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What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

White boots scream “you’re asking to get them dirty within three minutes of wearing them,” but they’re a wardrobe must-have, nonetheless. They go with pretty much everything, even though they’ve managed to amass quite a negative reputation over time. What to wear with white boots, though?

Now, white boots are bright, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing.

When you enter the room wearing white, chunky, knee-high (or otherwise boots), you’re guaranteed to turn heads because they’re impossible to ignore. White boots seem challenging to wear because they’re such a stand-out, statement piece, but that’s what makes them your biggest weapon year-round.

Whether or not you respect the entire “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” thing, there’s no denying that white boots have the power to make or break your spring, summer, fall, and winter ‘fits. We’re pretty sure that there’s no such thing as “after Labor Day,” anyway.

Whether we’re talking about patent leather statement stilettos, matte leather subdued knee-highs, or even suede leather scrunched-down booties, glaringly bright, white footwear seems to have made a comeback.

We’re pretty positive that the oh-so-popular white-on-white ensemble’s here to stay! Just consider the number of celebrities, designers, and it-girls we’ve seen wearing white designer, and not-so-designer pieces.

On the off chance that white doesn’t appease you, you can experiment with off-white, vanilla, and cream hues which happen to be on-trend, too.

Of course, from timeless white booties and trendy, chunky, combat boots to unexpected cowboy boots and statement knee-high boots, there’s no chance you can go wrong with wearing white boots season after season.

Now, some of the season’s most memorable white booties were created by Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant, and The Row. But, we’re bringing you a bunch of affordable alternatives, too – so, here’s what to wear with white boots.

What to wear with white boots?

What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

Oh, here’s the thing – black boots have been gatekeeping the fashion-forward throne for seasons and seasons and we’re getting slightly bored of them.

On the off chance that you don’t style them the way everyone does (with denim, leather, and chunky pieces), you might get away with staying on-trend.

Of course, you can make the fashion game much better for you granted that you swap the boring, black boots with unexpected white ones. We know that black and white generate basic ‘fits when you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, swapping the predictive black booties for something outside-the-box such as white boots after Labor Day can make your entire ensemble appear more high-fashion and Vogue-esque (that’s not a word, but you get the picture).

Whether you’re searching for appropriate workwear, something to wear to an evening event, or something to wow your friends with on a girls’ night out, we’ve got your back. Show the world you mean business with these fresh, fun, and white-boot-worthy outfits.

1. White chunky, combat boots, straight-legged jeans, and a chunky cardigan

We’re starting with something simple and subdued, for everyone who’s searching for an outfit to wear when running errands, grabbing brunch with friends, or going out for a walk.

Whether you go with designer footwear such as Fendi Fendigraphy Boots and Prada Monolith Lug-Sole Chelsea Boots, a brand name such as Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Max Boots, or similar styles from Zara and Mango, we’re sure you’re going to adore the ultimate cool-girl look you can create with them.

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We know that chunky, combat boots, straight-legged jeans, and a chunky cardigan don’t scream “groundbreaking,” but that’s one of the best outfits to experiment with when you’re trying to style white combat boots.

Throw on an oversized blazer or a cream coat for an added layer, and you’re good to go.

2. White ankle booties, boyfriend jeans, a stripy button-down, and an oversized blazer

What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

Now, how can you make white boots go from “I’m going to Target” to “I’m going to the office?” Whenever you’re unsure of what to wear with white boots, remember that white boots can be dressed up and dressed down with a few tips and tricks.

We suggest going for simple white booties because they’re comfortable enough to wear to the office. At the same time, they’re elevated enough to wear to a business meeting, drinks after the business meeting, or even a date night after you’re done with work.

One of our favorite ways to dress white booties up happens to be to wear them with straight-legged or boyfriend jeans (or pretty much any jeans you love wearing), a stripy button-down, and an oversized blazer.

On the off chance that you’re not sure about the color palette, you can’t go wrong with classic blue denim and a blue stripy button-down, topped with a grey, cream, or tan blazer.

