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NMD Vs. Ultra Boost: Which Adidas Sneakers Are Better?

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost: Which Adidas Sneakers Are Better?

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost might not be the battle you thought you’d be struggling with, but here we are. Adidas sneakers have been taking the world by storm from the moment Adi Dassler started the Adidas company, and they’re getting better with every new release. The Adidas team knows what’s up.

Maybe you’re a fan of Adidas running sneakers and you’re thinking of getting another pair for working out and going to work. Perhaps you’re obsessed with the classic, timeless Adidas styles like Superstar or Stan Smith, and you’re thinking of giving the more athletic styles a go, too.

Whether you’re going for chunky sneakers for a comfortable twist on the “ugly sneaker trend” everyone’s been wearing, summer sneakers to wear with linen trousers and button-downs, or cool collaboration sneakers to make a fashion statement wherever you go, we’ve got your back.

Adidas sneakers are a tapestry of heritage, culture, fashion, and style, and they’re much more than your average everyday footwear. With that out of the way, when you’re choosing between the two best-selling sneaker styles, you need to dig a little deeper to make up your mind. Read more down below!

About Adidas

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost Which Adidas Sneakers Are Better

Everyone’s heard of Adidas, but not everyone knows the history behind one of the most popular, prominent global sportswear brands. Adidas seems to have been around long enough for the brand to know how to make comfortable, supportive, and protective sneakers. Here’s what you need to know.

Adidas was officially founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, by a guy named Adolf Dassler. Adolf and the rest of the Dassler family started manufacturing sneakers and sportswear after World War 1.

The Dassler family’s company was super successful, but World War II created a rift between Adolf and his brother, Rudolf. The two brothers decided to split; Rudolf started Puma and Adolf started Adidas.

Adidas was named after Adolf, actually – the name happens to be an abbreviation of Adolf (Adi) Dassler. Adidas was the right choice for Adolf because the company took the world by storm within the first few years of business.

Over time, Adidas went through a fair share of highs and lows, but the company somehow managed to come back on top every single time. When Adolf’s son, Horst Dassler, died in 1987, Adidas stopped being a family-owned business.

Nowadays, Adidas belongs to Adidas AG, a multinational corporate group owned by several shareholders.

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost: What’s there to know?

Adidas produces high-quality, hardwearing, and attractive footwear. After all, Adidas sneakers are the closest you can get to designer sneakers without breaking the bank. Some of the popular Adidas styles (collaborations, for example) can be expensive, but other than these, most styles cost under $100.

Now, how are you supposed to choose – NMD or Ultra Boost?

First things first, you can’t go wrong with whichever style you opt for. Both styles are wearable, durable, and (sort of) affordable. Furthermore, they’re made with a few features that promise to keep your feet happy and healthy.

When you dig deeper, though, you might notice a few differences between the two that might sway you one way or the other. Both NMD and Ultra Boost are great options to consider, but depending on what you’re searching for, you might be drawn more to one after you’re done reading. Go off, then!

1. History

We’re about to compare pretty much every aspect of each of the two Adidas sneakers, from history and design to performance, fit, breathability, durability, and affordability.

Starting from the beginning, Ultra Boost was launched at the beginning of 2015. These sneakers were some sort of a comeback for Adidas considering that the company’s success wasn’t skyrocketing at the time.

Ultra Boost sneakers were developed using ARAMIS motion capture technology used by NASA for testing the structural integrity of space shuttles. Following the success of the Ultra Boost sneakers, Adidas came out with NMD sneakers by the end of the same year, too.

NMD sneakers were supposed to pay homage to some of Adidas’ classic styles such as Micro Pacer, Rising Star, and Boston Super. Both Ultra Boost and NMD became some of Adidas’ best-selling sneakers ever.

2. Design

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost Which Adidas Sneakers Are Better

Now, the NMD collection features similar styles with a few tweaks that make each sneaker unique. Most NMD sneakers, though, are made with a flexible, sock-like upper, BOOST padding with midsole plugs, and chunky rubber outsoles that complete the look.

