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Shoes For Capris And Cropped Pants: 7 Stylish Suggestions

Shoes For Capris And Cropped Pants: 7 Stylish Suggestions

On days when you can’t stand to wear puddle pants because you’re too hot, but you also can’t wear shorts because you’re too cold, capris are the way to go! Capris are cropped at the ankle or above, and they’re named after the Isle of Capri (what more could we want?). What are the best shoes for capris, though?

Capris and cropped pants are perfect for both workwear and streetwear which means they’re a wardrobe must-have. Whether you’re a petite, pocket Venus or a tall drink of water, the proportions, the structure, and the design of capris and cropped pants are guaranteed to flatter your figure.

Whether you prefer the simple, subdued style or gravitate towards eye-catching prints and patterns, capris and cropped pants can be dressed up and down. Wear them with a simple white tee for an easy-going weekend outing, but throw on a tailored blazer and a pair of kitten heels when you return to the office on Monday.

Swap the kitten heels for strappy stilettos, throw on an asymmetric top, add a bunch of gold (or leather) accessories and you’re ready for drinks at the bar after work. Whatever your preferences might be, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking your capris 24/7.

Whether you opt for high-rise styles by Khaite or wide-leg versions by Totême, the only thing you need to worry about are the appropriate shoes. We suggest you go for the ones that make your heart flutter the moment you see them, but we’re bringing you our favorite shoes for capris, nonetheless.

What are the best shoes for capris and cropped pants?

We can’t brush over the versatility that capris and cropped pants bring to the table. From relaxed, distressed denim pairs and work-appropriate cargo styles to elevated, put-together leather pieces, there’s nothing you can’t do while wearing your favorite capris.

While we’re clearly huge fans of cropped pants, we have to mention the fact that not many people know how to style them without appearing frumpy, stocky, and out of proportion.

Wearing capris and cropped pants with the wrong shoes can cut you off at the bottom, make you appear shorter than you are, and mess with the entire energy of the outfit.

We suggest wearing capris and cropped pants with sneakers, loafers, and combat boots when you want to stay comfortable and on-trend at the same time.

Tailored, streamlined capris, leather culottes, and cropped pants that end right at the ankle work with those stylish suggestions, but also with pointed-toe pumps, strappy sandals, ankle booties, and knee-high boots. Here’s how you can style them!

1. Sneakers

Shoes For Capris And Cropped Pants: 7 Stylish Suggestions

Whether someone’s already uttered these words or not, sneakers are the building foundation of everyone’s wardrobe.

White sneakers go with pretty much everything, chunky sneakers make every ensemble appear fashion-forward, and Converse sneakers turn every outfit from drab to fab.

Now, you might swear by your Manolo Blahniks or have a collection of loafers that’s bigger than the one Hailey Bieber has. But, your wardrobe’s not complete if you don’t have the perfect, simplest, and chicest sneakers out there.

And, to make matters even better, the best sneakers aren’t the ones every celebrity, influencer, and designer wears. Actually, the best sneakers are the ones that reflect your style, go with everything, and don’t cost too much money.

Wear them with capris and cropped pants, simple tees, and over-the-top blazers for a Bella Hadid signature look. Our favorites are Everlane Forever sneakers because they’re as simple as they come.

2. Loafers

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Umm, have we crowned Hailey Bieber the Queen of Loafers, or do we need her to grace our Instagram feed with another fresh and fun ensemble? Have we addressed the fact that she’s been styling loafers with cropped denim bottoms, structured, tweed minis, and cut-out blazer dresses?

Here’s the thing, Hailey Bieber’s been killing the fashion game for quite some time, and we don’t see anything wrong with turning to her for fashion advice considering the fact she clearly knows what she’s doing (the girl’s trending on TikTok every two days!).

Loafers, capris, and cropped pants go together better than birds of a feather, especially when we’re talking about workwear-appropriate cropped, tailored trousers, denim capris, or leather culottes.

Cropped hemlines seem to work wonderfully with chunkier loafer styles, and our favorites are Vagabond Shoemakers Alex penny loafers, Gucci platform loafers, and Prada platform loafers.

3. Mules

Shoes For Capris And Cropped Pants: 7 Stylish Suggestions

What do you get when you style two trends together? Perfection, and (dare we say) that’s what you get when you style stopped pants and mules. Despite their easy-going, casual appearance, these backless flats are actually quite the style statement.

