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Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It

Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It

During interviews, it’s important to look your best from head to toe. That means showing up in the ideal footwear for the type of job you’re applying for. We’ll take a look at some of the best interview shoes for women and what exactly makes them stand out.

Most people assume that the classier shoes are, the more appropriate they are for an interview. However, the type of footwear you go with depends solely on the job you want to get. For example, if the job is more casual, showing up in formal clothing can send the wrong message.

Just like wearing casual clothes to a serious job interview can lead to the wrong assumptions. Before going to the interview, you need to research everything you can about the kind of job you’re applying for. Although shallow, people usually judge you by your clothes first.

So, if you present yourself as serious while they’re looking for someone fun, you might not get the job. Regardless of how qualified and eager to work you might be. There’s an art to choosing an outfit, and we’ll help you find exactly what kind of shoes you need.

5 best interview shoes for women

Once you’ve researched about the job you want, it’s time to narrow down the list of possible footwear options. We’ll give you some examples of the shoes you could go for and what kind of job interviews they’re suited for.

1. High heels to reach the top

Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It

High heels are at the top of our list of the best interview shoes for women because they’re good for almost any type of job. It all depends on the style and design of the heel, as well as what you pair them with. They can be fun and eccentric, but also elegant and classy.

They make you look taller and much more confident. And it’s not only in appearance. We also feel more confident when wearing heels. It can help us be more assertive and self-assured. So, whichever job you want, you can’t go wrong with heels.

If you’re interviewing for an office or similar job, you should go for solid-colored heels. Ideally, they should be black, white, grey, or beige. If you want to pair them up with a certain outfit, they can also be another color. Just avoid pastels and bright shades.

You should also make sure that the heel isn’t too high as it can make you unstable, or tower over others in an unpleasant way. And if you’re hoping to land a more creative job, you can go wild with colors and design. Your outfit can be a great indicator of your personality!

2. Boots

While heels might be the best interview shoes for women, you can’t really wear them during winter. Luckily, boots can be just as versatile and look just as good. They come in plenty of different styles, so you should have no problem finding a pair that suits the look you have in mind.

There is one type of boot you might want to avoid, though and those are work boots. Despite having “work” in their name, they don’t look very good in job interviews. They’re usually bulky and very few of them are actually stylish, so pairing them up with a proper outfit is nearly impossible.

Ideally, you should look for boots that look lightweight and elegant or fun with a creative design. As long as they don’t look rough and bulky, they should do great. You can even find boots with a heel, so you’ll have the best of both worlds!

Just be cautious with the heel size, as well as the length of the shaft. Knee-high boots might look very cool and sometimes even elegant if paired with the right outfit. However, they can sometimes look highly inappropriate, especially if you’re interviewing for an office job.

3. Flats

Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It

Flats are a classic choice that you can’t go wrong with. They go well with any outfit and there are plenty of designs and colors to choose from. And the best part is that you’ll probably continue to wear them on the job! They’re comfortable and they look professional.

They’re an easy option that you can wear every day and they show that you’re prepared to do the work. They’re a sign of a hard worker, who’s not afraid to put their foot down while still being casual. Whatever job you’re applying for, flats are sure to make you look good.

However, if you’re hoping to get an office job, there are a few styles to stay away from. For example, patterns can be a sign of an immature person who wouldn’t prioritize their work. That’s why it’s best to stick to solid, neutral colors.

You should also make sure to wear the right socks with them, or none at all. Since the shoes are a bit open, a part of your foot will be visible. So, make sure that your socks aren’t colorful or too thick. Going without socks is a very easy fix.

4. Loafers

They used to be unacceptable for formal interviews but are now widely used. They’re not as elegant and professional as heels or flats, but they’re not as casual as sneakers. Unlike flats, you can’t wear them without socks, so be sure to get some that are neutral.

If you’ve chosen loafers, you need to make sure that they’re one-colored and simple. Lately, it’s been trendy to wear shoes with larger soles. While these might look good with some other, more casual outfits, you shouldn’t wear them to interviews.

