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Ending The Debate: Stan Smith Vs. Superstar

Ending The Debate: Stan Smith Vs. Superstar

We’d argue that the Stan Smith vs. Superstar battle might be bigger than any we’ve done beforehand.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a perfect pair of sneakers to wear to work or thinking of upping your step game, you might be wondering whether Adidas sneakers are the right fit for you.

While there are plenty of brands to choose from, you have to agree that Adidas sneakers are one-of-a-kind.

With a considerable history of producing and manufacturing the world’s most popular sneakers, there’s no question about Adidas being one of the biggest brands out there.

Adidas is both a wardrobe must-have and a sneaker culture stable. After all, Adidas sneakers managed to become everyone’s favorite – from the office to the gym, streetwear to celebrity culture, hip-hop to rock.

When you’re trying to decide between the two Adidas best-sellers, you might need to dig your heels in a little deeper to determine which ones are better for you.

Depending on what you’re searching for, you might end up gravitating toward one or the other. You do you, of course, but make sure you read what we’ve prepared for you down below!

About Adidas

Ending The Debate: Stan Smith Vs. Superstar

Everybody knows about Adidas, but not everybody knows the story of how Adidas managed to become one of the most popular, prominent sportswear brands ever.

Even though Adidas always aimed to make high-quality, hard-wearing sneakers, some of their styles garnered more traction than others – that’s why we’ve got the Stan Smith vs. Superstar showdown.

Adidas goes way back, though. The company was founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, by a man named Adolf Dassler. Adolf’s family started producing and manufacturing footwear after World War I, but when World War II started, they had to make a break.

The company was successful from the get-go, but World War II created a rift between Adolf and Adolf’s brother Rudolf. Rudolf didn’t want to resume the family business after the war, and he went on to start another sportswear company – Puma.

Adolf wasn’t going to give up the success the family company enjoyed pre-war, and he went on to start a sportswear company, too. And so Adidas was born. Adidas went through a fair share of highs and lows over time, but Adolf managed to come out on top of each and every one of them.

When Adolf’s son, Horst Dassler, died in 1987, Adidas stopped being a family-owned business. Adidas was sold to Adidas AG, a multinational corporate group owned by several shareholders.

Stan Smith vs. Superstar: How do the two Adidas best-sellers compare?

Now, the three-striped sneakers have been a staple on fields, stadiums, and courts galore from the moment Adolf started sharing them with the rest of the world. Not to mention that they’ve been a wardrobe must-have for anyone on the hunt for comfortable, supportive, and protective footwear.

Needless to say, Adidas sneakers have been a favorite of experts, too. Podiatrists agree that most of Adidas’ styles are appropriate for a myriad of foot-related issues, from plantar fasciitis and plantar plate tears to sesamoiditis and bunions. Please, who’s to say no to that?

Nobody! And, that’s why you shouldn’t worry about going for the wrong ones. At the end of the day, both Stan Smith and Superstar sneakers are going to get you through the day without weighing you down or giving you bruises you can’t get rid of for days afterward.

1. History

We can’t stress enough how knowing the history of the particular footwear you’re thinking of can change the way you go about the purchase. When you’re shopping for Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, for example, you might be thinking “I’ve seen the models wearing them and I have to have them!”

But, the Stan Smith sneakers were named by a man named Stanley Roger Smith, one of the greatest tennis players to ever exist.

What we know as the Stan Smith today was actually introduced as Adidas’ first tennis sneakers in 1963. In 1965, Adidas renamed the sneakers after Robert Haillet, another great tennis player who was endorsed by Adidas at the time.

When Robert retired, Adidas turned to Stanley Roger Smith who, at the time, was rated the number-one-rated tennis player in the world. 

Adidas Superstar sneakers tell a great tale, too. When they were publically introduced in 1970, they were promoted as low-top basketball sneakers with a leather upper and a shell-shaped toe – a detail that was about to become a signature style for Adidas. Sure, Superstars were adored by basketball players, but they were much more than that.

