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Wedding Dos And Don’ts: Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding?

Wedding Dos And Don’ts: Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding?

Oh, from the moment you utter (or hear someone else utter) the words “I do,” a million questions nobody seems to have the answers to plague your thoughts. “Can you wear a red dress to a wedding? Can you arrive fashionably late for a wedding? And, can you wear boots to a wedding?!”

Weddings are a lot of work, whether you’re the one that’s getting married or you’re simply attending someone else’s wedding. Nowadays, we’re starting to divorce from convention and we’re opposing forced traditions, uncomfortable customs, and trends we got bored of over time.

We don’t want cookie-cutter weddings, right? We don’t want huge, stress-ridden weddings that require months and months of planning, fighting with everyone who means anything to you, and choosing to wear something we don’t even like to appease everyone who wants to have a say.

As wedding guests, on the other hand, we don’t want to break the bank for an entire ensemble we won’t get to wear anywhere other than the wedding. And, we definitely don’t want to spend the entire day wearing uncomfortable footwear for the sake of “But, you can’t wear boots to a wedding…” and similar comments. So…

Can you wear boots to a wedding?

Wedding Dos And Don'ts: Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding?

Whether you’re the bride or the wedding guest, you can wear boots to a wedding.

While you might have to suffer through a few mean comments about how you shouldn’t have done that, nothing’s stopping you from rockin’ your favorite knee-high leather boots or surprising everyone with custom-made cowboy boots.

We’re embracing change when we’re talking about weddings, and we aren’t scared of experimenting with odd venues, modern takes on ceremonies and celebrations, bold, bright wedding dresses, and over-the-top wedding guest outfits.

We’re not opposed to brides, grooms, and wedding guests wearing boots to a wedding, the bride’s maid of honor wearing red to a wedding, or the bride’s entourage wearing white to a wedding. We’re simply opposed to outdated rules, pretty much.

When you’re wondering whether you can wear boots to a wedding, make sure you check with people who actually have a say – the bride and the groom. Other than that, do whatever your heart desires.

And, don’t stop reading because we’re bringing you tips and tricks on how to wear boots to a wedding, as a bride, and as a wedding guest.

How to wear boots to a wedding, as a bride?

Brides should get to decide whether they want to wear an elaborate wedding gown or a modern, minimalistic wedding set, whether they want to spend the day wearing Jimmy Choo stilettos or dance the night away wearing wedding boots, and whether they want everyone’s opinions or not.

Nowadays, we’re witnessing an unexpected (but much-needed) change when we’re talking about wedding trends. Sure, brands such as Elie Saab, Amsale, and Monique Lhuillier are paying homage to traditional trends with showstopping gowns.

However, we’re also noticing a surge of contemporary designs such as party dresses, bold, bright gowns, and modern separates, from Rosie Assoulin, Scorcesa, Safiyaa, and Nadia Manjarrez Studio. More than ever before, we’re seeing creative, avant-garde wedding outfits that cater to brides of different (even opposing) aesthetics.

With that taken care of, we have to come back to your “can you wear boots to a wedding” question. We would argue that you definitely can wear boots to a wedding, and here’s how you can do that with confidence and class.

1. Keep things simple and subdued with leather booties

Wedding Dos And Don'ts: Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding?

When we think of a bride wearing a wedding dress with something other than Cinderella slippers or Manolo Blahniks, we think of high-quality, high-fashion, leather booties.

Stuart Weitzman Stuart Stretch Stiletto Booties and By Far Sofia Leather Penny Booties would be perfect for a winter wedding.

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Whether you’re dreaming of a white wedding or planning on embracing blush, blue, or even cream hues, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to wear leather booties with a wedding dress.

We can picture a simple, sleek white wedding dress combined with white leather booties (block-heeled, for comfort) and some sunglasses to make the photoshoot freakin’ awesome. You can even experiment with metallic booties to get your party on from the get-go.

2. Go for statement footwear with embroidered, embellished, or bejeweled booties

What do you mean, can you wear boots to a wedding?!

Embroidered, embellished, and bejeweled booties couldn’t be more wedding-appropriate considering they were made to stand out and turn heads.

