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Oofos Vs. Crocs: Which Ones Should You Get?

Oofos Vs. Crocs: Which Ones Should You Get?

Oofos vs. Crocs: Which ones should you get? That is the question! Well, it is not exactly a life or death matter as is the case in Hamlet (whose famous quote I attempted to emulate here) but it’s still something worth pondering over.

Deciding what footwear option to go for can be very tough. I personally hate doing it. When I have to decide between two equally good brands, I literally want to give up, even if that means having to walk barefoot for the rest of my life.

But don’t let my laziness and dramatic side distract you from your quest. You know how that famous line goes: “Do as I say, not as I do.” And in today’s article, I really tried to say a lot of things that should be of great use to you.

So, without further ado, let’s see which shoes are better, Oofos or Crocs.

A short intro to the brands

Before we dive into determining which footwear brand is better, we first have to briefly go through their background. I promise I won’t bore you with unnecessary details (I don’t like them, either). I’ll stick to the point and be as concise as possible.


Oofos is a relatively young brand that was launched back in 2011.

The founders of this brand, Lou Panaccione, Paul Brown, Juan Diaz, and Steve Liggett, wanted to create a footwear option for fitness and sports aficionados – something they could wear during periods of break and recovery from challenging workouts or walking on hard surfaces.

They knew what principles athletic shoes work on. They’re supposed to offer rebound and energy return, or in other words, to help the athlete to spring forward when running or exercising.

However, they wanted to create something entirely different. They wanted to come up with a footwear option that will actually absorb the shock and provide the athlete with well-deserved comfort.

So, they took it upon themselves to get that done, and after two and a half years of research and extensive work, they managed to accomplish that dream.

They combined a revolutionary foam technology borrowed from a Korean chemist with a biomechanically engineered footbed. And that’s how the first Oofos recovery sandals were born.

This brand isn’t only reserved for athletes who need a pair of recovery shoes. Anyone who spends long hours standing on their feet or suffers from any kind of foot-related condition, like plantar fasciitis, for example, can benefit from wearing their shoes.

All in all, no one can deny this brand knows what they’re doing. But the thing I appreciate most is that they donate 2% of every purchase to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Admirable, right?


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There’s probably not a single person today who doesn’t know what Crocs are. This is by far the most recognizable foam footwear brand on the market.

Crocs as a brand was created back in 2001 by three masterminds: Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedbecker Jr. On one occasion, while the three of them were sailing in the Caribbean, they saw a boating clog made by a Canadian company called Foam Creations.

This company was using at that time still fairly new material called Croslite. This material intrigued them, and upon returning home they discussed potential improvements and began working on acquiring rights to the Croslite technology.

The three of them made quite the team. Seamans was in charge of the design, Boedbecker was the CEO and in charge of investors, and Hanson supervised operations. In the beginning, they created clogs for boaters but soon realized that millions of other people started buying them.

And why wouldn’t they? From the very beginning, Crocs were comfortable, easy to wear, and long-lasting, which quickly made them a highly desirable footwear option and a great investment.

Even though this brand is quite young, it still managed to make a name for themselves. And God only knows what the future has in stock for them.

Oofos vs. Crocs: Where do these differ?

Now that we have briefly gone through the brands’ backstories, we can finally move on to the actual essence of our topic today, which is Oofos vs. Crocs. Let’s see where these two differ.

1. Material

When it comes to the material, they have one thing in common: They are both foam footwear.

Oofos uses a special type of foam material called Oofoam which makes them comfortable and lightweight. Crocs, on the other hand, use (as mentioned above) a foam called Croslite. This type of foam dries fast when wet and is pretty much waterproof. So, we have to give it points for that.

2. Upper design

Ooofos clogs’ uppers come with a thin horizontal line and three small holes at the side which serve as great air vents.

Crocs, however, feature an upper with more perforations, which means they are more breathable, of course. They also come with an ankle strap for ensured security, which is something Oofos lack.

3. Midsoles

The midsoles of both of these clogs are made out of their respective foams.

Oofos foam is said to absorb around 37% of the impact, and feels soft and bouncy, while Croslite is also supportive, but has a firmer and stiffer feel.

4. Comfort

Ooofos were made to feel comfortable. Since a very soft and rubbery material is used in their construction, these clogs feel very lightweight on your feet. They can get a bit steamy and cause your feet to sweat, but honestly, that’s nothing to worry about.

Crocs are also highly comfortable. They, too, feel very light on the feet, and are very roomy, which means there’s plenty of space for your feet to wiggle around. They are also shock resistant and can protect your feet from external dangers.

5. Arch support

Arch support is super important, especially for people who are unfortunate enough to have flat feet. And when it comes to this feature, Oofos take the lead.

These shoes are designed to provide ample arch support. They force your feet to adapt to their shape; they push your arches up, which provides your toes with a much-needed opportunity to lift.

Crocs, on the other hand, provide decent support to your arches; however, they’re not at the top of their game in this instance. So, they’re not suitable for all-day wear.

Some podiatrists even recommend you don’t wear them if your feet are completely flat. Having flat feet can contribute to various foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, especially if the shoes you are wearing do not offer you enough support.

6. Protection

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As mentioned above, Oofos ensure good shock absorption properties which minimize the overall pressure on the joints. This means that Oofos shoes can protect your feet from acute injuries and leg muscle pain.

Crocs, too, can be considered a protective footwear option. The good thing about them is that their outsoles are slip-resistant. They have a good grip and can protect you from slipping on wet and challenging surfaces.

7. Podiatrist recommendation

Because of their light feel on the feet, shock-absorbing qualities, and general comfort, Oofos are recommended by many podiatrists and other health professionals. They are also a desired choice for many athletes during their practice sessions.

Crocs, too, are recommended by various podiatrists. In fact, these famous foamy clogs are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). However, since they are a lot firmer, many people don’t enjoy them if they are recovering from a certain injury.

The bottom line: Which shoe should you get?

Now that we have gone through some major differences between these two brands, we have to answer one very crucial question, and that is: Which ones are better and which ones should you get for yourself?

Honestly, I would say it all depends on your personal preferences and current needs. Both Oofos and Crocs produce some amazing footwear options and getting either of them would be a good decision for your precious feet.

However, I do have to admit that Oofos take the lead when it comes to medical reasons. For speedier recovery, many podiatrists will recommend a pair of Oofos for you to try.

But if there is no foot-related injury to recover from, and you want something comfy but more stylish to wear, then Crocs are the way to go. No one can deny their popularity and the quirky fashion statement these famous clogs make.

So, if being trendy is far more important for you, then Crocs should definitely appear on your shopping list. Couple them with a few fun and creative Jibbitz charms, so you can decorate and personalize your new pair.

Both of these shoes have amazing qualities. It’s up to you to decide what suits you, your lifestyle, and your needs best.

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Oofos Vs. Crocs: Which Ones Should You Get?