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What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants? 7 Trendy Options

What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants? 7 Trendy Options

Ankle pants have become widely popular in recent years. When it comes to options from the waist up, they are pretty easy to style. But when it comes to footwear, we cannot help but wonder what shoes to wear with ankle pants.

These pants are a fashion staple piece of many wardrobes, and women of all ages are wearing them today. They come in a variety of fits, from regular, and loose to skinny and even boyfriend fit. And each of them is amazing in its own unique way!

They are very versatile and can be worn for sporty events when you want to feel comfortable. This type of pants can be styled with sneakers or even running shoes and paired with hoodies and classic T-shirts.

But, they can also be dressed up for more formal and fancier occasions and worn with heels and fancy button-downs.

Since these pants end right above the ankle bone, they allow you to showcase your shoes properly. With them on, you’ll have the opportunity to allow your shoes to stand out or even let your fun printed socks have a moment of their own.

If you are also a fan of anklets, what better pants to wear than these, right?

These pants can, however, make you appear shorter than you actually are. But that’s nothing a right pair of shoes can’t fix!

To find out what are the perfect shoes for ankle pants, keep on reading this article! It has all the info you need (and more!).

What shoes to wear with ankle pants?

1. White sneakers

What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants? 7 Trendy Options

The best way to wear any ankle pants and feel both comfortable and trendy is to style them with a classic pair of white sneakers. These shoes are highly versatile and can go with pretty much anything, so it’s a good thing to have them in your closet.

I suggest you go for a pair of high mom ankle jeans, a tucked-in white button-down, a brown belt, and a brown bag. With a few hair accessories, brown-tinted sunnies, a few pieces of layered gold jewelry, and a pair of good-old white Converse shoes, you’ll be more than ready to seize the day.

Converse shoes can be an excellent option for your daily outfits because they’re not bulky and won’t draw all the attention to themselves. They are also extremely comfortable and great for walking, so you can be sure your feet won’t be tired after wearing them for a long time.

2. Ballet flats

If you were to ask me what’s the first shoe style that popped into my mind when thinking about outfits with ankle pants, I would have to say ballet flats. There’s something so elegant and dainty about ankles peaking out of the hems of the pants and above such a delicate pair of shoes.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me and my weird fashion obsessions. But, I really do like these two paired together.

In my opinion, I think it’s best to go all-in with this one and embrace your inner Parisian. Pair your black skinny ankle pants with black ballet flats and go for a black-and-white striped shirt.

To this base, add a black and white silk scarf with red accents around your neck, a red beret, a black leather purse, and, if needed, a beige trench coat. Accentuate your lips with classic red lipstick and add some golden hoops, and voilà – the perfect outfit is done!

3. Block heels

What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants? 7 Trendy Options

This could be a great option for all our short queens out there who have a feeling that ankle pants make them look stubby. They need something that will elongate their legs, but they aren’t up for wearing thin high heels on a Tuesday afternoon.

Because of the broader base they come with, block heels will essentially provide you with better stability and ensure you have a much easier time walking in them.

They might not be as comfortable as sneakers, but they are definitely stylish and will elevate your outfit. After all, they can be comfortable, if you are lucky enough to buy a suitable and high-quality pair.

You can have some fun here and style your ankle-length linen pants with a pair of colorful block-heel sandals. Pants can be in some neutral colors, like black, tan, or cream, and block heels can be in whatever color you like.

You can be brave and go for bright and loud shades, or keep things simple and opt for pastels.

The rest of the outfit can be kept fairly simple. A neutral top, some jewelry of choice, and a matching bag – and your perfect spring/summer outfit is ready!

4. Oxfords

Although they fall under the category of men’s footwear, Oxfords are more than welcome in female closets. They are perfect for those occasions when you want to look extra polished and professional, while still retaining that laid-back and “I’m cool” look.

And they’re perfect for ankle pants since they don’t go above the ankles, so these two together are actually a match made in Heaven.

The style I prefer the most, in this case, is full-on monochromatic. And not just any monochromatic combo, but an all-black-everything moment. If you ask me, that’s the dark academia aesthetic at its peak!

Imagine black ankle-length dress pants, a basic black tucked-in T-shirt, and black leather Oxford shoes. Right now, I’m obsessed with Dr. Martens 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe and I think they would pull an outfit together.

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With black pantyhose peaking through, a black leather belt with silver details accentuating your waist, and a black bag (or burgundy, if you want to keep things spicy), your combo will be idolized by everyone you pass by on the street.

And don’t tell me you have a couple of tattoos on your arms! That will make the outfit ten times better.

5. Stiletto heels

What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants? 7 Trendy Options

Our fifth option is for all the ladies who have no trouble walking in high heels. These women adore the confidence boots they get when walking in these shoes, and they crave the sense of elegance and power only stilettos can provide.

These shoes are loved and worn by many, but unfortunately, they are not your standard, going-to-the-grocery-and-walking-the-dog shoes. I mean, if you love the pain, then go for it! However, if you do respect your precious feet (which I’m sure you do), then better save these ones for more formal events.

These shoes can be perfect for some important business meetings or even job interviews. With them on, you’ll definitely stand taller, have a more assertive walk, and overall emulate a more poised and confident attitude.

So, I suggest you go for neutral-colored stilettos. You don’t want any loud colors for anything business related since that can give off a hint of unprofessionalism. Anyway, neutral colors are easier to pair with the rest of the colors, so you won’t have to think much about color matching.

It’s best to pair them with black ankle dress pants since these two together will do an amazing job at slimming down and elongating your legs. Opt for a button-down in the color of your choice, add some subtle gold jewelry, and you’ll be ready to seal the deal!

6. Loafers

For all our lovely ladies who love to look formal and be comfortable, but Oxfords are too much for them, and sneakers are not enough, I recommend they opt for trendy loafers. These shoes are very comfy and very much in style these days, so you won’t have to sacrifice either one of these important components.

You can wear these to work, to run some errands, to go to a parent-teacher conference, or to a coffee date to catch up with some old friends. They are very versatile and can be worn with many wardrobe pieces, including ankle pants.

You can go for nude high-waisted ankle pants, a white tucked-in button-down, and beige loafers. Throw a cream-colored sweater over your shoulders and tie the sleeves in front, and add some gold jewelry and a big beige bag. That’s basically it, your outfit is complete!

7. Ankle boots

What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants? 7 Trendy Options

Lastly, when wondering what shoes to wear with ankle pants over the winter, ankle boots are always the way to go. These come in many different variations and designs and can be easily styled with many clothing items.

I personally prefer black leather ankle boots and I have them in both flat and heeled versions. For more casual and everyday looks I always go for flat, ankle boots. For a more formal look, I have my trusty heeled ankle booties.

To achieve a perfect everyday winter edition outfit, pair your black flat ankle boots with straight-leg ankle-length jeans and a black turtle neck. Add a beige winter coat, a chunky scarf (if necessary), and a bag of choice and that’s it!

And when you want to take your heeled ankle boots for a ride, pair them with straight-leg ankle black pants, a black knitted sweater, and a black coat. So, another monochromatic look. Is it that obvious I love the color black?

With some gold hoops and a bag of choice, your look is complete!

What Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants 7 Trendy Options