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8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress

8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress

ICYMI, silky slip dresses are back and they’re better than ever. Moreover, the ’90s wardrobe must-have seems to have taken the world by storm (once more) considering that celebrities, designers, and fashion folk have been wearing them regularly. More often than not, we would love to do the same – but, we don’t know what shoes to wear with a slip dress.

With hundreds (if not thousands!) of silky slip dresses staring at us from the windows of the stores we don’t want to enter because we don’t want to spend that much money on something that resembles a nightgown, we have to wonder whether we could wear one without breaking all the fashion tips and tricks.

We want to hate on the little nothing of a dress (who pays hundreds of dollars for a dress that makes you think you’re going to bed?!), but we also want to know whether we would know how to style something that has become a staple of contemporary style.

We would, because silky slip dresses are versatile, wearable, and flatter every silhouette. We would argue that silky slip dresses offer timeless appeal and effortless festivity. We would even argue that silky slip dresses might look simple, but they offer a maximum reward.

Whether you prefer to wear them without anything that takes away from the beauty they offer or to combine them with other elegant, effervescent pieces and classic, chic accessories, you’re guaranteed to attract attention.

Silky slip dresses aren’t only versatile, but they’re extremely easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. Wear them to pretty much any event you’re attending, from black tie soirées to easy-going dinner dates, and beyond. What shoes to wear with a slip dress, though?

Read down below!

What shoes to wear with a slip dress?

1. Strappy stilettos

8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress

Whether you’re wearing a timeless silky slip dress such as the Vince V-neck satin maxi slip dress or an asymmetric, fashion-forward one such as the Loewe asymmetric one-shoulder embellished satin and stretch-crepe maxi dress, you can’t go wrong with strappy stilettos (depending on the occasion, of course).

Strappy stilettos have a way of elevating pretty much everything you wear, and silky slip dresses aren’t any different.

When you’re wearing a patterned or embellished silky slip and you don’t want to take away from the beauty of the dress, add the classic, chic strappy stilettos such as the Roger Vivier Strappy Patent Slingback Sandals.

Or, when you’re wearing a simple, solid-colored silky slip dress that you would want to elevate, throw on something eye-catching such as the Veronica Beard Cabot Strappy Metallic Ankle-Wrap Sandals or the ALAIA Cabaret Sculptural-Heel Strappy Sandals.

Whichever style you decide to go with, you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

2. Pointed-toe pumps

Other than strappy stilettos, you can’t wear anything more classic and chic than pointed-toe pumps. Of course, pointed-toe pumps go with everything, which makes the entire “what shoes to wear with a slip dress” question much easier to answer.

Oh, silky slips and pointed-toe pumps make for a wardrobe must-have you didn’t even know you needed.

Firstly, you can easily wear them to a business meeting or the office when you throw on a matching blazer, a structured trenchcoat, or a clean-cut coat.

Secondly, you can wear them to an event combined with sparkly earrings and a shimmering handbag. Thirdly, you can wear them on a date night combined with something edgier (a leather jacket, maybe?).

Now, you probably already own a pair of pointed-toe pumps you can wear. But, on the off chance that you don’t, we suggest going for simple styles you can wear year-round such as the Jimmy Choo Love Leather Mesh Pumps, Christian Louboutin Apostrophy Leather Pointed Red-Sole Pumps, or Stuart Weitzman Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps.

3. Platform pumps

8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress

While we are always rooting for classic, elegant ensembles, there are times when you want to cause drama with the outfit you’re wearing. We know that silky slip dresses don’t necessarily scream “dramatic,” but when you combine them with the right accessories – you’re guaranteed to make a splash.

Platform pumps, of course, are one of the ways to go. Popularized by Versace Medusa Aevitas ones, platform pumps seem to have become a footwear must-have for anyone who wants to demand attention from the moment they enter the room.

People love to hate on trends, but we can get behind the chunky, bottom-heavy footwear.

With that out of the way, we would suggest you wear platform pumps with simple silhouettes. When you’re wondering what shoes to wear with slip dresses, remember that the style of the shoe depends on the style of the dress.

While you can always go with OG Versace platform pumps, we adore the Valentino Garavani Patent Leather Ankle-Strap Platform Pumps, Prada Plateau Metallic Peep-Toe Platform Pumps, and Bottega Veneta Lambskin Mary Jane Platform Pumps.

