About Us

Steve Owen

My name is Steve Owen. I have a graduate degree in English Studies from an ancient university in Scotland and my undergraduate degree in English Literature from a small university based out of New Jersey. Having a life that is out of both the United Kingdom and the United States, I enjoy sharing it with other people who are fascinated by it.

I have a blog in which I share lifestyle advice and fun events going on around town (whichever I am in at the moment!). This allows me to keep in touch with my friends abroad and to show people what other cities have to offer.

Being able to work my own hours and create my own schedule certainly has its benefits. On the flipside, you only have worked when there is a community event, or you build it yourself. That being said, I would not change my job for any salary or office job.

Prior to receiving my graduate degree, I worked for a large fortune 500 company and was miserable. Having a higher education gave me the luxury of doing work that I am passionate about. Be sure to find me at community events or living a healthy lifestyle.