Top 10 Best Steel Toe Boots: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2017

This article examines top 10 best steel toe boots currently on the market by discusses the comfort, durability and safety aspect and by revealing their Pros and Cons.

Safety should be a number one priority when working on constructional sites or indulging in other heavy-duty labors. The progressive modern production offers different safety equipment that protects specific body parts from accidents or at least reduces the injuries.

One of those shields is also steel toe boots that differ in quality, durability and comfort. To help you choose the best pair of work boots in the broad market of mass production.

Top 10 Best Steel Toe Boots Reviews 2017

We’ll be going over ten of the best pairs that will keep your feet safe and comfortable. You have a difficult decidion to make, for they are all high quality and trusted brands. Sticking to companies that have a solid reputation is always a good idea when looking for new boots.

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot - Editors' Choice

Timberland has remarkable sustainability and dedication to keeping boots waterproof and comfortable. These leather steel toe boots are comfortable to the max.

The synthetic sole aids in the natural break in period. Soft and able to be worn all day, these boots are at the very top when it comes to comfort.

One thing to note is that this pair does tend to wear over a short amount of time. The softness of the shoe, unfortunately, means they are not as durable.

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If the wrong size is chosen, they can be a little pinchy, but adjusting the size may be worth it. When you have the right size, you will have plenty of room to move your toes around.

They are oil resistant and moisture wicking, so you do not have to worry too much about the weather. The traction on these steel toe boots is ideal for inclement weather as well. With a removable and comfortably shaped inner sole these boots protect your feet from blisters like a dream.

Along with the Timberland brand, these come along with the knowledge that you are wearing the safest and most comfortable brand of work shoes around. They even keep your feet from being shocked by an electrical malfunction. The world renown shoe brand has its popularity for a reason, and these boots are no different.

  • Both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.
  • Rubber outsoles are slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant.
  • Steel safety toed cap provides protection.
  • Has electrical hazard protection.
  • Padded collar for comfort.
  • Need time to break them in.

2. KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe - Best for Walking or Hiking

These shoes are made out of leather and fabric and are slip resistant. They do a pretty good job against oil, too.

The boots have a rubber sole that has their signature bumper in the front. They are breathable and waterproof where it counts. The comfort is high quality, allowing you to be able to withstand long hours of working.

Support is another good thing about these shoes. They are pretty sturdy and last a good while. They do not work so well when walking around with ice and snow, however. Sometimes they can even give blisters, but proper sizing may help.

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

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Steel toe boots are sometimes challenging and painful to break in, but these do not require much if any at all. They can also fall apart somewhat easily with a good amount of wear. The comfort outweighs these advantages if that is your primary goal.

That may especially be the case since these boots are so roomy. If you have wide feet, then perhaps you can like KEEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe.

  • Steel toe cap is covered with rubber for better protection.
  • Waterproof exterior keeps the interior dry and warm.
  • The boots are breathable, which reduces the risks of fungal infection.
  • Oil and slip-resistant.
  • The rubber in the front eventually starts to peel away.

3. Rocky Men's Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot - Best Lightweight Steel Toe Boots

This pair of shoes has padding around the top, where its ankle cut design is just right. They are lightweight and durable, lasting for a long time.

The arch support is better than most. Sweat will be a concept of the past with TPU technology of the boots. The EVA midsole will make your feet comfortable all day long.

The authentically rugged design and feel of these boots will not hold you back. They will have you feeling good all day with no worries about falling objects or electrical mistakes. They are exceptionally comfortable and dry when dealing with wet weather.

Rocky Men's Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot

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These boots tend to have a longer break in time than the other most comfortable boots. After breaking them in you will know that you made a good choice. They tend to run a little big, so you may want to order a half size down if those type of things give you problems.

  • Boots have special slips, oil resistant, electric hazard construction and a wide toe box to keep your feet safe & comfortable all day.
  • Full-grain leather makes the boots water-resistant.
  • Can be used many years and in any conditions.
  • Be suitable for industrial, home purposes, hiking as well as working.
  • Can’t think of one.

4. Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot - Best for Comfort

One of the excellent invention of Timberland is Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot. This model is excellent for heavy-duty works where comfort, durability, and safety are much needed.