4. Espadrille wedges

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We know that silky slip dresses work wonders when combined with strappy stilettos, pointed-toe pumps, and platform pumps because they’re meant to be combined with something as elegant as they are, right?

While we have to agree that silky slip dresses have the power to make a bigger and better statement than an embellished, evening gown, we also have to argue that silky slip dresses go with more relaxed, casual styles, too.

We suggest wearing them with espadrille wedges on summer days for the ultimate “vacation mode on” moment (whether you’re on vacation or not).

Espadrilles and espadrille wedges happen to be one of the most comfortable things you can wear, which makes them even better for whatever event you’re attending. Whether you’re attending a beach wedding, a garden barbecue, or a pool party, you can’t go wrong with a silky slip and espadrilles combination.

Espadrilles are available everywhere, but our favorite ones are the Castaner Bianca Espadrille Wedges, Jimmy Choo Drive Metallic Wedge Espadrille Sandals, and Veronica Beard Rilla Woven Suede Wedge Espadrille Sandals.

5. Loafers

8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress

According to our favorite fashion babe, Hailey Bieber, loafers are the ultimate, cool-girl must-have. As evidenced by Bieber, you can wear them with pretty much everything, from straight-legged jeans and barely-there leather shorts to cut-out blazer dresses and pleated skirts.

And, as you might have guessed, you can wear them with silky slip dresses.

Now, there are a few ways you can take on the trend. Right off the bat, you can style your silky slip with a simple white tee underneath, a pair of knitted socks, and a pair of chunky, lug-sole loafers such as the Gucci leather lug sole Horsebit loafers.

On the other hand, you can style your silky slip with a chunky cardigan or a cashmere sweater and a pair of backless loafers (mules, kind of) such as the Gucci Princetown backless loafers.

Alternatively, granted that you want to wear high heels, you can style your silky slip with a matching blazer or a matching trench coat and a pair of heeled loafers such as the Versace platform loafers.

6. Simple, white sneakers

Simple, white sneakers haven’t been simple for a while. From Stan Smiths peeking out from underneath celebrities’ trousers to chunky, dad sneakers gracing the runway shows, sneakers have managed to evolve and elevate everyone’s ‘fits.

Fashion’s ever-changing; however, there’s nothing more on-trend right now than a seductive, silky slip combined with simple, white sneakers. From subdued tennis sneakers to canvas low-tops to retro styles, you can’t go wrong with whatever white sneakers you already own.

Leather sneakers go great with silky slip dresses because they’re a little more dressed up than your regular, canvas sneakers.

Essentials’ white tennis court low sneakers and Stuart Weitzman Livvy convertible are perfect because they’re boring and basic – exactly what you need when you’re wearing a patterned, embellished, or asymmetric dress.

Oh and, Maison Margiela canvas low-top sneakers, Everlane ReLeather velcro court sneakers, and Khaite Walker suede-trimmed leather sneakers are great, too!

7. Chunky, combat boots

8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress

We might have made a case against our fashion knowledge right now, but we adore the way chunky, combat boots add an edge to a silky slip. Whenever we’re wondering what shoes to wear with slip dresses to make them not as dressy, we remember chunky, combat boots.

Not only are they on-trend, but they’re comfortable, wearable, and warm. Now, combine your favorite silky slip with a chunky cardigan or a cashmere sweater, a bunch of accessories, and a pair of chunky, combat boots.

Throw on a statement leather (and shearling, maybe?) jacket and you’re ready to take on the world.

Our favorite chunky, combat boots at the moment are Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Lace-Up Boots, La Canadienne Brendan Waterproof Combat Boot, and Best Lug SolePrada Monolith Leather and Nylon Boots.

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Whichever one you decide to go with, don’t forget to throw on a matching belt and some sunglasses for the ultimate, cool-girl-approved look.

8. Knee-high boots

At the end of the day, we can’t forget about knee-high boots because they’re the ones we’re going to gravitate towards the most when the weather becomes colder. Also, knee-high boots happen to look like a dream when combined with a silky slip – they balance each other out to a tee.

Silky slips are perfect for layering during the colder months which means you shouldn’t throw them at the back of the closet when the temperatures begin to drop.

Wear them with chunky cardigans, clean-cut coats, and other woolen, knitted pieces. We suggest going for the Tony Bianco Cortez boots or the Larroudé The Kate suede boots, but you can go with whatever knee-high boots speak to you.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you approve of our suggestions, and we’re wishing you the best of luck!

8 Stylish And Sleek Shoes To Wear With A Slip Dress