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How Long Do Crocs Last? When Should You Replace Them?

How Long Do Crocs Last? When Should You Replace Them?

When we buy any kind of footwear, it is normal to think about how long it’s going to last us. We don’t buy things only to throw them away in two weeks, but rather we invest in something that will be at least somewhat long-lasting. So, it’s only natural to find yourself wondering, how long do Crocs last?

As many people already know, Crocs are among the most famous footwear brands. It’s no secret that Crocs are one of the most durable shoes on the market nowadays. They are extremely comfortable which is the reason why they’re worn by many medical workers, chefs, hairstylists, and others.

They are also loved by so many people who wear them in their spare time.

So, when you buy yourself a new pair of Crocs, you expect to enjoy them for a long time, especially because these shoes aren’t cheap.

Luckily, Crocs are made to last. Maybe not for an eternity, but with the right care, a couple of years are guaranteed.

So, is there something you can do to ensure they last you longer? And when is the right time to replace them? Let’s answer these questions together.

How long do Crocs last?

How Long Do Crocs Last? When Should You Replace Them?

Many avid Crocs wearers have different experiences. For some, the average longevity of their Crocs, with regular everyday wear, is between 3 and 5 years, while for others, with proper care and infrequent wear, that number can reach up to 10 years.

Some people even manage to have the same pair of Crocs for more than 10 years. But that’s usually because they wear them indoors or switch between different pairs of Crocs or other shoes when going outside.

So, if you’re wondering how long do Crocs last, I guess it depends on your personal lifestyle and how well you treat them. Because these shoes were definitely designed to last.

They are made out of durable Croslite material, known for its amazing cushioning, support, and comfort. Their outsoles are very tough and can survive many hours of concrete sidewalk strolls. And even though they can be pretty expensive, Crocs have proven to be worth every penny spent.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that these shoes were actually designed with the intention to last you a long time. However, if you treat them poorly, you can be sure your actions will have a great impact on their longevity.

Below, there are four major factors listed and explained which can have a big impact on how long your Crocs last. Make sure you check them out and make mental notes to remember what (not) to do in order for your Crocs to last longer.

1. How often do you wear your Crocs?

The amount of time you spend wearing your Crocs can have a great impact on their longevity. I know, Crocs are very comfy and easy to wear, and after a certain period of time, it gets virtually impossible to switch to other pairs of shoes, especially when you have no special place or event to go to.

Walking your dog, a casual coffee date with friends, grocery shopping, or running some errands. All that (and much more) can be done while rocking your favorite pair of Crocs.

However, it’s important to let them rest a bit from time to time. As we have previously said, your Crocs can last you somewhere between 3 and 5 years, but that number can either increase or decrease depending on how well you take care of them.

2. How do you store them?

The way you store any pair of your shoes can have a great impact on how long they serve you. Did you know that you can significantly shorten the life of even the sturdiest leather boots if you don’t take proper care of them and if you don’t put extra thought into the way you store them?

Yup. That’s right. By carelessly showing them in your humid basement, you can bet your boots will get moldy and will develop those annoying creases.

A similar thing can happen to your Crocs, too. You should know that Crocs and high temperatures don’t get along very well, so you should never, under any circumstances leave them outside in the sun for too long.

Why is the sun so detrimental to Crocs, though?

It’s because this Croslite material is very sensitive to heat and sunlight. So, extremely high temperatures can cause Crocs to shrink and bend.

3. What do you wear them for?

How Long Do Crocs Last? When Should You Replace Them?

It’s also important to determine on what occasions you wear your Crocs. Every pair of shoes is created with a different purpose in mind. So, I believe you would never wear Crocs to a wedding reception or hiking. Just as how you would never be wearing your high heels to go grocery shopping.

So, it’s important to remember that Crocs are designed for leisurely activities, and you should never run in them. When I say run, I don’t mean the casual, running-after-the-mailman-in-your-front-yard run. I mean a serious, preparing-for-a-potential-marathon run.