Adidas Superstar sneakers managed to take over the hip-hop culture; 70s, 80s, and 90s streetwear; and sports stadiums and courts across the world. So, we’d say that both styles deserve your attention.

2. Design

Ending The Debate: Stan Smith Vs. Superstar

On the off-chance you’re choosing the Stan Smith vs. Superstar winner solely based on appearance, you might want to check the deets on the design of these two beauties.

On one hand, both styles are classic, effortless, and timeless. On the other, there are a few differences worth pointing out.

Let’s start with Stan Smiths. They’re made with a vegan leather upper and rubber waste outsoles (we can’t get enough of brands going for sustainability over fast fashion). And, they feature the signature Stan Smith moniker that makes them stand out no matter where you are.

Adidas Superstar sneakers are also made with a vegan leather upper and rubber waster outsoles, but they’re embellished with everyone’s favorite shell-shaped toes. On top of that, they’re made with the iconic serrated three-stripe detail and an Adidas Superstar monogram to make them grab everyone’s attention.

3. Performance

We’d hate to sway your attention away from Adidas sneakers, but Stan Smiths and Superstars aren’t made for working out, walking, or running for hours and hours on end.

Additionally, they aren’t meant to “perform.” They’re meant to be worn as everyday sneakers that don’t need to be equipped with an array of favorable features. They’re appropriate for city adventures, grabbing brunch with friends, and showing off your ‘fits.

4. Comfort and fit

Although these two sneaker styles aren’t meant for working out, that doesn’t mean that Adidas didn’t make them comfy and snug. They’re made with lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow airflow. They’re padded around strategic areas. And they’re easy to slip on and off when you find the right fit.

According to the official Adidas website, all adult and youth Adidas Stan Smith and Superstar models are unisex and fit true to size. Adidas designers recommend that you buy your normal size, but keep in mind that certain fabrics might fit differently than others.

5. Support and stability

We do need to underline that neither model comes with much arch or ankle support – they’re not the best option for those with flat feet or generally requiring more support. We’d advise you to wear them with orthotics or skip getting them altogether.

6. Breathability

When you’re planning on wearing your Superstars or Stan Smiths with a dress, you might be wondering whether they’re appropriate for summer weather. Worry not, Adidas sneakers are typically breathable – they’re made with fabrics that allow airflow.

But there’s a but. Stan Smiths are more breathable because they’re made with micro-perforations on the sides that promise to keep your feet dry. Superstars are a little warmer and mustier because of the shell-shaped rubber toe and leather upper. So, choose wisely.

7. Durability

What makes Stan Smiths and Superstars durable?

We aren’t talking about the high-quality, hard-wearing fabrics or the never-before-seen technologies. We’re talking about the classic, chic design you can wear over and over without getting bored. We’re talking about the simple, sleek frame that never goes out of style.

Adidas sneakers are known to hold their shape and keep their colors vibrant and alive for a long, long time. After 300 to 500 miles, though, you might start noticing some signs of wear.

When you notice your kicks starting to lose shape, feel loose around your feet, or break apart, it’s time for a new pair.

8. Affordability

We wouldn’t call Adidas sneakers affordable, but they’re the most affordable way to get your hands on designer-looking sneakers that are going to last you a long time. When you opt for designer collaboration, you can expect to break the bank.

But when you wait for a sale, you can easily get any of the styles for under $100. Before you choose between Stan Smiths and Superstars, know that they’re similarly priced.

Stan Smiths start at $35 and go to $165, and Superstars start at $50 and go to $330 – but the $330 ones happen to be a designer collaboration between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto.

Stan Smith vs. Superstar: Which ones are better?

Ending The Debate: Stan Smith Vs. Superstar

Who’s the Stan Smith vs. Superstar winner, then? We’d say you’re going to be one of the millions and millions of happy customers, whichever style you decide to go with. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you wait for a sale and go for both, though.

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Ending The Debate: Stan Smith Vs. Superstar