The Secret To Choose The Best Work Boots for Women 2017 in 3 Easy Steps

As a busy woman, I know the need of a good, solid work boot. Finding the best women's work boots is next to impossible. We always have to deal with men’s sizes and their brand of boots. What about us? What about our needs?

Well, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best work boots for women. For women, by women. Need I say more? Keep reading if you want to know which my favourite pair is and what you should be looking for!

How to Choose The Best Work Boots for Women?


Do your research like I did. Go online to sites like Amazon, Google, and EBay. They will show you the best of what companies have to offer. Read the reviews and then proceed to test out the product for yourself.

What I always recommend you do prior to purchasing shoes is to go to department stores and try on the work boot first. Get a feel and see what it actually has to offer. The reviews say it is true to size, but do you agree? How are the insoles? Will you need another pair? Also take a walk around the store in them.

The people in the shoe department know that you want to purchase a work boot that is perfect for you and understands that you need to walk around in them first rather than just standing.

Give the shoe back to them and just tell the sales worker that you are not sure. Truth be told you are not sure yet. Then go home and check to see which site or store has the best price.

Why pay more for the top 10 best work boots for women when you do not have to? When you have decided on the work boot, go ahead and purchase it at your best price. It’s the same shoe no matter where you go.

What Are The Benefits of This Product?


There is one major benefit to this product: these boots are designed specifically with women in mind. I can pick out work boots that suit my lifestyle. I can have them in feminine colours and nice designs.

The work boots will come in a shape that is meant for my narrower foot, rather than men’s work boot designed for their wider foot. Rejoice, women; we have made it!

Some other benefits of this product are the fact that they are designed with our bodies in mind. Since women are usually more petite than the average construction worker, these boots are built to carry our bodies and make sure that we work to our benefit.

They cushion our feet and support us where we need it. With men’s work boots, women do not have the same support. Thank goodness for the fact that more women are entering the construction work force.

That makes finding the best work boots for women a bit easier.

Things to Look For When Purchasing Women’s Work Boots


Colours! Patterns! And so much more. Make sure when you are looking to purchase women’s work boots you check to see all of what they have to offer.

It may seem sad, but at times certain companies may call them work boots, but they are just frilly boots for women and may not even be safe on site.

If you need best steel toe boots for women, be sure to check the packaging prior to purchasing. Some may not offer all of the safety features you may need and want.

The Controversy


Of course, there is always a controversy with this product. I can think of 2 right away. First, women’s work boots typically cost more than men’s work boots. Why may you ask? Because there is no such demand in the market for them.

That means they can charge us whatever they would like to. Men’s work boots are expensive enough, why not add another $40 onto the price for a woman’s work boot?

They say it is because of special manufacturing, but I am not sure if I believe them. They are just worth more to the person who needs them the most.

Second, the lack of variety. Where there are numerous work boots for men by Timberland, there is only a handful of women. Some features may not even be available to women when it comes to work boots.

Some may not carry a steel toe while others may not be safe in electrical areas or for welding. The fact is is that there are more women welders and women working on construction sites than there have been in the past.

Why not give us a better variety of work boots? This small detail makes coming up with the list of the top rated work boots for women.

Reviews of The 10 Best Work Boots for Women 2017

1. Timberland PRO Titan Waterproof Boot - Best of the Best

I think one of the many things that make the Timberland PRO Titan Waterproof Boot suitable for women is the fact that it is amazingly comfortable. It is comfy enough plus lightweight. My favorite part of this shoe? The footbed with a cushion inside. It makes me feel like my feet are naturally cradles and contoured.

This waterproof boot from Timberland also boasts of its leather construction. It has a rubber sole, too, which is known for being non-slip. What’s more? It is designed as a mid-high work boot, making it feminine without compromising comfort. It boasts of a full-grain leather upper, which is known for its waterproofing feature.

With the mesh lining inside, you can also expect to have an easier time doing your job with ease and comfort. The waterproof membrane is a huge help in channeling moisture, thereby keeping your feet dry inside. The anti-microbial lining also helps take control of odor and bacteria.

One more thing that makes this shoe really remarkable is the nylon diffusion shank. It aids in providing torsional rigidity and stability. The safety toe cap is designed in such a way that it can offer you lightweight protection. It is also made in a way that it can perfectly fit a woman’s feet.

With the electrical hazard protection integrated into this footwear, you can also keep yourself safe from open circuits. The rebound heel inserts built into the boot also provides better energy return and highly durable cushion.

