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10 Outfits With Women’s Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

10 Outfits With Women’s Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

We’re not surprised that you’re Google searching “women’s Gucci loafers outfits,” and here’s why. Loafers are having a moment right now, and we couldn’t be more excited to wear them considering how effortless, timeless, and chic they always are.

Now, we’ve witnessed the comeback of numerous nostalgic footwear trends such as creepers, Dr. Martens boots, Oxfords, and chunky soles. When the lockdown era ended, we couldn’t bear the thought of going back to wearing stilettos on a regular, and we decided to swap them for comfortable constructions and sleek silhouettes.

We wanted to continue wearing shearling slides, UGGs, and sneakers, but we opted for something more polished, elevated, and put-together – we opted for loafers. When the House Of Gucci reminded us of the shocking history behind Gucci (and Gucci loafers), we couldn’t help but fall for them all over again.

And why wouldn’t we when we remember the fact that loafers go with pretty much everything? Whether you’re a fan of the preppy, dark academia style, the grungy, gothic style, or the simple, subdued style, Gucci’s got your back with a bunch of loafers, moccasins, and similar slip-ons!

Sure, they’re guaranteed to break the bank. But, they’re so versatile that we’re comfortable saying “They’re worth the money.” Since you’re searching for women’s Gucci loafers outfits, we’re bringing you everything you need to know before you spend a thousand or two on your new favorite footwear.

How to style women’s Gucci loafers the right way?

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

Right off the bat, Gucci offers different styles you can choose from.

Whether you’re searching for something to wear to work, a brunch with your girlfriends, or a date night, you can choose between penny loafers, platform loafers, heeled loafers, chunky loafers, minimal loafers, and horsebit loafers (there are a couple of other styles, but these are the most prevalent).

Now, when you’re thinking of outfits that would go with women’s Gucci loafers, make sure you remember you’re own style. Checking out how celebrities and other women wear them can give you some sort of understanding of what you like or don’t like, but you’re better off sticking to what works for you.

When you, for example, prefer wearing feminine dresses, tailored suit sets, flowy, floral patterns, and classic silhouettes, you’re better off going with traditional penny loafers or horsebit loafers (Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafers or Maxi GG Gucci Jordaan Loafers).

On the other hand, when you prefer staying on top of trends, you might be better of with chunky loafers such as the ones seen on Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid (Gucci Leather Lug Sole Horsebit Loafers or Gucci Lug Sole Interlocking G Loafers).

Whatever the case might be, make sure you don’t spend too much money on something you won’t wear all year round.

Other than that, loafers truly go with everything. Wear them with knitted socks, sheer, black tights, and tweed dresses. Elevate them with printed tights (the Gucci ones are pretty popular among celebrities) and blazer dresses.

Dress them down with denim-on-denim ensembles or wide-legged trousers and simple, white tees. Make them work appropriate with suit sets or pleated skirts and button-downs. And voilà, you suddenly have a bunch of women’s outfits with Gucci loafers to choose from.

How to style women’s Gucci loafers the wrong way?

“There’s no right or wrong way when we’re talking about fashion!” some might argue.

While there’s something attractive about a woman who can match the unmatchable, experiment with color combinations and patterns, and wear the unexpected without fear, there are a few fashion rules everybody should abide by.

When we’re talking about loafers, everyone’s quick to argue that “loafers go with everything.” Loafers are great with or without socks which means you can wear them during a snowstorm and a heatwave.

Loafers are simple and subdued, but at the same time, they’re a statement piece that can bring the whole look together. Loafers are as comfortable as sneakers, but they’re far more appropriate for the office, for a date night, or even the right event.

Once reserved for preppy aesthetics, loafers managed to become one of the most worn shoes of the season – we’ve seen Hailey Bieber sporting them with denim bottoms and cropped hoodies, knitted socks and distressed shorts, and sheer tights and cut-out blazer dresses. Loafers go with everything, right?

Wrong. We scoured the world wide web to search for answers to your “what are women’s Gucci loafers outfits” question and discovered a few Gucci faux pas.