Even though there might be comments regarding the “odd” footwear you decided to go with, don’t allow anyone to dictate whether or not you can wear something to your own wedding.

Booties such as Dries Van Noten’s glitter ankle booties, Isabel Marant’s metallic booties, and Stuart Weitzman scrunched glitter booties are guaranteed to make your wedding day memorable.

Wear them with simple, sleek wedding dresses, wedding suit sets, and embellished gowns for a sparkle-on-sparkle moment.

3. Create an unexpected edge with chunky, combat boots

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Chunky, combat boots combined with a white wedding party dress (the shorter, the better) are iconic. Whether you go with white combat boots for a monochromatic moment or black combat boots for a “We’re going on our honeymoon on a motorcycle!” moment, we guarantee you’re going to look like a million dollars.

Dr. Martens are always available to make your day better, but you can also experiment with brand names such as Aquatalia Hana leather combat boots, Proenza Schouler grained leather boots, and even Steve Madden Harriet boots. Whichever style you decide to go with, we’re sure they’re going to serve the purpose just fine.

4. Become a bohemian bride with wedding-worthy cowboy boots

Wedding Dos And Don'ts: Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding?

Wearing cowboy boots to your wedding might be the most common out of the footwear we mentioned beforehand.

Whether that’s because cowboy boots happen to correspond with the bohemian wedding theme to a tee or because brides simply prefer cowboy boots to leather booties or knee-high booties, we might never know.

In any case, we’re here to offer cowboy boots as the best answer to your “can you wear boots to a wedding” question. Western boots seem to have made a comeback over the past season which attests to the fact that we would love to see them on brides wearing vintage lace, asymmetric necklines, and over-the-top trains.

Khaite Dallas knee-high boots and Ganni embroidered leather boots would look lovely, but we’re rooting for Ariat Pear Western boots.

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How to wear boots to a wedding, as a wedding guest?

Brides and grooms can wear whatever they want, right?

Wedding guests, on the other hand, have to check the dress code, have a conversation with the bride and the groom to make sure they don’t show up wearing something that’s not appropriate and follow odd traditions that state things such as “wearing red to a wedding means you’ve slept with the groom.”

But, because weddings have been going through a sort of renaissance, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t get a green light to wear boots to a wedding.

Whether you’re trying to stay warm on a snowy, winter day or you’re planning on wearing a stunning outfit that wouldn’t have the same effect without the boots, we’re keeping our fingers crossed you get a resounding “Yes!”

1. A floor-length dress with matching pointed-toe stiletto booties

Oh, formal frocks are meant to be worn with stilettos, Cinderella slippers, and Manolo Blahniks. From elaborate evening gowns and black-tie affairs to embellished dresses and wedding-worthy suit sets, there are times when you have to wear something other than strappy sandals and stiletto pumps.

And, we’re here to (happily) announce that you can style a floor-length dress with matching pointed-toe stiletto booties without looking out of place.

A statement dress made with high-quality fabrics and elegant embellishments works great with stiletto booties for colder months. Throw on a matching structured coat and you’re good to go.

2. A statement dress with knee-high leather boots

Wedding Dos And Don'ts: Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding?

On the other hand, not every wedding you’re attending requires an evening gown. Weddings can also be relaxed and easy-going, depending on what the bride and the groom want.

When you get the dress code, check whether you can wear a modern, minimalistic cut-out blazer dress (Hailey Bieber style) or even a simple, sleek, floor-length dress featuring high slits.

Now, cut-outs and slits are mandatory because you want to combine the dress with statement knee-high leather boots and a matching bag. We’re keeping our eyes peeled on Jimmy Choo burgundy knee-high boots, but you can go with whatever style speaks to you.

3. A flowy, bohemian-style dress with cowboy boots

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with cowboy boots. Actually, you can go wrong with cowboy boots on the off chance that you forget to check the dress code, the venue, and the theme of the wedding.

However, when you’re attending a bohemian, beach wedding, a Western-themed wedding, or a wedding where the bride and the groom adore the thought of you wearing cowboy boots, go ahead and wear your cowboy boots. Whatever you decide to do, we wish you the best of luck!

Wedding Dos And Don'ts Can You Wear Boots To A Wedding