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Best Shoes For Mail Carriers: Our Top 5 Choices

Best Shoes For Mail Carriers: Our Top 5 Choices

Are you tired of delivering mail wearing uncomfortable shoes? Do your feet feel more and more tired each day? Are you looking for the best shoes for mail carriers? If your answers to these questions are yes, then I’m happy to inform you have stumbled upon the right article.

Delivering mail is no walk in the park, for sure. Every postal officer has so many things to think about.

He (or she) has to make sure the mail is delivered safely and undamaged, they have to pay attention to all those addresses that can be vague and not properly written on the envelope, and what about all those places which don’t even have an official address?

All in all, their job is fairly stressful and tiring. I seriously am in awe of every postal officer ever. I could never imagine myself doing, and more importantly, succeeding in this job.

After a couple of days of delivering mail, you would probably find me somewhere around the corner, bawling my eyes out.

I’ll stick to my writing job, admiring mail carriers from the comforts of my desk and laptop, ensuring they knock on my door at least once a month when I give in to my desperate need for online shopping.

And I will give my small contribution to this challenging work in the form of advice. Let’s see what are the top 5 best shoes for delivering mail.

What are the best shoes for mail carriers?

1. New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men's Made in Us 706 V2 Walking Shoe
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We are starting off strong with a brand that never seems to disappoint. These New Balance Men’s 706 V2 are super comfortable walking shoes, worn and loved by many postal officers around the world.

Made out of 100% leather and synthetic materials, these shoes feature rubber soles and C-CAP midsoles. These are actually compression-molded EVA which increases cushioning and flexibility of the midsoles.

Because of the material used in the production, these shoes are very durable, and also extremely lightweight. They don’t feel heavy on the feet, which is an amazing feature for someone who has to walk long hours every day as our dear post carriers do.

These shoes come with a decent grip and are oil and slip resistant. They also feature a wide enough toe box, so the toes are able to spread freely, without any compression.

The few disadvantages that people noticed are the fact that these shoes develop that annoying squeaking sound over time and that their laces get easily untied. But apart from that, they are considered to be one of the best shoes for mail carriers, and they’re approved by the U.S. postal service.

2. Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoes

Rocky Men's Postal TMC Oxford-M, Black, 9.5 M US
$168.00 $115.88
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03/16/2024 01:45 pm GMT

The second pair on our list are these sleek-looking Rock Tmc Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoes. They are perfect for mail carriers who like to emulate their professional side but also stay comfortable for long periods of time.

Made out of 100 % full-grain and water-resistant leather, these shoes ensure the job gets done, even in the most challenging weather conditions, while keeping your feet protected from any moisture. They also feature non-metallic stabilizers which add up to the overall protection and support of the feet.

Their outsoles feature slip-resistant TMC direct-attach TPU/TU which enhances your stability and flexibility, on any kind of terrain. And thanks to the Air-Port cushion footbed, the comfort of these shoes is amazing.

These shoes also have U.S. postal service approval, and they cost up to $170.

3. Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boots

Reebok Work Men's Postal Express CP8500 Work Shoe, Black
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03/16/2024 01:50 pm GMT

Reebok is another brand that has a long history of producing quality athletic footwear. Their shoes are very comfortable and loved by both men of women of all ages. So, no wonder they also had a shot at manufacturing shoes for mail carriers (and succeeded greatly!).

These high-top Reebok postal work boots are the perfect footwear option for colder weather. Made out of 100% leather, they feature a PI-1000 cushion insert and a shock eliminator heel cushion, both of which ensure out-of-this-world comfort.

They also feature MIL-22 moisture-wicking linings which keep the nasty odors away and ensure the feet stay safe and dry. Due to the incredible grip of their outsoles, staying safe on various challenging surfaces is guaranteed.

These Reebok Postal Work Boots are also approved by the U.S. postal service. They’re a bit pricey, but definitely worth it.