Adidas claims that these sneakers are going to make you “feel like you’re walking on clouds.” Not to mention that you’re offered a myriad of color combinations and patterns to choose from.

Adidas Ultra Boost collection, on the other hand, comes with an array of similar styles to choose from. Whether you prefer slimmer or bulkier outsoles, chances are you’re going to find what you’re looking for. Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers are designed to keep you comfortable.

With a PRIMEKNIT upper, BOOST padding with midsole plugs, and Stretchweb outsoles, they’re guaranteed to keep you going no matter what.

3. Performance

Neither of the two Adidas sneakers was made for working out, but they’re equipped with a few features that will keep you comfy when you’re going about your day.

Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers, for instance, are appropriate for both a walk in the park and a weekend run with friends. You might not want to wear them on rough, wet, or muddy surfaces, but they’re okay for light exercise. And they’re supportive enough to keep your feet protected.

Adidas NMD sneakers, on the other hand, are advertised as perfect footwear for city adventures. Again, they’re supportive enough to get you through a little run or light exercise, but we wouldn’t wear them to the gym.

4. Comfort and fit

There’s no NMD Vs. Ultra Boost battle winner in the comfort/fit department. Both Adidas sneakers are padded for comfort, made with lightweight, breathable fabrics, and designed to keep you going all day long. Both feature full-length BOOST cushioning units, too.

On top of that, the NMD sneakers boast a unique midsole designed to provide you with cushioning, comfort, and stability. On the other hand, the Ultra Boost sneakers have a full-length BOOST cushioning unit but don’t come with the added stability of the NMD.

5. Support and stability

We’re talking your ears off with how similar the two Adidas sneakers are, but that’s the reality of trying to choose between the two best-sellers – you always have to dig deeper.

Starting with NMD, we do need to underline their super support and stability thanks to them being bridged together under the rearfoot upper. Because of that, they’re made to feature a stabilizing cup under the foot that makes them more supportive than the average Adidas sneaker.

Moving on to Ultra Boost, we can’t say we’re surprised that they’re equally supportive – they’re lightweight, highly cushioned, and highly supportive.

6. Breathability

Okay, both of these Adidas sneaker styles are designed to be breathable.

On one hand, they’re both made with stretchy, flexible fabrics that allow airflow and that move with your feet. On the other, they’re environmentally friendly and made with recycled content generated from production waste – a.k.a. cutting scraps and post-consumer household waste.

Despite that, most reviewers agree that Ultra Boost sneakers are more breathable than NMD.

7. Durability

We aren’t surprised that both the NMD and the Ultra Boost sneakers are durable, too.

Adidas sneakers are known to last a long time, especially when you know how to take care of them. Adidas makes sure that both the upper and the outsoles of their sneakers keep their shape. And we can say the same thing about their colors, too.

Depending on where you wear them, how you protect them, and how you take care of them, you should be able to rock both NMD and Ultra Boost sneakers for years to come.

8. Affordability

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost Which Adidas Sneakers Are Better

Neither the NMD nor Ultra Boost sneakers are affordable. Now, you can catch them on sale, for sure. But when you’re shopping on a regular day, you’re probably going to pay way over $100 for a pair.

Take a quick trip to the official Adidas website and you’ll see that Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers start at around $72 and go to $250. And NMD sneakers range between $60 and $250. At the end of the day, they’re pretty similarly priced, too.

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost: Which Adidas sneakers are better for you?

We’re sorry to say that we don’t have a definite winner of the Adidas NMD Vs. Ultra Boost battle because the two are too similar. We’d say that you can’t go wrong with either of the two, but that depends on what you’re searching for.

Sure, they might not be suitable for people suffering from flat feet or recovering from foot-related problems such as a plantar plate tear. But they’re great sneakers for an average person on the hunt for comfortable, wearable, and supportive footwear.

NMD Vs. Ultra Boost: Which Adidas Sneakers Are Better?