, regardless of what your style preferences are. Black leggings go with pretty much everything which happens to be the reason why they’re one of the best things to combine with duck boots.

On the other hand, checkered shackets have been everywhere for the past couple of months which makes them the perfect statement piece for your outfit. Shackets combine two of the best wardrobe must-haves out there – a shirt (preferably an oversized one) and a woolen or quilted coat.

Our favorites at the moment are Apparis Graham Flannel Shirt Jacket, Brunello Cucinelli Checked Brushed Knitted Jacket, and Stand Studio Sabi Plaid Sherpa Shirt Jacket. But, Zara, Mango, and H&M carry similar styles, too.

6. Duck boots, flared leggings, a knitted sweater, and a shearling coat

Duck boots aren’t necessarily basic or boring when you observe them on their own. Sure, they’re not as out there as some of the other footwear styles we’ve been seeing on runways.

But, they’re a fashion-forward statement, nonetheless. And, they work great with simple, subdued pieces that make them stand out.

On the other hand, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to experiment with different patterns and textures (maybe even styles) when you’re wearing duck boots. Patterned leggings, for example, can add je ne sais quoi to an otherwise monotonous ensemble.

Throw on a knitted sweater and a shearling coat (Acne Studios Oversized Twill-Paneled Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt, for example) and you’re guaranteed to look like you stepped off the runway a moment ago. Why would you want to look boring when you can look fabulous, right?!

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6 Easy-Going Outfits With Duck Boots And Leggings