They look bulky and are the furthest thing from elegant. You should also make sure your loafers are in good shape. Examine the leather and look for any scratches or spots. Clean them to the best of your ability. The more well-kept they are, the nicer they’ll look.

Of course, if your job is less formal, you can adapt to whatever it requires. If you don’t think large soles or bright colors and patterns would affect their final choice, go with it! You know your job requirements the best and you know what’s expected.

5. Potentially sneakers

Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It

Sneakers are on shaky ground when it comes to job interviews. If you’re hoping to get a formal job, then you definitely shouldn’t even consider them. They look far too casual and would give off the wrong impression. They would show that you don’t take the interview and the job seriously.

They can also be kind of squeaky on office floors which can be annoying. However, it should be perfectly fine to wear them for more creative job interviews. They’re comfortable and casual, they give the impression that the person is relaxed and goes with the flow.

They can also be a sign of being very active and ready for anything. It may seem like you’re ready to bounce and get to work whenever necessary. It really just depends on the company or employer. Just make sure to keep them clean and tidy, especially if they’re white sneakers.

3 worst shoes to wear for interviews

We spoke about what the best interview shoes for women are, but what about the worst ones? Which footwear should you absolutely not wear under any circumstances? Let’s take a look at the shoes you should avoid and why.

1. Sandals

You shouldn’t wear sandals to an interview under any circumstance for one simple reason – the fact that they expose your feet. It looks unprofessional and sometimes even distracting. Especially in an office job!

Walking into a place where everyone is formally dressed and seeing exposed feet can be highly inappropriate. It would take all of the focus off of you and your qualifications. It might not make a lot of sense, but human brains just work in weird ways sometimes.

It’s your safest bet to just go with shoes that cover at least the majority of your foot. That way, you can remove any excuses for your employers not paying attention to your actual skills. The same goes for the rest of your outfit. Stay away from exposing clothing items.

2. Flip-flops

Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It

Flip-flops might be even worse than sandals during interviews. Sandals come in various sorts of designs that can sometimes look very elegant. So, if you show up in one of those, your bare feet might go unnoticed or at least be excused.

Flip-flops, on the other hand, are very eye-catching. They’re best suited for summer and beaches and they have no place in a job interview. You shouldn’t even consider them. Unless you’re trying to be hired as a surfing coach, maybe?

3. Trendy and modern shoes

This really only applies to formal jobs. If you’re trying to work in the fashion industry or similar, disregard all of what I’m about to say. The best interview shoes for women are normally the ones that look vintage or classic. You can never go wrong with timeless shoes.

So, you should try to avoid trendy and modern shoes. They can look very cool if paired with the right outfit, but in no case does it look good in interviews. They do show a free spirit and an ability to adapt, but they lack in maturity and seriousness.

Your employers are almost certain to get the wrong idea about you. The assumptions they make based on just your shoes alone could cost you the job. It’s unfair and it doesn’t make sense, but we need to work around it. So, try your best to put up with it just until the interview is over.

Pairing the shoes with an outfit

Shoes are just icing on the cake when it comes to a whole outfit. And to make sure they stand out in all the right ways, you need to pay attention to your clothes. Which clothing items you choose to wear also depends on the job you want, just like the shoes do.

If the job is formal, you need to make sure your clothes fit you well. They shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight and formal dresses are a great pick. The colors should be solid and neutral. Black and beige are classics, but some people recommend navy blue because it makes you seem trustworthy.

As for a more creative job, you can feel free to use whichever style and colors you want. Yellow can be a good choice because it evokes happiness and fondness. But, any color can serve you well depending on the type of job. You just need to do your research beforehand.

The best interview shoes for women are shoes that are a direct representation of the job you want. Know your field of work well and transfer it into your outfit. Show that you’re reliable, hardworking, fun, imaginative, creative, and adaptable. Anything can lead to a good outcome if you know how to utilize it.

Interview Shoes For Women That Can Make It Or Break It