How to Clean Your Cowboy Boots in 7 Easy Steps

My best friend is obsessed with cowboy boots. She always purchased cheap pairs until she realised she needed to invest in an authentic pair. They are a beautiful brown and has accents of turquoise on them. Since she spent some serious money on them, she now needs to take care of them like they are her child. This is the advice she gave me on how to clean cowboy boots.

Things You Will Need:

  • Your cowboy boots. Since good pair costs at least $300 (if not more), you need to take extra good care of them!
  • A hose, or a kitchen sink with a very deep basin in order to hold your cowboy boots. Since you probably do not want mud in your sink, I more or less recommend the hose option.
  • A boot brush. How else do you remove the dirt and grime off of your cowboy boots?
  • Dish soap (I like Dawn or Fairy dish soap) in a bucket of warm water. You will also need a sponge as well so you can clean your cowboy boots.
  • A toothbrush so you can clean every single crevice on your cowboy boot. Not a single bit of dirt will be left!
  • An old, clean rag. My friend always said to use the same cloth on your cowboy boots. I guess so the rag does not contaminate other things.
  • Leather conditioner. You want your real leather cowboy boots to last, right? Otherwise, if you do not condition the leather, it will crack and look very weathered.
  • A larger brush to apply the leather conditioner. Make sure it is a soft bristle brush.
  • A different rag to remove excess leather conditioner.
  • Boot polish. The leather conditioner does not help to preserve the boots natural colour.
  • A buffer rag. Keep those boots sparkly clean!

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Wash your boots clean! Take a hose (or kitchen sink if you do not have access to a hose) and remove all of the dirt and grime off of your cowboy boots. You can simply put a rubber glove on and scrub off remaining caked on dirt. This way your finger nails will stay clean!

Step 2: Time for the bucket with dish soap and water. Use a sponge and gently clean each boot with the soapy mixture. Make sure you wash the soap off completely and dry the cowboy boots prior to the next step. The first step loosened the dirt, and this step removed the dirt.

Step 3: Get out that toothbrush! It is time to go around all of the small crevices around the boot that the soap and water may not have gotten to. I recommend you go along the stitching and clean along there with your toothbrush. The sponge may not have been able to clean those spots as much.

Step 4: Next get out your soft bristle brush and leather conditioner. Now that you know your cowboy boot is as clean as possible, you can put a wee dollop of leather conditioner on the bristles and condition your boots. I always recommend you start at the toe and work your way around the bottom of the foot and then go up the shaft. Allow to dry for half an hour before you continue to the next step. It is VERY important you do this!

Step 5: After waiting for half an hour grab a different rag. You can remove the excess lotion that did not absorb into the leather. This means that the leather is still well conditioned if its dos not all seep in. Your boots will be glowing!

Step 6: Now, it is time for the polish. Since wearing yurt cowboy boots can damage the leather, we want to put polish on them, so the colour stays vibrant. Since some cowboy boots have other colours besides brown, tan and black, it may be difficult to find a polish in that colour. You can always use a wax instead.

Step 7: Buff those boots! Now that they are washed conditioned and polished, all you need to do is buff them with a buffing cloth. Ark, sure it is soft, so it does not scratch the cowboy boots! Once you do this, they will be ready to wear!

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So, did you enjoy learning how to clean cowboy boots? They will stay looking like new if you continue to care for them. You are probably wondering how often you need to do this. It honestly depends on how often you wear your boots. I say every 7 to 10 wears you should clean them like this. The leather will stay in good condition, and it will not be as difficult to clean.


How to Clean Your Cowboy Boots in 7 Easy Steps
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