Turns out Guccio Gucci (the founder of Gucci) would die once more on the off chance that he witnessed anyone wearing Gucci loafers with workout sets, tracksuits, and athleisure. Truth be told, the only time you wear these things together should be when you forget to bring your gym shoes to the gym.

Before we forget, you also shouldn’t wear Gucci loafers (or other loafers) to formal events. Sure, Gucci loafers are exquisite, elegant, and expensive. But, you’re better off wearing stilettos or high heels to events that require you to wear a gown.

What are women’s Gucci loafers outfits guaranteed to turn heads?

1. With knitted socks

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

Loafers and knitted socks have to have been the season’s biggest trend, and we’re here for it. We’re also not the only ones because our favorite fashion babes have been combining the two, too.

Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid seem to have figured out how comfortable and versatile Gucci loafers are, and they’ve been wearing them left and right. And, everyone’s favorite “it” girl, Emma Chamberlain, went viral with her three-part outfit.

Now, her exact words were “But if it’s hot out, I basically wear the exact same thing: a long skirt, scrunched-up socks with a pair of loafers, and then a basic tank top – very, very basic, boring white tank top with a sophisticated, long skirt. I don’t know! Give a long skirt a try.”

So (naturally), we suggest you do the same thing. In order to keep things as simple as Emma does, go for Gucci Harald Horsebit Platform Loafers or Gucci Romance Horsebit Loafers. Trust me, the chunkier the loafer, the bigger the trend.

2. With a blazer and/or a clean-cut coat

Loafers are a workwear must-have for a reason. Whether you combine them with wide-legged trousers and a matching blazer, tailored trousers, and a simple, white button-down, or a cashmere sweater and a clean-cut coat, you’re guaranteed to look polished and put-together without having to wear stilettos.

Depending on your work environment and the dress code you have to follow, you don’t even have to go with the safest styles such as Gucci Jordaan Horsebit-Detailed Leather Loafers or Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules. Elevate your tailored trousers and a button-down with patterned loafers such as Gucci Jordaan Jacquard Loafers.

Trust me, the best women’s Gucci loafers outfits are simple and subdued – they let the loafers speak for themselves. Truth be told, when you’re wearing something that costs a thousand or two, you’re better off making that piece the statement piece of your outfit (to get your money’s worth, of course!).

3. With a shacket and stirrup leggings

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

Moving away from suave and sophisticated workwear attire, we’re here to announce that loafers can be worn with something a lot more casual, relaxed, and easy-going.

Wear your loafers when you’re running errands, hitting the nearest Whole Foods, grabbing a morning coffee with a friend, or even having a simple walk for your mental health (we love those!).

How do you do that, though? Loafers are guaranteed to elevate an outfit, and when you combine them with something as popular as they are, you’re bound to end up with an outfit that’s comfortable, wearable, and on-trend!

Shackets and stirrup leggings are pretty much exactly what you’re searching for when you’re wondering about the best women’s Gucci loafers outfits. Shackets are an outerwear alternative created as a combination between a shirt and a jacket – and they can be worn as traditional button-downs and over everything from dresses to athleticwear.

Stirrup leggings, on the other hand, are an ’80s fashion trend that’s making a case for why leggings should be considered pants. Combine these two, throw on your favorite chunky loafers (Gucci, of course) and you’re good to go.

4. With wide-legged trousers

We already brushed over one of the best (and simplest) outfits you can wear with your favorite loafers – wide-legged trousers and a matching blazer.

Now, wide-legged trousers are a staple for pretty much every season because you can style them with a simple tee for warmer weather or with a button-down, a cashmere sweater, and a blazer for colder weather.

And, to make matters even better, wide-legged trousers go with loafers, too! Sure, when you’re wearing chunky loafers or patterned loafers, you might want to make them a statement of the outfit by wearing trousers that cut off right at the start of the loafer and show off how cute they are.

However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing floor-length trousers and having your loafer peek while you’re walking (for some added mystery).

5. With baggy denim bottoms

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

Denim-on-denim looks have taken the fashion world by storm (on more than one occasion). Denim bottoms, denim shackets, and denim button-downs work wonderfully with chunky loafers for a monochromatic moment or even a play on the iconic Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake appearance at the AMAs.