I noticed that despite being a really cool waterproof boot, this one has its share of downsides, too – one of which is the fact that it’s quite wide for those with narrow feet. One tip is to order half-size lower if your foot is narrow. Also, the provided laces are quite short, making it a bit of a challenge to tie them probably.

You have the option of replacing the laces, though. Despite the flaws, it is still a high-quality and functional footwear for women that you can always rely on.

2. KEEN Utility Flint Low Work Shoe - Editor's Choice

The KEEN Utility Flint Low Work Shoe also works well for women. I find it impressive as it takes pride in its durable leather and synthetic construction. What I like the most about this KEEN work shoe for women is that it offers asymmetrical toe protection. With that, expect it to fit both your right and left feet and protect your toes.

It comes with a large and spacious toe box, so there is an assurance that your toes can spread out effortlessly and breathe. It has enough room for your feet and toes to flex and move, thereby reducing the risk of pinching in case of a hyper-flexed foot. The toe box is also designed perfectly with its molded reinforcement.

With such reinforcement, there is more than enough protection for mild impact and abrasion. The functional and innovative shape and design of the shoe is also a big advantage as it somehow ensures users that they can withstand even the harshest environments and elements.

It also takes pride of a snug and natural fit on the heel. What’s more? I like the built-in internal support mechanism as it has an anatomical engineering, making it capable of offering impressive arch support. Such mechanism is also the reason why you can expect the shoe to cradle and contour your feet naturally.

It has a torsional stability shank, too, which is effective in providing excellent support to the mid-foot. The nom-marking outsole, which is anti-slip and oil-resistant makes the shoe more protective. Furthermore, there is a contoured heel lock, as well as CleanSport NXT, which is a big help in regulating odor.

However, take note that this work shoe is heavier when compared to sneakers but rest assured that the weight is something you can manage easily. With its minor flaw set aside, it is a nice-looking shoe, which will definitely fit the taste of most women not only because of its style but also because of its durability, protective features, and quality.

3. Skechers for Work Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe - Best Bang for the Buck

Skechers for Work Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe is also another nice-looking and feminine footwear that I will definitely recommend to women. I find it so impressive with its effectiveness in keeping your feet stay comfortable while also offering full support whether you are using it for work or any other activities outdoors or indoors.

It has a sporty, lace-up style, which fits women. One of the features I like the most in this work shoe is the smooth nubuck leather and synthetic upper. The material used on the upper makes the shoe comfortable and sturdy enough. In addition, it has a lightweight FlexSole midsole guaranteed to absorb shocks.

The midsole offers excellent support, too. I think one of the things that make this shoe really comfortable is its insole, which has a cushioned removable memory foam. The result of integrating this feature into the footwear is its comfort. I can also say that the non-slip nitrile rubber outsole does a good job in offering flexible traction.

The lightweight aluminum alloy toe cap is also a big advantage as it makes you fully protected. Expect the padded collar and tongue as well as the soft fabric lining to do a good job in making users feel comfortable too. The lace-up closure is designed in such a way that your feet stay secure.

It also boasts of its electrical hazard safe design, stitching and overlay accents, as well as the heel overlays that stabilize the shoe. Be prepared to feel some pain and discomfort, though, during the first few days of wearing it as you need to break it in first. It is a bit wide on the toes, though, but you can solve such problem by wearing thick socks.

While it is true that there are some issues in this Skechers shoe for women, I can still safely conclude that it deserves a spot in any review for the best women's work boots as it is stylish enough plus highly durable and comfortable.

4. Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6” Safety Toe Boot - Hot Product

Since these boots come in basic black, they are not exactly very feminine looking. They are however perfect for an industrial work site. They are comfortable and flexible which is perfect for all day wear.

The work boot is made of full grain Titan leather and meshes lining. This means that when it is hot out and your feet sweat, the moisture evaporates and leaves your feet dry and fresh as a daisy. This is also perfect for rainy days – your feet will stay dry and not become soggy.

The footed absorbs shock and also regulates temperature. The boot is not only waterproof but also has a lightweight safety cap to protect your toes and foot.

The sole is made of rubber and is resists oil and slippage on the work site. Also, they protect you from electrical hazards. Perfect for someone who goes from site to site.

My favourite part? They have a 30 day money back comfort guarantee. If you do not find these work boots to be comfortable, you get your money back. Seems like a no brainer, right? For sites that need extra protection, these boots are for you!

5. Keen Utility Women’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot - Editor's Choice

Sometimes you just want a work shoe rather than a work boot. That is how the brand of Keen has my attention all the time. These work shoes have a steel toe, but also have colours made for women. With shoes highlighted in red, green or a light blue, women cannot go wrong with these work shoes.

