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How To Clean On Cloud Shoes? The Guide To Perfect Sneakers

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes? The Guide To Perfect Sneakers

If you happen to have a pair of On Clouds, then I’m almost 100% sure you’re an avid runner. As a runner myself, I know how important it is to have a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes. I also know, how annoying it can be to have those shoes dirtied from all kinds of things. So, how to clean On Cloud shoes?

As a brand, On Cloud has become very popular in the last couple of years. This should come as no surprise since their sneakers are among the best running sneakers on the market now. They have an unmatched step-in feel, are extremely comfy, and provide amazing support altogether.

However, not only does this brand produce high-quality shoes, but it is also fairly sustainable which can only be an added bonus.

So, if you have, or planning on having, any model of On Clouds, let me just tell you that your taste is impeccable! But, if you wish your shoes to remain impeccable too, you’ll have to ensure they have their regular spa treatments.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to clean On Cloud shoes.

How to clean On Cloud shoes by hand?

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes? The Guide To Perfect Sneakers

1. Always remove the laces first

Before you begin cleaning any kind of sneakers, your first step should be to remove the laces. By doing so, you will manage to reach all nooks and crannies and ensure the job is well performed.

When you remove the laces, you’ll be able to clean the tongue area properly, and widely stretch the rest of the shoe to clean it. Additionally, you’ll be able to easily clean the laces, too.

This step will, of course, be skipped if cleaning your On Cloud shoes involves only brushing away some dirt from the outsoles. In that case, the laces can stay in place.

2. Use the soft bristle brush and scrub the debris off your On Cloud shoes

The materials from which On Cloud shoes are made out of are for the most part very sustainable. They include vegan leather, recycled polyester, 100% organic cotton, and 100% mulesing-free wool.

These materials should be handled with extra care. Therefore, before you start cleaning your On Cloud shoes, make sure you have a kind of soft bristle brush on hand. An old toothbrush will work, too.

If your On Cloud shoes aren’t too dirty, and you just want to remove the dirt and debris from them, this can be your last step. Just wait for the dirt to completely dry before you scrub it away.

3. Put them in warm water

If, however, your On Cloud shoes need a tad bit more attention, you should proceed with the following four steps.

First of all, since you’re going to soak them in warm water, you should definitely remove their insoles to prevent them from getting damaged. Also, make sure it’s not boiling hot as it can damage the material of the shoes.

Add a dash of any mild detergent of your choice into the water, and stir until the water becomes bubbly. The container you’re using should be big enough for your shoes to be fully submerged.

Leave your shoes in this water and detergent concoction for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how dirty they are.

4. Use a mild detergent and start scrubbing more stubborn stains

After they’re done with their relaxing bath, take them out and start scrubbing the stain that remained (if any). Again, make sure you’re using a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush as you don’t want to use anything too harsh on the material.

Also, if necessary, add more of that mild detergent you’re using and scrub those stains away.

5. If necessary, treat extremely stubborn stains before

If your On Cloud shoes have one of those stains that you know will need some extra care and attention, treat them before soaking your shoes in the water.

Sometimes our shoes get stained by various things. For example, white shoes tend usually get yellow stains due to sun exposure, sweat, dirt, or even self-tan. These can be pretty tricky to clean, and therefore require some spot cleaning in advance.

If your On Cloud shoes do happen to have some more stubborn stains, treat them with either toothpaste, baking soda, white vinegar, bleach, or something similar. Just make sure you rinse away any remaining residue and then clean the entire shoe following the steps mentioned above.

6. Rinse them with clean water and let air dry

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes? The Guide To Perfect Sneakers

After you’ve completed your scrubbing, and you’ve ended up satisfied with the results, the next thing to do is to rinse off your On Clouds with clean water and let them air dry.

And voilà – your shoes are perfectly cleaned and ready to be worn!

How to clean On Cloud shoes in the washing machine? Should you even do it?

Many people are hesitant when it comes to machine washing their shoes. And rightfully so, since this method, if not executed correctly and with caution, can seriously damage your shoes. Therefore, this method of washing should be avoided whenever possible.