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can choose between the timeless, loafer lookalikes, soft, shearling winter must-haves, or elevated, embellished staples.

When you combine them with cropped pants, you’re putting the emphasis of the outfit on them rather than covering them with puddle pants or wide-legged trousers.

Tory Burch Tory charm mules, Birkenstock Boston soft footbed sandals, and Valentino Garavani Roman stud Sabot mules are our favorites atm, but you can find similar styles at Zara, Mango, and H&M.

Wear them with simple tees and button-downs during the summer, or chunky cardigans, and clean-cut coats during the fall.

4. Pointed-toe pumps

Shoes For Capris And Cropped Pants: 7 Stylish Suggestions

Whether you’re big on investing in classics or prefer to purchase similar styles for a fraction of the price, you need a pair of pointed-toe pumps. This type of footwear is a must-have as they’re one of those shoes you can wear all year round with pretty much everything you own.

When you’re searching for the perfect shoes for capris and cropped pants, don’t shy away from the classics.

While platform pumps and high-heeled mules might make you look like you came straight off the runway, pointed-toe pumps are guaranteed to make you look polished, put-together, and like you know exactly what you’re doing.

We suggest spending a little more money on something like Aquazzura Bow Tie high heels or Christian Louboutin Pigalle courts, but nothing’s stopping you from shopping similar styles at Zara, Mango, and H&M.

Whichever style you decide to go with, wear them with cropped pants, button-downs, lavaliere blouses, and tailored designs.

5. Strappy sandals

Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers barely-there silhouettes or a maximalist who thrives on lace-up styles, don’t shy away from showing off your pedicure with a sleek, strappy sandal.

Strappy sandals are perfect for summer, and when you wear them with cropped denim bottoms and puffed-up sleeves, you’re bound to experience whatever’s the opposite of Lana’s summertime sadness.

Strappy sandals are pretty much the only footwear you need for the summer because you can wear them with tailored trousers, pleated skirts, or flowy, floral dresses. Also, you can wear them to pretty much every event, from a garden party to a wedding, or even a date night.

Of course, we’re bringing you some of our favorite picks starting with Chelsea Paris Sasha heels and Gianvito Rossi strappy stilettos.

However, you can go with Mango strappy, heeled sandals for an affordable alternative. Whichever strappy sandals you decide to go with, there’s no way they won’t make the entire ensemble pop even more.

6. Combat boots

We know we’re suggesting every ’90s trend out there, but combat boots combined with capris that end right where the boots begin are *chef’s kiss*, and we’re here for that.

Whether you’re on board with the chunky trend that’s been featured on pretty much every runway show for the past season or two, we’re positive you’re going to adore styling something as feminine as cropped pants/blouse with something as masculine as combat boots.

Moreover, combat boots have actually stood the test of time which shouldn’t surprise you considering they’re as versatile as you imagine them to be. Wear them with capris, cropped pants, blouses, button-downs, and blazers at the office, or flowy, floral dresses, pleated skirts, and silky slips at the bar.

Go for Dr. Martens when you’re searching for something classic, Stuart Weitzman Nisha leather combat booties for a feminine touch, or Prada leather pocket combat booties for a designer moment. Combat boots might not be the perfect shoes for capris, but they’re pretty freakin’ close.

7. Knee-high boots

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Knee-high boots are the reason why we wanted to write the article in the first place! We’re kidding, but we’re not kidding about the fact that knee-high boots might be the best shoes for capris and cropped pants for a million reasons.

Knee-high boots work because you can wear them under shorter styles such as culottes or tailored, grandpa shorts. You can also wear them over tighter, tailored cropped pants for more coverage during the colder months.

Need we even say that high-heeled, pointed-toe knee-high boots look stunning paired with pretty much anything? From simple, white button-downs and structured blazers to cashmere sweaters, chunky cardigans, and clean-cut coats, knee-high boots are guaranteed to make you look like a million dollars.

Now, our favorites are Schutz Maryana Croco stiletto knee-high boots, Paris Texas embossed leather stiletto knee boots, and Chelsea Paris The Bo snake-embossed knee-high boots. But, no one’s stopping you from shopping at Zara, Mango, and other stores that carry similar styles.

Shoes For Capris And Cropped Pants 7 Stylish Suggestions