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The Ultimate Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1 Vs. Adidas Superstar

The Ultimate Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1 Vs. Adidas Superstar

We can’t turn a blind eye to the white sneaker boom going on right now. Without white sneakers, we don’t know what we’d wear to work, a brunch with friends, or a date with a gorgeous stranger. White sneakers reign supreme – but which white sneakers win the Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar battle?

When we think of white sneakers, we think of the Stan Smith obsession and the myriad of celebrities promoting them every step of the way.

We think of the ubiquitous ugly sneaker trend that brought on a storm of chunky, bulky, and unattractive white sneakers that were deemed fashion-forward for whatever reason. We think of the OG white-on-white Nike sneakers that became a must-have overnight.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of sneakers you can wear wherever you go, or trying to figure out which of the two world’s favorite white sneakers to go with, we’ve got your back. More on the wondrous world of Nike and Adidas sneakers down below!

About Nike

Starting from the beginning, everyone’s favorite sportswear company was founded in 1964 in Oregon, USA. When Bill Bowerman, a track-and-field coach at the University of Oregon, and a former student Phil Knight founded the company, they settled on the name Blue Ribbon Company.

With hard work, effort, and energy, the two managed to open their first retail outlet in 1966 and launch the first Nike sneakers in 1972. Blue Ribbon Company took off right away, and the duo decided to switch to the name Nike a few years afterward.

Nike became one of the most popular, prominent sportswear brands around the world – and managed to stay on top of trends even today. Now, the Air Force 1 sneaker we’re going to discuss today originally debuted in 1982 as Nike’s premier basketball sneaker.

At the time, Air Force 1 was made with a high-top strapped design, which proved to be the right move – the style became one of the most popular sneaker styles ever. And, as time went by, Nike came out with endless design and colorway options that pushed Air Force 1s to the stars.

About Adidas

Moving on to the second most popular and prominent sportswear company across the globe. Adidas was founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany. When the Dassler family started manufacturing sneakers, nobody knew they’d become one of the most sought-after sneakers out there.

While the Dassler brothers, Adolf and Rudolf, wanted to work together, World War II caused a rift between them, and the two decided to split. Adolf Dassler went on to start the Adidas company, while Rudolf started Puma.

Adolf settled on the name Adidas as an abbreviation of the name Adolf (Adi) Dassler. Adidas grew steadily over time, and the three-stripe trademark became synonymous with high-quality, hard-wearing sneakers.

Around the 1970s, Adidas released the Adidas Superstar – one of the longest-lasting classic sneakers.

Adidas Superstar sneakers were designed as premium basketball sneakers that went on to dominate the courts in the ’70s. The shell-shaped toe sneakers took the world by storm and became much more than that – they became a fashion statement, a classic worn by pretty much everyone for years to come.

Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar: How do the two sneakers compare?

Both Nike Air Force 1 and Adidas Superstar sneakers are comfortable, supportive, and protective. Because they’re both dependable and durable, you might need to dig deeper to figure out which of the two you should go for on your next shopping spree.

Whichever brand you opt for, though, you’re guaranteed to be one of the many, many satisfied customers. Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are classic, timeless, and chic – but they’re also equipped with a myriad of features that promise to keep gliding through the day.

Adidas Superstar sneakers are a great throwback to the original ’80s design, which means they’re perfect for when nostalgia hits you out of the blue. They’re fashionable, wearable, and comfortable.

Both are great options, but there are a few features that might sway your opinion one way or the other.

1. History

The Ultimate Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1 Vs. Adidas Superstar

We might have tickled your fancy with a few facts about the history behind both brands, but there’s more where that came from. Now, the first Nike Air Force 1 sneakers were created by Bruce Kilgore who was a product designer at Nike at the time.

Bruce wanted to create something revolutionary, something that would be worn by generations to come – and he managed to do that with a little help from Nike Air technology.

So, the first Nike Air Force 1 sneakers were lightweight, breathable, flexible, and attractive, which explains why they took the world by storm right away.

Adidas Superstar sneakers were made before the Nike ones. They debuted as low-top basketball sneakers with a leather upper and a signature shell-shaped toe.

Over the years, Adidas Superstar collaborated with numerous artists and footwear enthusiasts. Of course, the OG Adidas sneakers became one of the brand’s most popular styles.

2. Design

Okay, there’s no winner in the Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar face-off when it comes to design.

On one hand, Nike Air Force 1 is “maximalist,” designed to draw attention and keep your feet happy and healthy at the same time.

With super comfortable cushioning and a breathable toe box, there’s pretty much nothing keeping you from wearing these bad boys all day long.

Adidas Superstar sneakers, on the other hand, don’t fall far behind, either. With a rubber shell-shaped toe, rubber outsoles, and a supportive upper, they’re guaranteed to keep you lookin’ fly and feelin’ even better.

Adidas Superstar sneakers are made with leather, but they’re much more breathable and lightweight than the mesh, fabric, or textile type of sneakers you might go for when searching for comfort.

3. Comfort and fit

When you’re wanting to treat your feet to a comfortable pair of kicks, you need to first determine which fit works for you. Whether you have narrow, wide, or flat feet, assess the situation before you spend your money on something you can’t wear.

We do need to mention that both Nike and Adidas produce comfortable feet, but whether or not Nike Air Force 1 and Adidas Superstar sneakers are comfortable might be a cause for discussion.

Nike Air Force 1s, to start with, aren’t the comfiest kicks you’re ever going to wear – they’re heavy, stiff around the ankles, and cause blisters when you wear them the first few times.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable; they’re just not the most comfortable sneakers on the market. Adidas Superstar sneakers are the same, but they’re typically considered a bit more comfortable than Nike Air Force 1s because of the soft, plush padding.

4. Stability and support

We’d argue that neither of these two specific styles of sneakers is appropriate for people who overpronate, suffer from foot-related problems, or are recovering from foot surgery.

Nike and Adidas sneakers are comfortable and shouldn’t cause more damage to your feet, but you shouldn’t rely on them to help you with these issues. With that out of the way, though, you can always wear your favorite orthotics for added support.

5. Durability

Who wins the Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar durability battle, though? It’s hard to tell because both brands work with high-quality, hard-wearing fabrics and promise to keep your feet safe for years to come.

Nike Air Force 1s are the type of sneakers you’re going to adore because they’re guaranteed to carry you through the day for more than one season. They’re made of quality leather, synthetic lining, and rubber outsoles.

Adidas Superstars are pretty much the same. You’re getting quality leather, synthetic lining, and rubber outsoles, too. Both sneakers are bound to last you a long time as long you take care of them – you can spray them with a waterproofing spray and clean them with warm water and a soft cloth.

6. Affordability

The Ultimate Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1 Vs. Adidas Superstar

If you take a quick trip to the official Nike website, you’ll see that the prices for Nike Air Force 1s range between $75 and $175. Adidas Superstar sneakers, on the other hand, go for anywhere between $80 and $330.

Adidas designer sneakers do go for a higher price, although the $330 sneakers are a collaboration with famous Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. When we exclude the designer collabs, Adidas Superstar sneakers range between $80 and $145.

Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar: Which one’s the ultimate sneaker?

With that out of the way, we’ve come to the end of the article.

Who wins the Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar battle? Both brands are winners, we’d say.

Both brands are classic, timeless, and a great way to pay homage to the retro style we all know and love. Whichever sneaker you decide to go with, know that you’re going home with an all-time favorite, a versatile sneaker that’s going to last you a long time.

The Ultimate Sneaker Nike Air Force 1 Vs. Adidas Superstar