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Sneakers With Khakis: Do They Work Well Together Or Not?

Sneakers With Khakis: Do They Work Well Together Or Not?

Believe it or not, men sometimes also struggle when they are standing in front of their closet, asking themselves what to wear. Just like women, they are wondering which colors work well together and whether they can pair certain things with others; like sneakers with khakis, for example.

If you are one of those men who are unsure if this combo is approved or not, then you have come to the right place. This article’s mission is to help you solve all the mysteries concerning khaki pants and shoes that can be worn with them.

Khaki pants are, for most guys, their go-to casual attire. Sure, they might remind them of the school uniform they used to wear or evoke some other negative connotations, but all in all, these pants are worn and loved by many men.

Even though it might seem as though these pants are fairly young, they have been actually around here for longer than we think. Khaki pants have a long history of being a staple piece in men’s closets and over the years, they have been styled differently.

In today’s article, we’re going to touch upon the origins and intentions of these pants and see whether they can be styled with sneakers. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into our topic!

What are khaki pants actually?

Sneakers With Khakis: Do They Work Well Together Or Not?

Before we embark on a journey of discovering whether you can wear sneakers with khakis, we have to determine what khaki pants actually are. Maybe the reason why you’re not sure how to style your khaki pants is that you’re confused about what this term stands for.

Khaki is actually a strong cotton or wool fabric that comes in a dull brownish color with a slight yellow tinge. It is one of the loanwords in the English language adopted from Urdu, and it means “soil-colored”. It was brought to the English by the British Indian army and was first used in the making of military attire.

Today, khakis are considered to be more of a casual type of pants, and because of their color that blends well with nature, they are often worn by people who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, and safari.

However, these pants are not solely reserved for nature activities. They are a true male (and female) fashion staple item that can be both dressed up and dressed down. Today, these pants can be found in different shades and styles, so there’s something for everyone’s preferences.

Khakis and chinos: what’s the difference?

The reason why many people are confused regarding khaki pants is that they usually mistake them for chinos. These two styles of pants became almost synonyms for each other and are oftentimes used interchangeably.

However, even though they are similar in some instances, these pants do have their differences. So, what are they?

The first difference is the color. While khaki pants come only in brownish soil-like shades, chino pants can come in a variety of colors. I actually used to believe that khaki is the name of a color and nothing more. That’s how much these pants are marked by that color.

The second difference is the cut. Khakis feature more of a straight or pleated leg and a looser fit, while chinos come with a tapered leg and fitted cut.

Another difference is the type of fabric used in the making of these two types of pants. As we have said, khakis are made of sturdy and thick cotton twill while chinos out of lighter, more breathable, and almost shiny cotton twill.

The next difference is in the type of seam. Khaki pants come with visible seams and side pockets, so you could store many useful things inside, but chinos don’t. They have hidden seams and pockets, which ensure a more elegant and sophisticated look.

And the last, fifth difference is all about the occasion these pants are worn for. Khaki pants are intended to be worn for casual or recreational occasions, but chino pants have a more business-casual feeling to them. They are perfect for not-so-formal business meetings or certain formal events.

As you can see, khaki and chino pants might look similar, but they do have some subtle differences and were created with entirely different purposes in mind. They are both very trendy and stylish, so it’s not too bad to have both of them in your closet. You never know when they might come in handy.

Can you wear sneakers with khakis?

Sneakers With Khakis: Do They Work Well Together Or Not?

Now that we know what khaki pants are and in what ways they differ from chinos, it’s time to finally move on and see how can you style them with the rest of your outfit. More specifically, let’s see if you can wear sneakers with khakis.

As we have already mentioned, khaki pants are usually worn for nature outings. Even though they are not meant only for that purpose, they do carry that casual and laid-back feel with them. So, it is only natural to conclude that you can absolutely wear sneakers with khakis.

All that you have to master is what color shoes work best with khaki pants. When you learn that, you can find sneakers in that color voilà – your outfit is ready!

How to style sneakers with khakis?

Personally, I love when men pair their khaki pants with white sneakers. I feel like that’s a timeless combination that will never go out of style. It looks casual and comfortable, but also very stylish, which is something many men are aiming for when putting on their outfits for the day.

There are a lot of ways to style white sneakers with khakis. If you want something that looks more professional while still being comfy, try pairing your khaki pants with a white button-down, and a blazer of your choice. You can go for a fun pop of color, like teal for example, and nice, clean, white sneakers.

You can also pair your white sneakers and khaki pants with a shirt of your choice, and top it all off with a fun jacket, like a red windbreaker or a navy bomber jacket. Or you can ditch the jacket and go for your trusty black hoodie.

Another great option is to wear grey canvas sneakers with khakis. Grey and khaki colors both fall under the neutral spectrum, so they obviously go great together and can be styled with many different colors. There are tons of choices on the market but our current favorite is Sperry Striper II CVO Sneaker.

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The only thing important to remember when combining colors is to pair either cool undertones or hot undertones together. By doing so, you’ll ensure everything looks cohesive and more put together.

So, if your khakis and grey sneakers lean toward the cool undertones, style them with a light blue button-down, for example. Roll up those sleeves, add some sunnies, and your look will be complete!

You can also style your khaki pants with a pair of good old navy high-top Converse shoes. Our trusty Chuck Taylors have never let us down. They are always there, having our backs, waiting to be worn with every combination when all else fails.

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Pair your navy sneakers and khaki pants with a blue, white, or black polo shirt. If needed, add a jacket or a flannel in similar tones and that’s it. With this combination, you’ll be ready to have some fun with your friends on lazy, Sunday afternoons.

Can you wear running sneakers with khakis?

Sneakers With Khakis: Do They Work Well Together Or Not?

This is a common question many people ask. If I’m being honest, I don’t see why you shouldn’t wear athletic footwear with khaki pants. In my opinion, this is a very natural and logical combination to go for.

The reason why this is not everyone’s cup of tea is because of the fact that many people think khakis and chinos are the same kinds of pants. They probably have a picture in their mind of elegant chinos styled with a fancy pair of shoes, and for them, the math is pretty simple: chinos plus running shoes equals a big no-no!

And that’s absolutely true. However, khakis and chinos, as we have previously mentioned, differ in the sense that they were made for different occasions. While chinos are reserved for something fancier, khaki pants are for sure your number one casual pants.

Therefore, yes! You can wear running sneakers with khakis. Make sure you opt for neutral-colored ones, like white, grey, brownish, or even navy sneakers. And if you want to add a pop of color, you can always change the original laces with something more fun.

The bottom line

To conclude our today’s topic, I want you to remember one thing: you can absolutely wear sneakers with khakis and let no one tell you otherwise! And you don’t have to leave them for when you go hiking, but you can take them out for any casual occasion you have planned.

You can start your journey with white sneakers. They are pretty versatile and can be your both safest and most stylish option. Once you’ve mastered this combination, move on to other types of sneakers. Be free to experiment. You never know what amazing outfit you can come up with!

Sneakers With Khakis: Do They Work Well Together Or Not?