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7 Best Shoes For Drummers That Strike The Right Note

7 Best Shoes For Drummers That Strike The Right Note

Have you ever wondered what would be the best shoes for drummers? Can they wear whatever they want or do they have to have a specific type of footwear? If you’re curious about this topic, this is the article for you!

I don’t know if it’s a “me” thing, but I have always been more interested in drummers than in guitar players.

When I was in my teen years, all of my friends had a secret crush on a certain boy from our school band who was a frontman with a guitar. But me? I was interested in the boy in the background.

I have always believed that drummers were the actual stars of the show. They were the heartbeat of every gig, and if it weren’t for them, I had a feeling the show wouldn’t be half as good as it was.

Just to be clear, I never changed my opinion, and to this day, I hold great admiration for drummers. So, if you are one, just remember I’m a huge fan (even though I might not know who you are)!

People tend to forget about drummers or not appreciate them enough. They think that just because they’re sitting in the background, they are not as important as guitar or bass players. But, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Being a drummer is really hard and requires a lot of effort and coordinated body movement. Because of this, they need a good pair of comfortable shoes that will help them get through the gig.

Below, you’ll find the list of the top 7 best shoes for drummers. Each of these pairs is characterized by features like durability, comfort, lightweight, flexibility, and grip. These features are of great importance and can have a great impact on the overall drummer’s performance.

Keep these features in mind if you happen to dislike all the pairs below. But, I’m more than sure that this article will help you find the pair you like. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

What are the best shoes for drummers?

1. Adidas Original Superstar Sneakers

adidas Originals Men’s Super-Star Sneaker
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We are starting off strong with a widely adored brand that never seems to disappoint. These Adidas Original Superstar Sneakers are among many great shoe options from this brand.

They are loved and worn by many people, both male, and female, and are one of the classic staple white sneakers of many closets. So, no wonder they have found their place on our list of the top 7 best shoes for drummers.

These sneakers feature a timeless design that can be easily incorporated into many outfit combinations. They are made out of full-grain leather for long-lasting durability and amazing comfort, and they come with rubber outsoles that ensure incredible grip.

The most prominent feature of these sneakers is the rubber shell toe box. It makes these sneakers a bit more durable in the front, which is perfect for people who are no strangers to drum pedals.

Although these sneakers feature a secure fit with a high-quality lacing system, they still can feel a bit loose because they generally run a tad bit too large. So, it’s suggested to go one size down while purchasing to ensure these sneakers fit perfectly in the long run.

They are a bit stiff at first and require some break in time. But once you go past that, these sneakers will be the best ones you ever had.

With these shoes, you won’t have to sacrifice either comfort or style, as you’ll get both at a fair price!

2. Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top All-Star Sneakers

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Red Sneakers - 12 D(M) US
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03/16/2024 05:45 pm GMT

Out of all the 7 sneakers we’ll mention here, Converse Chuck Taylors simply have to be my favorite ones. They were the staple piece of my teen wardrobe, and I only have fond memories when it comes to them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m no drummer, but I’m an avid lover of the rock and roll music genre and all related subgenres. And I feel like all band members, including drummers, have worn these classic sneakers at some point in their life.

These timeless sneakers are made out of canvas and feature rubber soles. Their design is pretty simple, but highly versatile, and can be styled with literally anything. Because they are unisex, they can be worn by both men and women.

These sneakers, especially the low-top version, are extremely easy to put on. They are also very breathable and therefore perfect for drummers who leave their souls on the stage during all those long-hour gigs. And, they are also decently comfortable. What more can you ask for?

What’s amazing about them is that they come in hundreds of colors and designs, so you’ll definitely be able to find a pair that goes with your aesthetic. Also, they cost up to $60, which makes them very affordable – no need to break the bank with these ones!

3. Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoes

Emerica Men's The Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoe
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03/16/2024 05:50 pm GMT

The third ones on our list are these Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoes. As their name says, these shoes were made for skaters, but drummers can use them too.

Made out of 100% suede and designed with a one-piece toecap, these shoes feature a very simple and sleek style. They come with added tongue padding which ensures they are very comfortable, without looking too bulky or being too heavy.

These shoes also feature customized rubber soles which feature Emerica’s Triangle Tread logo and are equipped with a so-called Vulc system. That being said, their soles are extremely durable and offer remarkable protection.

These Emerica Reynolds Shoes come in a variety of colors, so you’ll definitely be able to find the ones that you like the most.

4. Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneakers

Lugz Men’s Clipper Classic Slip-on Fashion Sneaker, Black/White, 12
$45.00 $29.75
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03/16/2024 05:55 pm GMT

Who doesn’t like a good pair of slip-on sneakers? Especially when they look this good! No wonder these Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneakers made it on our list of the top 7 best shoes for drummers.

These shoes are made out of 100% canvas which means they are extremely comfortable for both walking and playing drums. They are also incredibly easy to maintain because canvas as a material is very easy to clean.

They feature cushioned insoles for added comfort and vulcanized rubber outsoles for long-lasting durability. They also come with breathable, moisture-wicking linings and padded collars which ensure a snug fit.

However, possibly the greatest thing about these shoes is the fact that they’re slip-ons. Why is that their greatest feature, you may ask?

Well, in case you didn’t know, some drummers like to take off their shoes in the middle of their gig. This is because barefoot drumming involves less weight and makes it easier to perform for long periods of time without ending up overly exhausted.

And even though these shoes are very lightweight, sometimes drummers need that extra lightness only bare feet can provide. So, these Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneakers are amazing because there’s no need to untie annoying laces – just slip them off, and you’re good to go.

These slip-ons cost up to $40 but you can always find them on sale for a lower price. They are perfect for drummers who are on a budget and cannot afford to splurge on a pair of shoes.

5. PUMA Men’s Roma Sneakers

PUMA Men's Roma Athletic Shoes White, White, 12
$70.00 $38.17
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03/16/2024 06:04 pm GMT

Puma is another one of those brands that never seems to disappoint. Everything they come up with is made with quality, comfort, style, and good performance in mind. So, these Men’s Roma Sneakers are no exception.

The reason why these are considered to be one of the best shoes for drummers is because of their stunning and minimalistic retro look, lightweight feel, and durability.

They are made out of a combination of fabric and synthetic and feature rubber outsoles that provide you with a decent grip – the perfect feature to cling to the drum pedals. And most importantly, these shoes are very comfortable, which is a feature you should always be looking for (whether you’re a drummer or not).

These shoes are very sturdy and perfect for walking and traveling. At the same time, they are very lightweight and great for playing drums. So, you can easily wear them for both business and pleasure. And, since they are so durable, you won’t wear them off too soon.

They come in many colors and designs to complement different preferences and are priced around $110.

6. Sparco Motorsport Racing Shoes

Sparco 001272105NSHOE RACE 2 10.5 BLACK, OLD PART # 00127105N

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03/16/2024 09:35 pm GMT

Here we have something a bit different from the previous options. These Sparco Motorsport Racing Shoes are, as the name suggests, designed for race car drivers. So, you might be wondering, “How on Earth could racing shoes be considered good for drummers?”

Well, the answer is quite simple. Both race cars and drums have some sort of pedals, and in order to work with pedals it’s preferred to wear lightweight shoes with thin outsoles.

These Sparco Motorsport racing shoes are perfect for drummers who play with a double bass drum pedal. After a certain period of time, their ankles can get tired because of all the work they do, which can easily lead to ankle strains.

In those cases, high-top shoes like these ones are amazing because they can provide much-needed ankle support and overall comfort. Drummers of metal bands usually wear these shoes, because they need that extra support. So, if you’re not a metal drummer, you can go for a different type of shoe.

But, if you absolutely need these ones in your life, I suggest you don’t hesitate on buying them. They are a bit expensive, but those $100 spent will definitely be worth it.

7. Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

Vans Unisex Adults’ Classic Slip On, Black/Off White Check, 4.5 US

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03/16/2024 09:40 pm GMT

Here we are, the final shoes on our list – we have a pair that the majority of drummers reach for. These Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes were seriously destined for a life on the stage.

Made out of canvas and featuring a rubber sole, these shoes provide a secure fit, without being too constricting. They are very lightweight and extremely flexible, and their soles have an awesome grip, so you can be sure your foot will stick onto the pedal and won’t move.

These shoes are also pretty durable. Once you buy them, you can bet they will last you a couple of years. So, they are a pretty good investment, if we can even use that word since these shoes are not that expensive.

These Vans Old Skool Classics cost up to $70, and they come in a variety of colors. There’s no way you won’t be able to find a pair you like and express your personal style.

Also, another great way to express yourself on the stage is to pair these Vans with a sock of your choice. I guarantee you’ll be the star of the show!

7 Best Shoes For Drummers That Strike The Right Note