3. White chunky, knee-high boots, a short, knitted dress, and an oversized blazer

When you’re wondering what to wear with white boots to make them Hailey Bieber-worthy, you can’t go wrong with chunky, knee-high boots combined with a super, super short knitted dress, and an oversized blazer.

Nothing screams Hailey Bieber’s street style more than chunky footwear combined with a blazer that’s clearly way too big.

Now, you can go with the planetarily popular Zara boots (you know which ones we’re talking about) or something a little more exclusive such as Prada Monolith Nylon Zip-Pocket Platform Riding Boots and Black Suede Studio Dalton Napa Lug-Sole Knee Boots.

We suggest going for a monochromatic moment (white-on-white) or creating a contrast with a black knitted dress, a black blazer, and white knee-high boots. Whichever style you decide to go with, you’re bound to stand out.

4. White high-heeled, knee-high boots, and a mini skirt suit set combined with a matching knitted turtleneck

What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

What to wear with white boots for a night out? First off, opt for white high-heeled, knee-high boots as a statement, stand-out part of the ‘fit.

From Black Suede Studio Taylor Bss X Caroline Boots and Paris Texas Croco Stiletto Knee Boots which you can combine with pretty much anything you own, to Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Woven Lambskin Over-The-Knee Boots that are bound to get you the attention you deserve, you can’t go wrong with high-heeled, knee-high boots.

Now, combine them with something super short to make them stand out better. We suggest going for a suit set that consists of a super short skirt and a matching blazer because co-ord sets have been on-trend for more than a few seasons.

5. White cowboy boots and a flowy, floral dress

We can’t forget about white cowboy boots, not can we? Cowboy boots are a wardrobe must-have when you’re someone who prefers the bohemian, free-spirited style that’s been making a comeback for the past season or two.

From Johanna Ortiz and Zimmermann to Etro and Isabel Marant, we’ve seen a bunch of designers coming out with embroidered, embellished cowboy boots that would be perfect for the ‘fit you’re going with.

While you can combine cowboy boots with denim bottoms, simple tees, and suede tops, there’s something super romantic about wearing white cowboy boots with a flowy, floral dress.

Vince Camuto Nedema Boots, Ganni Embroidered Leather Knee Boots, and Isabel Marant Duerto Leather Boots take the cake for us, but you can go with whatever style speaks to you.

6. A denim-on-denim moment with a denim skirt, a denim button-down, and white stiletto booties

What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

Who doesn’t appreciate a Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim-on-denim moment now and then? Whenever you’re wondering what to wear with white boots, don’t shy away from experimenting with trends that might not be here to stay, but are here to make a statement.

Now, white stiletto booties are everywhere and you shouldn’t struggle to purchase the perfect pair. But, we have to suggest going with something as simple as Steve Madden Vakay Off-White Boots or By Far Sofia Leather Ankle Boots.

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White stiletto booties combined with a denim skirt and a denim button-down are what dreams are made of, and there’s nothing anyone could say to change that!

7. A head-to-toe white ensemble, with a white knitted skirt, a matching white knitted sweater, and white high-heeled booties, even after Labor Day

What better way to shut the mouths of haters and naysayers who keep bothering you with “you can’t wear white after Labor Day?” Wear whatever you want, whenever you want to, and show them what you’re made of with a head-to-toe white ensemble.

Combine white high-heeled booties with a white knitted skirt and a matching knitted sweater for a timeless, effortless look. Or, go for a white knitted dress and white knee-high boots for a similar style (made with fewer pieces).

Or, even better, go completely out with a white satin slip dress, white high-heeled booties, and a white blazer – why not get married while you’re dressed for the occasion, too? White-on-white never looked better!

8. Electrifying hues combined with white, knee-high boots make for a fashion-forward statement

What To Wear With White Boots? 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles

We come to the end of the article with a bang! White boots might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re great when you don’t know what to wear with bold, beautiful shades such as fuchsia, pacific blue, or forest green.

Wear your white, knee-high boots with a fuchsia cashmere sweater and matching wide-legged trousers, a pacific blue suit set, or a forest green, flowy, floral dress. Whatever you do, don’t forget to embrace the versatility that comes with wearing white boots!

What To Wear With White Boots 8 Ever-Enduring Ensembles