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What Color Shoes Go With Brown Pants? Male Style Guide

What Color Shoes Go With Brown Pants? Male Style Guide

Have you ever wondered what color shoes go with brown pants? Well, I guess you did, since you’re reading this article as you’re trying to put an outfit together with your favorite pair of brown pants.

Anyway, pairing colors is no child’s play, really. Many people don’t put much thought into it, and they find it funny or even ridiculous to stress over. They think that, as long as you’re dressed appropriately, colors don’t really matter.

But real fashion moguls understand the importance of color theory. They are well aware that the wrong shade can ruin the whole outfit, while the right shade can make everything pop.

When it comes to the color brown, you should know that not much thought has to be put into pairing it with other colors since, as you probably know, the color brown is made up of all other colors. So basically, any color will work well with it.

With this in mind, let’s continue with this article to find out more useful styling information. Let’s see what color shoes go with brown pants.

What color shoes go with brown pants for more formal occasions?

First things first, we have to determine what kind of pants are considered to be formal, so we could know what shoes to pair with them.

For the majority of formal and more professional and business-like occasions, you simply cannot show up in jeans, no matter if you have your Oxford shoes on to “save the day.”

Pants considered to be formal in the male world are:

  • dress pants
  • slim-fit pants (also referred to as flat-front pants)
  • wool pants
  • leg trousers
  • pleated pants
  • checkered trousers.

Some types of pants, like chinos, for example, can be worn as both formal and informal pants. They are a perfect pair of business casual pants and their level of formality depends on the rest of the clothes you pair them with.

Now, let’s dive into our topic: what color shoes to wear with brown pants for formal occasions?

1. Black loafers

What Color Shoes Go With Brown Pants? Male Style Guide

There was a time when pairing black and brown was considered a fashion crime. But not anymore! The narrative has significantly changed and people have started to view these two colors as a perfect match!

Which makes sense, actually. When you think about it, both black and brown are neutral colors, so there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be paired together.

Therefore, your brown pants can look amazing with a pair of classy black loafers. Allen Edmonds Lake Forest Penny Loafer gives that polished, put-together vibe, and I’m sure you won’t go wrong with them.

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Go for dark brown dress pants and pair them with high-shine leather loafers for a smart, business-appropriate, and professional look. Opt for a classic white button-down, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Dark brown Oxfords

Another great option you can consider is dark brown Oxford shoes. These are perfect for all the men who like to keep things fairly simple, but still want to make an impression.

Oxford shoes are generally a staple piece in formal male attire, so I won’t be surprised if you already have a pair in your closet that you love and wear a lot. Dark brown Oxfords are a perfect pair to have since they go well with pretty much any other color.

My suggestion here is that you go for a semi-monochromatic look and pair your dark brown Oxfords with dark brown slim-fit pants or a full-on suit in the same color. Go for a white or light blue button-down, put on a fun tie if you wish, and voilà – the perfect look is done!

3. Light brown Brogues

What Color Shoes Go With Brown Pants? Male Style Guide

Some people don’t prefer wearing their shoes and pants in the same color as they find that to be a little too much. I totally understand where that comes from, and I may have a solution for that as well.

If you happen to dislike brown-on-brown combos, just go for a shade or two lighter brown when it comes to shoes.

For example, light brown Brogues with dark brown pants will look just as fine as their darker siblings. This is because these colors are from the same color family, so it’s only natural to assume they will go well together.

This combination can be perfect for fall as it will blend in with all the fallen leaves outside. But, it will also look awesome all year round!

And what about something a little less formal?

When it comes to less formal or casual situations, the pants that fall into this category are:

  • jeans
  • khakis
  • joggers
  • performance pants
  • cargos
  • chinos (again, can go either way, depending on how they are styled).

Let’s see what shoes to wear with brown pants for casual, everyday situations.

1. White sneakers

I bet you saw this coming. Of course, white sneakers have made this list. These shoes can work together with basically anything!

Having a pair of white sneakers can be a very smart move to make since these shoes are highly versatile. Depending on what kind of sneakers you chose, they can be paired with outfits from very casual to smart casual, and even business casual.

Since white is one of the neutral colors, it works well with any other color on the color wheel.

Pair your white sneakers with light brown cargo pants. Opt for a white or cream sweatshirt or a regular white T-shirt combined with a black and white letterman jacket. Voilà, you’ll have your perfect street-style fit!

Whatever you do, just make sure your white sneakers are properly cleaned. There’s nothing worse than having a good outfit on, ruined by a dirty pair of sneakers. Please avoid that at all costs.

2. Navy espadrilles

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One thing is certain: navy and brown are a match made in heaven! These two colors work perfectly well together, and they are one of the most common color combinations in the male fashion world. Many men love to pair brown pants with navy shirts or navy blazers. So, no wonder navy shoes are on this list, too!

For a perfect summer, casual, and laid-back outfit, go for a pair of brown pants that are not too dark nor too light and combine them with navy espadrilles. Toms are a natural choice but if you have someone else in mind then go for it. For the top, opt for a white linen shirt, roll up your sleeves, and that’s it!

3. Gray sneakers

Another neutral color club member! Gray is another one of those colors that can be successfully paired with pretty much any other color. So, naturally, it works amazingly with different shades of brown, too.

The only thing to remember with this one is to pair cool gray undertones with cool brown undertones. The same thing goes with warm undertones, of course.

So, for an everyday, going-to-brunch-with-friends kind of look, I suggest you pair your light gray sneakers with a pair of casual khaki pants as these two work very well together. Throw on a regular white T-shirt and a black bomber jacket if you need one, and you’re done! *Chef’s kiss!

What other colors of shoes you can pair with brown pants?

If these options above were a little “too plain” for you and you’re not the biggest fan of playing it safe, here are an additional three options you can consider implementing into your outfit with brown pants.

In this section, I’m going to focus only on colors. So, depending on whether you’re going for a formal or casual outfit, make sure you follow the rules mentioned above and pair the right pair of shoes with the right style of pants.

1. Black and white shoes

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Black and white might not sound too exciting at first, but when you think about it, it’s a very bold move to make. These two colors make the starkest contrast among all colors, and when paired with a neutral color like brown, they can really stand out.

This combination is, in my humble opinion, more common with casual attire as there are more black and white sneakers on the market than dressy shoes. Also, casual attire is much more forgiving with these colors as it offers more freedom when it comes to styling.

The first pair of black and white shoes I can think of is, of course, the classic Vans Slip-On with a checkerboard pattern. So, I guess you won’t be taking these shoes to the office next time you decide to wear brown dress pants. But if you do, please send us a pic. We’d love to see it!

2. Green shoes

Green and brown work wonders together when you incorporate green in the form of a shirt, a blazer, or socks. But green shoes?! Should a person ever pair them with brown pants?

Absolutely he should! If you’re worried your green shoes will stand out too much, let me tell you right away that I’m not trying to paint a picture of grass or neon green color in your mind. Not at all.

But a pair of dark green or olive shoes? Those will compliment your dark brown pants perfectly!

3. Yellowish shoes

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You might be thinking I’m making things up now, but no. Yellow shoes and brown pants – a match made in Heaven, indeed!

Similarly to green, don’t think about bright yellow shoes. Rather, picture a pair of mustard-colored shoes paired with brown pants. Clarks Desert Chukka Boot in mustard will work great with any shade of brown as they are fairly similar. Yellow is just a brighter version of brown, really.

What Color Shoes Go With Brown Pants Male Style Guide