The comfort of the shoes comes from Powerfit comfort system that supports natural foot movement. The high-cut 6-inch shaft is generously padded for maximum support throughout the whole day.

The 26078 model has a lining that keeps worker’s feet snug and warm in the cold and damp environments.

best steel toe boots 4

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The moisture channeling mesh lining is breathable material that will make your feet dry and secure of any fungus infection risks. The dominant and most noticeable feature of these boots surely is full grain leather that stops moisture from flooding the whole interior.

The Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan model also has the polyurethane midsole that is designed with the help of Outlast technology. This series is also well known for an abrasion, oil and slip-resistant outsole for better traction on demanding surfaces.

  • Waterproof construction.
  • Electrical Hazard protection.
  • Moisture channeling mesh lining is breathable.
  • Has an alloy toe cap (they are lighter and as strong as steel).
  • Expensive.

5. Thorogood Men's Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Work Boot - Best for Concrete

Thorogood is one of leading footwear industries that prides on producing durable steel-toe work boots exclusively made in U.S.

Thorogood Men's Heritage 8" Safety Toe Work Boot is one of best steel toe boots and can be used for casual wearing as well as the work purposes where safety is number one priority.

This model is made of the oil-tanned leather upper that prevents the moisture from flooding the cushiony interior.

 Speaking of the interior, removable dual-density footbed improves the overall comfort that surely is very well welcomed when working long hours (one of the best work boots for concrete).

best steel toe boots 66

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Every construction site represents an obstacle course where accidents are part of everyday reality. The Thorogood 8" work boots have exclusive oil and slip-resistant polyurethane outsole that provides maximum traction on the ground.

While speaking of work accidents, these steel-toe boots also have electrical hazard protection that comes in handy when working with electricity (read more about best lineman boots).

  • Oil-tanned leather.
  • Oil and slip-resistant polyurethane outsole.
  • Electrical hazard protection.
  • Goodyear storm welt construction securely seals the boots.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Not cheap.

6. KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot - Best for Safety & Comfort

The KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots are made of both leather and fabric. Ideal for all day comfort, these boots have a short break in period.

They have a bit of a snug fit resulting in occasional blisters. Breaking them in or getting a larger size can help alleviate some of the tight space. There is a plate in the tongue of the boot to protect the tops of your feet as well.

They made of the best Keen's technologies, so there is no need to worry about most impacts either. They are perfect for outside work and warehouse work, anything that you find yourself doing from day to day.

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  • Oil, slip-resistant, durable rubber outsole and good ankle support.
  • Great to wear in warm temperatures. Suitable for Spring and Summer weather.
  • Great for heavy duty work.
  • One of the best steel toe work boots.
  • Some colours are not the same as what is shown online. They differ a bit

7. Timberland PRO Men's 6" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot - Best for Comfort

Timberland is one of the world’s most renowned footwear industries that develops work as well as casual footwear.

Timberland PRO Men's 6" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Boots are all-purpose work boots that are durable and safe. Rubber outsoles offer secure traction on all surfaces while premium waterproof leather successfully repels the moisture when rainy days approach.

The Timberland Pro series offers steel safety toe protection, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and electrical hazard protection.

best steel toe boots timberland yellow

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These boots are excellent for construction site workers that face hazardous obstacles on a daily basis in rugged worksite conditions. The 6’’ model also comes with fiber glass shank is great for structural support and can keep these boots lasting for years.

The Timberland Pro series also has anti fatigue technology that supposedly helps reduce foot fatigue while supporting the arch and keeping your feet comfortable all day.

  • Waterproof leather and seam.
  • Excellent for harsh working conditions
  • Oil, abrasion and heat resistance.
  • One of the best steel toe boots for comfort.
  • Only one color.

8. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 804-4200 6-Inch Steel-Toe Work Boot - Editor's Choice

For my friends – they love Thorogood Men's steel toe work boots. They swear by them. They will not purchase any other boots. They are just as dedicated to them as I am to my Timberland PRO shoes.

Why you may ask? It is because they work. They fit them just perfectly and they are sturdy and comfortable. Exactly how steel toe boots should fit you.

Thorogood is known for their work boots for both manufacturing and construction – even for miners. They offer a Goodyear Welt construction and Vibram outsole which means they are durable, safe and comfortable.