While denim-on-denim looks seem to have made a comeback with Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner rocking them left and right, there are better (and simpler) ways you can combine them.

For example, you can wear your favorite baggy denim bottoms with a white button-down and black, chunky loafers. Or, to make things even more on-trend, combine your denim bottoms with a graphic tee and patterned loafers – Dakota Johnson wore a similar style with Jordaan Jacquard Loafers.

6. With a mini dress, a mini skirt, or pretty much anything mini

We’ve talked your ears off with Hailey Bieber, but she seems to have the whole “women’s Gucci loafers outfit” thing figured out. Not only does she famously wear her chunky loafers with knitted socks, but she also wears them with mini dresses, mini skirts, and mini shorts.

Now, chunky loafers balance out the rest of the outfit because they add bulk to the bottom. And, when you’re wearing a blazer that’s a little too big on you (a.k.a. following the trends), you need something to add that bulk to prevent that top-heavy appearance.

Oh and, when you’re wearing shorter pieces that show off your legs, you might not always want to go with stilettos or high heels. Stilettos and high heels are great for events, date nights, and special occasions, but loafers are more appropriate for pretty much everything else.

7. With a structured, cut-out blazer dress

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

“Umm, are you talking about Hailey Bieber again?!” We sure are because we’re drawing inspiration from one of her famous loafers looks – a cut-out blazer dress from Blumarine’s 2022 collection, sheer, black thigh-high socks, chunky loafers, and a leather handbag.

Cut-outs are a great option, but we suggest you try out the trend with a dress that’s more of a representation of your style. Blazer dresses have been a thing for quite some time which means you can probably find one that works for you.

When you do, throw on some sheer, black tights and your favorite loafers (Gucci, of course), and you’re ready to rock whatever party you’re attending. We suggest going for chunky loafers such as Gucci Harald Horsebit Platform Loafers, but you can keep things more sleek and subdued with Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules, too.

8. With a chunky cardigan, shearling coat, or pretty much anything bulky

When you’re wearing something chunky on top, you need something chunky on the bottom to balance out the propositions. We don’t make the rules – but, we know that a chunky cardigan or a shearling coat can make you look top-heavy.

We also know there’s nothing wrong with looking top-heavy, but that might not be the look you’re going for. First off, you can combine your chunky loafers with knitted socks, tweet shorts, a button-down, and a chunky cardigan for fall.

Or, you can combine them with wide-legged trousers, a cashmere turtleneck, a chunky knitted vest, and a shearing coat for winter. We suggest going for chunky loafers, but you can also platform loafers for the same effect.

9. With preppy outfits

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress

Loafers are the backbone of preppy, dark academia, and even gothcore outfits. Whatever variation of these private school looks you’re thinking of, a high-quality, eye-catching pair of loafers can complete them.

We’re thinking of tailored trousers, blazers, clean-cut coats, trench coats, checkered skirts, button-downs, and accessories reminiscent of school days (pins, headbands, and berets).

Sure, you can wear whatever color palette works for you, or you can change the color palette depending on the aesthetics you’re going for. Dark academia, for example, favors dark and rich browns, greens, and earth tones. Gothcore, on the other hand, favors blacks, grays, and purples.

10. With earth-toned, neutral outfits

You can never go wrong with earth-toned, neutral women’s Gucci loafers outfits. Browns, creams, and tans seem to have taken social media platforms by storm with women across the world showing off their aesthetically pleasing ensembles.

Whether we’re talking about clothes, makeup, or home decor, we can’t get enough of simple color combinations and sleek silhouettes.

We suggest you wear brown leather loafers, knitted socks, cream wide-legged trousers, a brown leather belt, a white button-down, and a tan cashmere sweater for the ultimate “that girl” look. Or, you can wear them with a beige pleated midi skirt, a tan turtleneck, and a cream coat for a luxurious, expensive vibe.

Whatever your style preferences might be, we’re positive that Gucci can make your wildest loafer dreams come true. What are you waiting for? Swap your favorite sneakers for timeless, sophisticated loafers, and see what happens! Good luck!

10 Outfits With Women's Gucci Loafers Guaranteed To Impress