Top 6 Best Work Boots for Flat Feet – Buying Guide & Reviews 2017

I have extremely high arches in my feet, and I consider myself quite lucky. When I see friends looking for best work boots for flat feet, I am not able to sympathize. I know how irritating it must be for them to find comfortable shoes, but all I am able to do is provide suggestions. Here are my suggestions for good work boots and work shoes for those with flat feet.

Review of 6 Best Work Boots for Flat Feet

1. Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men's Tactical Side-Zip Boots

best work boots for flat feet military

The look is quite military, so if you do not mind that then this is the perfect boot for those with flat feet. What makes this boot unique is the fact that it has a slight increase in size at the toe region and then becomes narrower as it goes back to the heel. That is how a boot for people with flat feet is supposed to be shaped. Great for support!

This boot is designed with a runner in mind and for people who work on cement or concrete surfaces. The boot even has a steel base which protects your feet from punctures. Not something you see in work boots too often. Another bonus, the boot may not look it, but it is very breathable.

No smelly, sweaty feet here! Just do not be too bothered by their look and your feet will fall in love with the boot.

  • The way the boot was designed - wide at toe and then begins to narrow
  • The military look of the boot

2. Georgia Boot Men's Georgia Giant G6274 Work Boot

best work boots for flat feet  georgia

This is probably my favourite looking work boot. It is made of leather with an amazing looking sole. Nice and thick which is great for people who are on their feet all day and all night. The sole is even made by Goodyear, so you know its good stuff!

These boots also have great arch support. You can even moderate it yourself by increasing or decreasing the support. I know I have never heard of that in a work boot, or any shoe for that matter previously.

They do need to tear your boot apart, but if it can be customizable to you and your foot, then why not?

And, as you can imagine, these boots are extremely comfortable for those who are on their feet all day. Customizable arches and a rugged look. What more could you want in a work boot? If you need a pair steel toe, see here.

  • The boots look. Very sophisticated and rugged. The arch support and can also be adjusted to your foot.
  • Just one color

3. Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Soft-Toe Boot

best work boots for flat feet timberland

This shoe, similar to the Rothco boot, is not very attractive looking, but it is quite comfortable for people with flat feet. It is made of leather and has a rubber sole and a steel toe. It had shock diffusion and made for 24/7 comfort. The brand of Timberland speaks for itself. The brand has been around forever and is quite popular amongst people who work in construction.

If you are working on your feet all day and have flat feet, then this shoe was specifically designed with you in mind. Your foot in reinforced in place with a non-slip and oil resistant outsole.

The work shoes will also keep your feet smelling good since it has an antimicrobial lining making sure you and your shoe smell good, even after a 12 hour work day. If you want to a steel toe, see here.

  • Has 24/7 comfort
  • Not have a steel toe

4. KEEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe - Best Work Shoes For Flat Feet

best work boots for flat feet keen

Keen is a very well know brand when it comes to comfort and function for work shoes. This one even has a steel toe which is an added bonus. Keen also makes shoes with great arch support and a superior fit.

If you have flat feet, this is a brand I highly recommend you invest in. Keen provides an EVA dual-density removable foot bed and also a compression molded midsole which cushions your foot, but will also prevent slipping.

The shoe is very lightweight and quite flexible. They are constructed with safety features, so you know exactly what type of work environment the shoe was designed for. The sole is non-slip, and oil resistant and even has an extra firm grip. Like I said, great work shoe.

Plus, the leather is waterproof. This work shoe has it all, especially for those with flat feet.

  • Very well-known brand that makes great lightweight and flexible shoes
  • Can’t think of one

5. Justin Original Work Boots Men's Double Comfort Work Boot - Best Work Boots For Flat Feet

best work boots for flat feet

These boots offer maximum support, and people with flat feet mention how comfortable they are to wear during long hours.

Justin’s has great gel orthotics that many people wear with the shoes for extra support. You can also use other memory foam orthotics as well.

These boots are designed with their high arch so the weight can be shifted evenly amongst your foot which is perfect for those who work in construction. If you do work on dirt, most people love how they shed the dirt rather than track it around like other boots have a tendency to do.

The only potential downside is that these boots do not offer a steel toe. On the upside, the boot is designed to last for five or more years. Pick and choose which is more important to you.