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If you are looking for all three in a work boot, then look no further than the Thorogood Men's 804-4200 6" Steel-Toe Work Boot. I recognize Thorogoods by their sturdy boot look. It is odd to see them in boot form. You have the safety minus the bulk so you can run from site to site and not be weighed down.

So these boots are made of full-grain leather. This material allow your foot to breathe and prevents foot funguses from spreading and causing odor. I hate nothing more than a smelly foot, and hate a smelly work boot even more. It just lingers wherever you go.

The outsole is slip, oil resistant in which is a necessity for anyone who works outside. If you work for a car repair shop or do some woodworking, then you know the importance of a slip resistant sole when there is oil on the ground.

  • Short break in period.
  • Has a slip, oil-resistant outsole.
  • Suitable for standing on concrete.
  • Short time to break in.
  • Expensive.

9. Timberland PRO Men's Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe EH Industrial and Construction Shoe - Editor's Choice

So Timberland work shoes are typically my greatest favorite. It has been put in my mind that they are really as great as they are advertised.

My friends who wear work shoes told me that they are as comfortable as Red Wing shoes, but cost less and celebrities wear them. I thought I would give these work shoes a chance and see how they really are since they are not work boots.

Everyone knows Timberland. They are famous around the world. The PRO series is what professionals look for when purchasing Tims.

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These ones in particular are great for casual hiking to working on site since they offer an alloy safety toe cap (they are lighter and as strong as steel) to keep your feet safe and comfortable all day.

The PRO series offer safety (alloy toe and electrical hazard protection), slip, oil, heat-resistant outsole. I never knew that shoes could basically be resistant against every material known to man. Your foot will not feel confined, and will instead feel natural and flexible as if not wearing shoes. That is great for all different surfaces that you stand & walk on.

  • Foot bed is breathable and antimicrobial so there will not be any odor.
  • Lightweight and safety.
  • Look like traditional athletic shoes.
  • Slip, oil,heat-resistant outsoles.
  • Not great for heavy duty work.

10. Irish Setter Men's 83606 6" Aluminum-Toe Work Boot - Best for Concrete 

The Irish Setter footwear company is well known for producing comfortable and flexible boots. The Men’s 83606 model meets all expectation because of the rubber sole and EVA midsole that elevates comfort while walking on concrete floors or doing any other drastic movements.

Because of such efficiency, the shoes are suitable for mechanics, builders, plumbers, welders and maintenance workers.

The reason why these boots embrace feet so well is also well-cushioned removable polyurethane insole. On top of that, padded tongue and collar reduce the friction that causes blisters when working long hours on your feet.

best steel toe boots 5

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The shoes are made of full-grain waterproof leather secured with triple sticking. Such tight and secure structure successfully acts as a shield against water. The Irish Setter 83606 model also provides electrical hazard safety.

  • Easy to break in.
  • EVA midsole that makes the bending of the foot more comfortable.
  • Padded interior that reduced friction.
  • Offers protection from electricity and heat - resistant outsole.
  • Made by Red Wing.
  • Not cheap.

Three Features You Should Look Out for When Purchasing A Pair Of Steel Toe Boots

1. Comfort

Human feet are quite sensitive; therefore the last thing you want, when working long shifts, is discomfort. Cushiony materials are made with great care and by special methodologies; therefore comfort usually comes hand in hand with high price. Indeed, investing in footwear that is made of skin-friendly materials is investing into future.

best steel toe boots 1

The comfort is mostly determined by the sole of the shoes and the interior. Before buying a pair of boots, check the flexibility of the sole, to make sure the rubber doesn't intervene with the movement of your feet. Cushioned insoles and soft interior fabric also contribute to the overall comfort because they both reduce the fraction that causes the blisters.

If you will be wearing the boots in the rain, make sure the material is water-resistant to keep your feet warm and dry at all times. Leather most certainly is one of the materials that successfully fight back the moisture.

2. Durability

Working in extreme weather on a construction site (you may like best construction boots), shipyard or welder requires durable footwear that maximizes human productivity. The best steel toe shoes are made of 100% leather that is not only water-resistant but also natural and breathable material. Airy footwear doesn’t create a humid environment that represents an ideal ecosystem for feet fungus.

best steel toe boots 2

The sole of your boots should always be made of rubber or other synthetic non-skid material. The sole made of durable rubber provides flexibility for comfort and reduces the risks of slipping for safety.

