What To Do For Flat Feet? Interesting Ideas You Need To Know

I had a friend in high school who had flat feet. I had never seen them before and always thought they were an urban legend or a myth like webbed hands or being a Cyclopes. Then I realized perhaps it isn’t so weird after all. She did have plenty of feet problems because of it. Here is what she taught me about what to do for flat feet. You will be quite surprised at some of the suggestions.

1. Purchase Shoes with A Good Arch

What To Do For Flat Feet a good arrch

Some people may have flat feet because they do not have the proper support system in their shoes. My friend purchased the best work boots for flat feet that had a great arch in them. When she put them on her feet instantly hurt, but after time she would wear them if she had to stand on her feet for long periods of time. Her feet actually began to arch too.

2. Purchase A Pair of Orthotics or Insoles for Your Shoes

What To Do For Flat Feet insole

If you wear ballet flats or shoes that do not have an arch in them, you should purchase a pair of good orthotics shoes or insoles so you have arch support. Believe me, you will thank me in the end. Since I have really high arches, I wear insoles with my sandals so I have the support still. Once you have the support, you will need it in all your shoes which isn’t a bad thing.

3. Point Your Toes

What To Do For Flat Feet point your toes

I know this may sound odd, but if you lay down with your legs out and then flex your feet, then point your toes, and then flex your feet and again you will work on creating an arch. Ever hear of dancer’s feet? They tend to have really high arches from doing feet exercises like this.

4. Stand on Your Toes

What To Do For Flat Feet stand on your toes

Another dancer’s move. Place your hand on a chair and to balance then then stand on your toes, and then your feet again. Do this over and over again for about 3 rounds of 10 stretches. I know it may sound strange, but I have yet to see a dancer with flat feet.

5. Weight

If you are an adult and have recently developed flat feet, it may be due to your weight. I know it can be a sensitive topic, but the bones in your legs might be pushing against your feet therefore creating a flat foot over time.

What To Do For Flat Feet air fryers lose weight

You need to lose weight then in order to relieve the pressure. One of my best friends tell me that: If you want to lose weight, you should use air fryers to cook and of course it worked! 

You don’t want to lose just a little bit of weight, but a larger amount instead. Start with small goals and then build up over time. Set a goal to lose 5 pounds a month and after a year you will be 60 pounds lighter.

6. Physical Therapy

What To Do For Flat Feet physicall

Yes, they have exercises just for people with flat feet (or plantar fasciitis) to improve their arch. Some of them are stretches you can do at home, but some are special machines that they may use on your feet after the exercises.

 what to do for flat feet Maxi Climber

It is very important you go so the therapist knows you are doing it right. Your doctor will recommend you to a physical therapist who is able to help you the most. If you work with them, then they will work with you. If it doesn't work, I highly recommend you do exercise with a maxi climber. I'm sure this way really works well and can help you fix flat feet.

7. Specially Made Orthotics

What To Do For Flat Feet caring foot

Sometimes a pair of Dr. Scholl’s will not do the trick and you need a specially made pair. You will need to go to a podiatrist in order to have this sorted, but it will be worth it in the end. You can just change them from shoe to shoe. The only style they may not fit in are sandals or flip flops. Otherwise they can go from your boots to your sneakers and into your ballet flats.

8. Podiatrist

What To Do For Flat Feet spread toes

Sometimes they will make you a special pair of orthotics, but other times they may be doing special exercises with them. They will be able to decide why your feet are flat and come up with ways to fix it. Perhaps it was a bone fracture or bone trauma or even hereditary. I would go the podiatrist route if insoles or orthotics are not working for you. They are after all the foot doctor.

9. Surgery

What To Do For Flat Feet surgery

This is my last thing to do for your flat feet on the list and if all else fails. They can fix an Achilles tendon or whatever else is the problem. As always your doctor will only recommend surgery if it is absolutely the last option and your only resort. It almost never happens, but for some rare cases it is prescribed.

Hope these 9 different remedies for flat feet has helped you. That is my list of what to do for flat feet. Hope it helped! I encouraged in using air fryer or electric griddle to lose weight for flat feet, you can visit this site to know more information.

What To Do For Flat Feet? Interesting Ideas You Need To Know
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