  • Not cheap

6. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Oxford Safety Toe Oxford

best work boots for flat feet thorogood

For those looking for a more professional looking shoe, this is it. The shoe is made of leather with a rubber sole and is also non-marking and slip resistant.

The work shoe also meets the CAN/CSA-Z195 18,000 Volts Electrical Shock Resistance Standard making is a very safe shoe. It also has a steel toe for added protection.

If you work on pavement and cement, this work shoes is great since it absorbs the shock. The insoles are removable, but ad extra is cushioning upon impact. In addition to the insoles, they also have a lightweight fiberglass shank.

This was made to offer additional support for your foot. The shoe is great for the office but needs to be waterproofed in order to wear on the job.

  • Great for office
  • Not waterproof

Things to Look For

You will want a pair of shoes that offer arch support. My mother always made sure our sneakers growing up had arches in them, and it could be a reason as to why I do not have flat feet.

This will help create a natural curve in your foot and relieve pressure on your feet. You will decrease your chances of a related tendon injury in your foot too. The arch will also evenly distribute weight along your feet making standing on your feet much easier and much more comfortable.

Look for a pair of shoes with a raised insole. This can be quite beneficial for those with flat feet because it will offer a cushion for your feet to rest on. You may need to purchase these extra, but believe me, they are worth the extra couple of dollars. They will make your feet feel as though they are floating on clouds even after the longest shift of your life.

If you have the money, purchase a pair of medical orthotics. They are specially made for people with bad feet or flat feet. They are often medically prescribed by a podiatrist, but they may be worth it if you are in constant pain. Most people with flat feet are not in constant pain, but if you are these are the way to go.

How To Choose Best Work Boots for Flat Feet?

Cross Training shoes - my podiatrist said that these are the best shoes to have if you have flat feet. They offer the best support and smooth movement. Due to these two factors, they will prevent soreness and aching feet. You will need to replace the every few months (think 6 or less) in order to keep them supporting your foot. Remember, shoes do have a tendency to wear out.

1. Tennis Shoes

Your low or no arches will love this style of shoe. They will fit properly in tennis shoes. They have a natural shock absorber in their arch support. Usually, tennis shoes can be quite narrow, so they hug the foot which makes it great for supporting your feet.

2. Running Shoes

These are fine, but only if you are wearing them on the correct terrain. If you do not, this can result in tendon damage. Keep in mind that over stretching flat feet can cause damage to your tendons, so if you do run, make sure if is on the correct terrain. If box states the running shoe is made for a rugged terrain, only use shoe on rugged terrain. If it says for a smooth surface, then only use on a smooth surface. Good luck with your running.

3. Trail Running Shoes

This will provide great protection and stability for off road running and walking. You will be pain free, and your feet will feel as though they are on cloud 9 during the whole experience. This is ideal if you enjoy hiking.

4. Road Running Shoes

As you can imagine, these are ideal for hard surfaces whether they are even or not. They have great cushioning that is great for pressure points on your foot when running or walking on the said surface.

5. Walking Shoes

This is more ideal for those with a low arch rather than no arch. They offer motion control for your foot and have moderate support for your arch. Your mid foot will be quite happy with the stability this walking shoe provides.

The Essential Tips for This Product

When shoe shopping, it is advised to go late in the day (that is if you still go to the mall and not just on Amazon). This is due to the fact that your feet are more swollen during the day making your feet an odd shape. It is best to fit your foot at night or during the evening since it is the correct shape then.

Walk around your house in your shoe prior to going for a run or jog. Your shoe will fit you more properly. You can also go for a wee job in your place too just to make sure that your foot is well supported. You can do this also in the shoe store, so long as you do not mind strangers watching you do so.

You can then see where you may get blisters and redness earlier, so you know whether or not to purchase the shoe. Cheaper shoes, from my personal experience, often cause blisters and redness. If you get them during your practice run, then they are not the shoe for you.

Make sure you leave a good amount of space for your big toe. There should be a small gap, about the tip of your thumb, from your big toe to the end of your shoe. This is quite beneficial for people who are on their feet all day.


These are the top 6 best work boots for flat feet. Some of them come in great, and rugged styles while others are not as attractive to the eye. It just all depends on in what you are looking for when it comes to foot wear.

Sometimes the less attractive shoe is what is best for your foot, but here you have options to have a custom designed sole and an attractive boot. You just have to do some more research on your own.

Top 6 Best Work Boots for Flat Feet – Buying Guide & Reviews 2017
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