The shaft is a lot lower, but they also have the same safety features like a rubber sole and steel toe. They even lace up like the other work boots. The best part is, is that they offer removable EVA orthotics in their shoes.

These are already the most comfortable brand of shoes on the market, but when they offer removable orthotics, they are just the best shoe on the market period.

Keen is also great for hiking, so why not plan a hiking trip with these work shoes as well? You will be happy you brought them along. These shoes are made for the outdoors and construction site and every place in between.

6. Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe Work Boot

They are made of quality leather and even offer a steel toe to keep you extra safe on the work site. If you are looking for a boot with extra comfort, then you have come to the right place. These Caterpillar women’s work boots have an additional orthotics supplement. The orthotics reinforce the arch in the boot so your feet will still be smiling at the end of the day. Plus, they take care of that unsightly end of the day odour you have become accustomed to!

The boots are high quality. The name Caterpillar is synonymous with quality. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of work boots on the market for men and women. They understand the work industry.

Plus, how many other women’s work boots come with a steel toe? These guys do. Also if you work onsite with electrical, these will protect you from electrical hazards up to 600 volts only in dry conditions. Plus, we all know how dirty sites can be. These guys can be cleaned easily. Just wipe these boots clean.

7. Wolverine Women's Harrison Steel Toe Safety Boot

With a hint of black in them, these work boots have a wee masculine touch to them as well. Also when it comes to women’s work boots, they are made of quality leather and even offer a steel toe which meets ASTM F2413-11 F I/75 C/75 EH keep you extra safe on the work site.

The out sole of the boot is great for traction. This is great since these work boots are also great for hiking. When you look at them, they do have more of a hiking boot style but are made as a work boot.

The steel toe does not weigh down the boot either. You usually expect them to be quite heavy, but this work boot is quite light since it is actually a composite toe. This is both good and bad, just depending on the person.

These boots are comfortable and safe for the construction site and for working all day. If you work in warmer temperatures, this is the boot for you. The inside wicks away moisture, therefore, keeping your feet dry all day. That means less smelly feet too. Who doesn’t enjoy fresh smelling feet at the end of a work day? I know I do!

8. Safety Girl II Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boots

For an added feminine touch, Safety Girl has added light pink to highlight that these work boots are for women. it seems as though you can either have them with a steel toe or have them be waterproof. With these work boots, you can have it all.

If you are looking for a boot with extra comfort and durability, then you have come to the right place. These Safety Girl women’s work boots have a warm synthetic sheepskin lining so your feet will still be warm, comfortable and smiling at the end of the day.

The boots are high quality. The name Safety Girl is synonymous with safety, they have a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable on the market for women. They understand the work industry.

Plus, how many other women’s work boots come with a steel toe? These guys do. Plus, we all know how dirty sites can be. These guys can be cleaned easily since they are made of oiled walnut leather. Just wipe these boots clean.

9. Timberland Women’s 6-Inch Premium Boot

This is the boot that offers a selection of colours you will not see from other brands. These work boots are waterproof which is always great. The only downside is that they do not have a steel toe for safety.

An added bonus is that these work boots offer the same features that their men’s premium work boots do. They are waterproof from a tight grained leather, and they also have sealed seems to keep the water from going inside the boot.

Just when you thought they could not offer anymore, they have a slip resistant rubber sole. Always great for different work sites.

You will want these boots if you are in the frigid cold temperatures. They are lined with 400g of insulation to keep you warm all winter long. These are a great style for women, too. They are sleek, and you can tell just by looking at them that they were designed with us in mind.

10. Dansko Women's Professional Box Leather Clog

For the times when you need to look a little bit more professional on the work site, these Dansko clogs will do the trick. They have a small heel on them, and they also come in numerous colours. These are definitely not made for men!

Dansko is often associated with nurses, but these clogs are made for the work site. They can be easily cleaned which is always a bonus, and are comfortable to wear all day. The only down side is that they do not offer many work safety features.

They have a rubber sole which is ideal for slippery surfaces, but they do not have a steel toe which is often a necessity on sites. The rubber sole is also perfect for protection against electrical shock.

They have both pros and cons; it all just depends on what you are purchasing them for. Most likely it is just to visit a work site, and not to do labor on the site.


So, you are probably wondering which is the best work boots for women? I would have to say Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot. 

The Keen work shoes are probably the best work shoe and a close second in the competition. I just always prefer a boot for added ankle support. The Keen shoes are quite comfortable without the tall shaft, though.So, which work boot are you going to try on?

The Secret To Choose The Best Work Boots for Women 2017 in 3 Easy Steps
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