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What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants? 6 Outfit Ideas

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants? 6 Outfit Ideas

Another fashion emergency! What color shoes to wear with navy pants? You want to style this versatile piece of clothing but you’re unsure how to do it the right way.

No matter what your aesthetic is, whether you like colorful outfits or prefer simple, minimalistic looks, a pair of navy pants simply has to be in your closet.

Navy as a color goes well with pretty much anything and can be both dressed up and dressed down. In some cases, this might be a mitigating circumstance. However, it also raises many questions.

“Sure, navy pants go well with everything and can be paired with any type of shoe, but can someone be a tad bit more specific?”

Don’t worry. I got your back! This article has everything you need to know about styling navy pants. So, if you want to know what color shoes to wear with navy pants, keep on reading.

What to consider when choosing shoes you can wear with navy pants?

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants? 6 Outfit Ideas

When deciding what color shoes to wear with navy pants, you must consider a few different things.

Sure, navy pants are easy to style and go with pretty much anything, but you still cannot simply throw just about anything you have in your closet and call it a day, can you?

You have to put some thought into your outfit to look more put together, make the most of your navy pants, and achieve the best possible outcome.

To accomplish that, take a look at these tips below to learn what you should pay the most attention to.

1. Occasion

First things first, you have to think about the occasion on which you’re planning to wear your navy pants.

Are you going for a nice little brunch with your friends in the local restaurant you all love? Do you have an important business meeting where you have to look highly professional? Or, are you going to the parent-teacher conference to check how your daughter is doing in school?

Different occasions call for a different outfit, and therefore different pairs of shoes. If it’s something casual, you’ll probably go for sneakers. If it’s business casual, maybe you’ll opt for loafers. And if it’s very formal, you’ll want to go for heels.

Similarly, you won’t wear the same pair of pants for every occasion. For some, you might go for navy dress pants, and for others, a good old pair of jeans will do the trick. And of course, the season you’re in will have a say in your outfit, too.

2. Personal style

Another thing you should consider is your personal style. It’s important to obey certain rules and dress for the occasion you’re going to, but you cannot sacrifice your own personality for it.

Fashion is a great way to express yourself, and there’s always a way to wear what you like and what you feel most comfortable in while still incorporating it into the general expectations and “rules”.

If your job requires you to wear navy pants and a white shirt, for example, you can always add your own personal touch through some accessories or shoes you actually like. Or, if the event you’re going to requires heels, but you’re not a heel person, you can always opt for a height you feel good in.

You have to find a way that works for you to dress to impress, and not distress yourself. Fashion is supposed to be fun. So, don’t overthink it and experiment as much as you like.

3. Skin tone

You’ve probably heard about the color theory and how you should wear the colors that best suit your specific skin tone and undertone.

And while you can wear whatever you feel like and ignore this theory completely, we still have to admit that it does make a lot of sense and that certain colors simply look better on certain undertones.

People with cool undertones usually look great in colors on the cool end of the color spectrum. Colors like purples, emeralds, blues, grays, and navy make an attractive contrast with their pale skin. And if they wish to add some warmth, they should opt for pale yellows, rose reds, and rubies.

For people with warm undertones, earth tones are the way to go. Colors like warm reds, greens, mustard yellow, gold, peach, or amber will compliment their skin beautifully. As for those who want to add some cool color to their outfit, they should choose colors like olive, orchid, or violet-red.

Those lucky people who were born with natural undertones don’t have to worry about what color to opt for. Essentially everything will look good on them.

As we’ve said, navy is the color of the cool-toned folks. But, there’s no reason why people with warm undertones shouldn’t wear them. Just incorporate your color palette through your top, jacket, shoes, and accessories, and voilà – you have your perfect outfit!

What color shoes to wear with navy pants?

1. Yellow shoes

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants? 6 Outfit Ideas

You can bet that any kind of yellow shoes will go great with your navy pants. The warmth of the yellow color will offer a beautiful contrast to the coolness that the navy color carries. And the subtlety of your navy pants will soon be shaken up by such an attention-seeking color like yellow.

Whether you are going to work or have a casual date night, you can pair your navy pants with simple yellow ankle strap flat shoes. Or if you want to stand out in the crowd and make your whole outfit pop, what better way to achieve it than to opt for some yellow heels?

2. Black shoes

There’s an unpopular opinion that black and navy cannot be paired together. Which is pure nonsense, since everybody knows that black is the color that simply goes with everything.

So, if you wonder whether you can wear black shoes with your navy pants, the answer is yes! Just make sure to choose some minimalistic navy pants and match the rest of the outfit to those two colors.

Black, ankle-high sandals are always a good option to pair with navy pants. These shoes will elevate the entire look and make you appear more elegant and classy. They will also ensure your legs look much slimmer.

Black Oxfords with navy pants are a perfect combination for a formal event when you want to keep yourself low to the ground. They look stylish and professional and can be extremely comfortable. They are a great option if you’re not a heel lover, but still want to look put together.

For colder seasons, you can always pair your navy pants with some good old black boots. With these on, you can create both formal and informal looks.

3. Blue shoes

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants? 6 Outfit Ideas

“Can I wear blue shoes with my navy pants?”

Yes, you can, girl! To achieve the perfect monochromatic look, blue shoes and navy pants are the way to go! This combination is great when you have a certain formal event or a simple date night with your boo. It is also amazing for a work environment since it ensures you look sophisticated and professional.

If you want to keep things casual, pair your navy pants with blue sneakers. By doing so, you will create the perfect street-style look while looking both elegant and casual.

For more formal events, you can always go for blue high pumps to look effortless, elegant, and sexy.

4. White shoes

Navy pants are pretty versatile, and they can be paired with different shoes, white being one of them.

So no wonder our trusty white sneakers have made it on this list. With white sneakers on, you’ll look cool and stylish, and ready for any season. Just make sure you have the right kind of socks to match the rest of the outfit.

If you wish to look more dressy, but still be comfortable, you can always ditch the white sneakers for nice pair of white flats. Or, if you want to look extra fancy, you can always go for your white high-heel sandals.

5. Nude shoes

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When deciding what color shoes to wear with navy pants, nude shoes are always a good option. In general, nudes include colors like brown, tan, and beige.

Similarly to black and white, these colors go well with pretty much everything. However, they can look more elegant and feminine, and they generally “fit in” better since they don’t act as a stark contrast like black or white shoes do.

Pick a nude color and shade that works best for you and pair it with your navy pants for pretty much any occasion. Nude heels are great for the work environment and business meetings, Oxfords are for a more casual, yet professional look, and loafers are a great casual everyday option.

Nude boots like these ones from Cape Robbin are perfect for winter. Even if you don’t end up choosing them, you’ll be happy to know that almost any boot model comes in some version of nude. And nude sandals will be your best friend for summer events and parties!

6. Orange and red shoes

If you’re not a fan of yellow, but you want something warm and fun, you can always pair your navy pants with orange or red shoes. These colors will be a great contrast to your pants which will ensure both outfit pieces get their well-deserved attention.

The orange color palette will be great for spring and summer months, and it’ll give your outfit a hit of uniqueness and freshness. It might be hard to pair these colors, but if you’re generally someone who loves bright and colorful looks, this won’t be a problem for you.

And we all know what kind of statement red makes, right? It attracts the most attention and evokes emotions such as passion, love, and anger. So, this color is reserved for our bold and brave ladies who aren’t afraid to turn heads.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants 6 Outfit Ideas