However, if you’re not the biggest fan of hand-washing your On Cloud shoes, or you don’t have that much time, you should know that you can wash them in the washing machine, as long as you are extra careful with how you do it.

If you follow these 8 steps below, you should be good to go.

1. Remove the laces and insoles first

Similarly to hand-washing, prior to putting your shoes in the washing machine, make sure you have removed the laces and the insoles.

By doing so, you will prevent your laces from getting tangled up in the machine, and your insoles from getting completely destroyed. Also, this is a great way to treat bad shoe odors since now you can sprinkle some baking soda inside each shoe and get to the root of the smell.

2. Brush off any dirt or debris

Before you put your On Clouds in your washing machine, make sure to brush away any dirt or debris with a soft bristle brush. This will prevent the dirt from getting into your washing machine and clogging it. And it will also ensure your shoes end up properly cleaned.

3. If necessary, spot-clean any stubborn stains

Again, just like with hand-washing, if your shoes have stubborn stains, make sure you treat them before you put your On Clouds inside.

This is important because, as you’ll see in step 5, the setting you’re supposed to use with On Clouds involves cold water. And we all know that cold water is not as successful with stubborn stains as hot water is.

4. Get a mesh bag or a pillowcase for each shoe and put them inside

When washing any kind of shoe in the washing machine, you should never just shove them in and be done with it. Always prepare a mesh bag for each shoe. Don’t worry, this won’t interrupt the washing process at all. Rather, it’ll protect your shoes from getting overly damaged.

If you don’t have a mesh bag on hand you can order yourself one from Amazon and that way, protect your shoes. However, if you want to wash your On Clouds right now, you can use two pillowcases as well. It’ll work just the same.

Another thing you can consider doing is washing your On Cloud shoes with a couple of towels. Towels will serve as protection for your shoes and prevent them from tumbling around and crashing into each other and into the walls of the washing machine.

5. Set your washing machine to a delicate cycle and use mild detergent

As I have briefly mentioned in step 3, the water in the washing machine has to be cold. This means that you will have to set it to a delicate cycle to ensure your On Clouds don’t end up prematurely damaged.

Also, use mild detergent as it’ll be enough to clean your shoes. Harsher chemicals can be used during the treatment of stubborn stains.

6. Add a small amount of white vinegar

If you want to ensure you get rid of that nasty bacteria that causes bad odor, add a dash of white vinegar. Just don’t overdo it as you don’t want the smell of vinegar to become overpowering.

7. If necessary, repeat the process

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes? The Guide To Perfect Sneakers

If upon getting your shoes out of the washing machine they don’t appear clean enough or if you notice the detergent didn’t get properly rinsed, you can always repeat the process.

The second round of washing is usually a must for white On Clouds. So, keep that in mind and prepare yourself if you do happen to have this pair.

8. Let them air dry

When everything is done, let your shoes air dry. Some people like to crumple up some old newspapers and stuff them inside the shoes to speed up the drying process.

You can try it if you want to, but I’m not too fond of this technique. There’s always a chance that the ink from the newspapers will leave a mark on your shoes, so, personally, I don’t wish to risk them getting dirtier than they used to be.

Also, don’t dry them in the dryer machine. Trust me, it’s not worth risking damaging them. I advise you to arm yourself with some patience and let them air dry. It shouldn’t take too long, anyway.

Is the cleaning process different for waterproof On Cloud shoes?

Right off the bat, yes. Cleaning waterproof On Clouds differs from cleaning their regular model.

These shoes feature a type of coating called DWR – Durable Water Repellent, which makes them hydrophobic.

Since the dirt can make DWR less efficient, it’s advised to wipe the shoes away every time you come home, especially if it was raining outside.

For this, you’ll need either a towel or a soft bristle brush and some water. It’s not recommended to use any kind of soap or detergent since it can completely damage the DWR coating.

However, if your waterproof On Clouds get too dirty that using only water isn’t helpful at all, you should buy cleaning products specifically made for DWR.

Also, the DWR coating will have to be freshened up every once in a while. So, consider buying DWR waterproofing sprays, like 303 Fabric Guard or Star Brite Waterproofing Spray.

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes The Guide To Perfect Sneakers