4. Thorogood Men’s SoftStreets Series 6” Waterproof Insulated Sport Boots

Thorogood mens 834-6342 Soft Streets™ Series – Insulated – 6″ Weatherbuster

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03/16/2024 02:25 pm GMT

Another one among the best shoes for mail carriers in winter months are these Thorogood Men’s Waterproof Insulated Sport Boots.

Made out of high-quality water-resistant black leather and featuring impeccable stitching, these boots will protect your feet from any kind of moisture and ensure you look amazing while combating challenging work conditions.

These are also counted among one of the most durable work shoes on the market, so you can be sure they’ll survive everything your lifestyle throws at them. Their outsoles have a good grip on various terrains, and their insoles feature incredible cushioning materials for added comfort.

And, since these boots are well insulated, they will also keep your feet warm no matter how cold it gets.

These shoes are a bit expensive, though and you’ll have to splurge on them. But trust me, they’ll be worth every penny.

5. TINGLEY 7500G Orion Overshoes with Gaiter

Tingley Orion 7500G Winter Overshoe With Gaiter, Medium, Black
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03/16/2024 01:54 pm GMT

Finally, if you are looking for a pair of mail carrier shoes that will be more than adequate for snowy and icy weather conditions, these Tingley 7500G Orion Overshoes are the ones!

Their upper is made out of 840 denier nylon material which tightness you can adjust according to your needs and preferences. This material is both durable and waterproof, so it’ll last you a long time, surviving different challenging conditions and also keeping your feet dry from the snow.

Thanks to the TPR outsoles, these shoes will fight off the snow and ice and be extremely light to walk in. Their outsoles also feature deep lugs which ensure incredible traction and a heel counter stabilizer that prevents rolling.

Do we need to mention that these shoes are extremely roomy? Even the widest feet will be able to fit inside and be cozy and comfy. Because they feature polypropylene foam, which provides much-needed insulation, your feet will be both well-cushioned and kept warm.

What are some of the most important features of shoes for mailmen?

If you happen to dislike any of these 5 shoe options above (which I’m not sure why you would since they are all amazing), I have a solution for you.

Below you can read what are some of the most important features of the best shoes for mail carriers. Take your pen and paper and make notes. These can be your guidelines and help you buy the shoes that will both suit your fancy in terms of looks and be good for your feet.

1. Comfort

First and foremost, comfort is crucial! It might not look like it, but mail carriers go through so much during the day. A comfortable pair of shoes can do wonders in terms of saving energy and making mail delivery that much more pleasant.

2. Safety

The shoes you chose for delivering mail should also provide you with various safety features. They should have good grip and traction, be water-proof, shock-absorbent, and well-cushioned. Some of them come with features like insulation and electrical hazard protection.

It’s best to look for those that are already approved by the U.S.P.S so you don’t have to think too much about whether they are safe to wear or not.

3. Durability

You also want shoes that will last you a long time. There’s no point in spending a certain amount of money on shoes that you’ll have to replace next year. The shoes you select should be made out of durable materials meant to withstand many vigorous conditions.

So, don’t be afraid to break the bank. It’ll be worth it.

4. Lightweight

We’re all well aware of what heavy shoes can do to our feet, especially when we have to walk for long hours. So, the shoes you’re supposed to wear for mail delivery should also be lightweight. They should also be flexible so that every step you take is easy and effortless.

5. The right size

And I have saved the most obvious one for the last. No matter how this might sound funny or unnecessary to mention, you would be surprised how many people pick the wrong shoe size for themselves.

So, I suggest you pay special attention to this. Measure the length and the width of your feet, and pay attention to every single detail. If the shoes you try in the store seem even the slightest bit too tight, and you think it’ll be fine, trust me, and go for a half a size or one size up.

Your feet will expand during the day and those shoes might go from a little tight to extremely tight in a matter of hours. And I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

Also, never go for shoes that feel too loose. No matter what socks you wear, if they are too loose, to begin with, they only become looser over time.

So remember: not too tight and not too loose. And you should be fine.

Best Shoes For Mail Carriers Our Top 5 Choices