The durability of work boots is also determined by the isolation. The thickness of the isolative material you need truly depends on the geographical aspect. If you wear best winter work boots in cold weather, you will need from 200 gram to 400 gram of isolation even 1000 gram . For warmer climates, less than 200g is the ideal amount.

The feature that differentiates plain boots from steel toe boots is a steel cap. Every durable steel cap should have long life expectancy, from 3-4 years or even more, depending on the frequency of the usage. If your steel cap cracks or the material starts tearing in the very beginning, put the warranty that the company of your choice gave you to use.

3. Safety

Safety is a number one priority when indulging in high-risk activities. Protective nature of footwear from leading brands such as Keen, Timberland, Irish Setter, Thorogood, Dr. Martens and Rocky, reduces the negative impacts of accidents that occur when dealing with power tools and electricity.

Here are some universal signs for safety criteria:

best steel toe boots 3
  • Green Triangle => class one toe cap with puncture resistant sole
  • Yellow Triangle => class two toe cap with puncture resistant sole
  • White Square => electrical protection
  • Yellow Square => anti-static protection
  • Red Square with C => electrical conductive
  • Fir Tree => protection against chainsaw.

How to Choose the Best Steel Toe Boots?

To choose steel toe boots you will have to firstly recognize your personal intention. If you are looking for protective footwear for a heavy-duty job, you have to pay close attention to durability and safety attributes.

Best companies that produce work boots surely are Keen, Rocky, Timberland and Thorogood. The world renowned brand Timberland also develops work as well as non-work steel toe boots.

best steel toe boots 4

For the first pair of steel toe work boots, Timberland is often the best choice. It is one of the top work boots brands and is a universal symbol of good workmanship. Look for the safety guide on the display and Timberland will have a boot available.

Once more settled in the position it is best to choose a boot that states experience. Rocky and Thorogood are best brands for experienced workers in this sector. They are comfortable, reliable and offer plenty of support.

Keen are seen as very versatile work boots. They are best for the mature, experienced worker. They have a very flexible sole which is great for foot movement. The steel cap boot is covered in a rubber material which is unique to this brand. The brands are known for their hiking boots, but are now well known for their safety in steel toe work boots.

My Story

In no particular order, these boots are all steel toe boots for any situation. Each pair has their pros and cons. The final choice is up to your feet to decide which is best for your particular case. Most comfortable steel toe shoes are out there, and it is only a matter of time until it finds you.

This may be the case, but I think one of them stands out from the rest. The brand and reliability of the company are both well-known and trustworthy.

I may be a little biased, though, so forgive me. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot is my favorite out of the eight. The safety and comfort are on par with not only a majority of regulations but with the demands of a long work day.

My first pair of boots is Timberlands, and I could not tell you that I knew comfort was an issue. I will even let you in on a secret… I got mine secondhand. They had lasted for a long time even though they had obvious signs of wear when I got them. They will undoubtedly last me much longer.

best steel toe work boots timberland

I just bought a new waterproof pair of Timberlands to wear as well. My old ones did not handle water as well as I would have liked. Their trusted name and high quality have me confident that my new pair will be just as great as my others. I have some feet issues of my own and need special insoles. They fit perfectly inside the ones that I wear now and are more comfortable than some of my other pairs of shoes.

These boots will likely be the same. With comfort as the primary goal, they will have your feet thanking you for giving them a break. I expect no less from the boots on their way to me right now.

Regardless of which of these most comfortable work boots you choose, you will be making a sound choice. With a little deliberation, you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs. Remember to tailor your search to your personal needs. Your search will go easier if you know how your feet will handle different pairs of boots.


The efficiency of certain best steel toe boots truly depends on the personal usage intentions. Although these 10 products all have impressive features, the winner of the battle has to be announced.

The best feature of them all surely is the purpose versatility throughout all four seasons. For every construction site worker, road builder and maintenance worker that faces hazardous obstacles on the daily basis, these boots should reduce or even prevent any health risks.

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