Running in Crocs can be dangerous since they don’t offer enough support and security, and they have a looser fit than regular running sneakers. It will also ensure their soles wear out quicker, resulting in you having to change them sooner than originally planned.

4. How often do you clean them?

Regular cleaning sessions are a must for any kind of footwear. There’s nothing worse than having an outfit on only to notice dirty shoes. That’s a big no-no, at least for me.

Therefore, the longevity of your Crocs is also conditioned by the frequency and manner of their cleaning routine.

How to ensure your Crocs last longer?

There are several things you can consider doing in order to prolong the life of your precious Crocs.

First of all, don’t wear them all day every day. Every once in a while, switch to some other pair of shoes for a change.

If you know you’ll be walking a lot that day, why not go for a pair of good-old Chuck Taylors? They are very trendy and easy to style with pretty much anything, and they are also good for walking.

Or, if you really love Crocs, I encourage you to get another pair. Why not? You’ll be happy and have two pairs to alternate between. And both of them will last you a long time!

Second, never leave them in direct sunlight for too long. We’ve already said what damage the sun can do to them. So, it’s best to avoid it at all costs.

If your Crocs do happen to shrink from the sun, there’s a way to undo the damage. To return them to their initial state all you have to do is to put them in boiling water for not more than 45 seconds. After you do that, you should wear them immediately until they cool down.

The heat of the boiling water will soften the material, and putting them on right away will stretch the Crocs back to their old shape. Don’t be fooled, though. You won’t get brand-new Crocs with this method. This procedure will do only so much, but your Crocs will never be the same.

Another thing you can do to ensure your Crocs last longer is to make sure you don’t drag your feet too much when walking.

When you drag your feet while wearing Crocs, the tread on the bottom of their soles will wear down and become slick more quickly. So, you’ll have to replace them sooner than you think.

By not dragging your feet and doing the proper heel-to-toe walk, you will also receive many health benefits, like strengthened leg and foot muscles, stretched and relaxed body, a stimulated circulatory system, and many more.

If you simply cannot stop dragging your feet, that might be an indicator of an underlying foot condition, called foot drop. In that case, you should consult your doctor and discuss the potential treatment.

And finally, when the time comes to clean your Crocs, make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals. Clean them once per month, or whenever you notice dust and debris buildup and use mild soap and water to do it.

When should you replace them?

How Long Do Crocs Last? When Should You Replace Them?

If you’re wearing your Crocs all day every day, you probably have to replace them every year or two. I know, that sounds unbelievable, but it’s the reality of those who don’t take good care of their Crocs.

However, if you follow these 5 rules above, there’s no need to replace your Crocs that often. In that case, your Crocs might live a long and happy life, and stick with you for more than expected. Trust me, you will know when is the time to say goodbye to the old ones, and hello to the new ones.

However, in case you want to be sure, here are a couple of things you should pay attention to. These would be the telltale signs that your Crocs are on the verge of their life expectancy and that you should get yourself a new pair.

1. The Crocs tread becomes slick

Once this happens, it’s time to say goodbye, or else you can expect to fall on even slightly wet surfaces.

Generally speaking, the tread on the Crocs is designed with a very good grip. This ensures the safety of the person who wears them.

Thankfully, these shoes have relatively slip-resistant soles but, when the tread “evens out,” that’s when the traction is no longer at its best. So, if you continue to wear them, you’ll surely be falling more than you should.

2. The Crocs don’t feel comfy anymore

Over some period of time, Crocs can lose their original support and softness due to constant wear. This happens because of the pressure your feet and your entire body basically make on your shoes. As a result, they become less comfortable, which consequently hurts your feet.

Don’t mistake this with the initial period of breaking the Crocs in. When you first get your Crocs, they can feel a tad bit too stiff, until you make them softer. You can achieve this by wearing multiple thick and fuzzy socks. And this period only lasts for a few days, until the shoes align with the shape of your feet.

However, once they are no longer comfy, it’s time to go out with the old, and in with the new!

How Long Do Crocs Last When Should You Replace Them