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What Shoes To Wear In The Rain? 10 Pairs To Make A Splash

What Shoes To Wear In The Rain? 10 Pairs To Make A Splash

You picked out the perfect outfit, decided what your hairstyle will look like, and started putting on makeup when you heard the first drops on your windowsill. Now, what? What shoes to wear in the rain?

Marc Jacobs, London Rebel, Hunter, Sorel boots, Sperry – what else comes into your mind when you think of going out while it’s raining? Can you wear UGGs, or is it way better to stick to those chunky boots? Maybe rubber boots are the best choice?

Can you still wear what you wanted, or do you have to put a raincoat on? Is it going to be windy, or stormy? Perhaps, this is just one of those short rains, or you’re about to witness heavy rain? Maybe we can’t help you with the weather forecast, but there’s one thing we can help you with – shoes!

It’s really stressful to figure out things last minute, but don’t worry, you won’t need to change your whole look. Here are some of those shoes that you can wear in the rain, and we’re sure that you’ll easily find ones that match your outfit. Good luck!

What shoes to wear in the rain?

Some of us are true pluviophiles, and we’d rather jump into the puddle than avoid it. There’s nothing more peaceful than hearing the rain falling down on your umbrella while you’re walking around and breathing fresh air.

Others don’t really love those gray, gloomy days, and they desperately need something to brighten it up a bit. That’s why we’re bringing you ideas that will put a grin on your face, no matter which group you belong to. Here are some shoes to wear in the rain!

1. Rain boots

rag & bone Women's Moto Rain Boot, Black, 36 M
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Rain boots are the most obvious choice and they definitely deserve to top this list! Whether you opt for ankle or knee-length boots, black, white, or colorful – there’s no wrong choice. These beauties are completely waterproof and you can jump in those puddles as much as you like.

Something basic like short or tall rain boots, Chelsea boots, or good old Wellingtons will definitely keep your feet dry, and it’s easy to combine them with different casual outfits.

If you want something with a bit more character, then Bottega Veneta rain boots that are cute and colorful are for you. Perhaps you can opt for London Fog Piccadilly waterproof shoes with stripes, or Rag & Bone rain boots with straps, zippers, and that red on the inside.

In case you want something chic and with more details, but still rubbery, choose Coach Rivington Boots, or Sam Edelman Pyper. Everlane and Zara rain boots, or ankle-length rain boots with slip-resistant tread will do the job well and still give something special to your outfit, so don’t shy away from them.

If you want to make a real splash with your outfit combination, you can always wear jeans and a comfy sweater that matches those colorful gumboots. Add some accessories and you’re good to go! Leggings can perfectly match with knee-length Wellies, hoodies, and a vest of your choice, too.

Rain shouldn’t stop you from wearing your favorite black or leather skirt because these boots (especially those with colorful prints) will make an outfit girly and sweet, so why not?

2. Dr. Martens boots

Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, Soft Toe, Slip Resistant, 6 Inch Work Boot (8.0 MW)
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03/17/2024 03:14 am GMT

Empower your style with one and only, Dr. Martens boots. These boots come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, but one is certain – they are iconic! Your mum probably had ones, but now it’s your time to wear those leather boots that have been under our feet for over sixty decades.

In the beginning, they were only reserved for postmen and workers in factories, just so they could become a symbol of rebellion and self-expression in the years that came afterward. These simple leather boots were decorated and customized, so they perfectly fit their owner.

Famous musicians brought them from Europe to the US, and the rest is history. Dr. Martens became popular all over the world and people of different ages wear them. Whether you’re planning to go to a music festival, or you want to show off your personality during a rainy day, they are a perfect choice.

If you’ve decided to wear a floral dress, these boots will give your look an edgy twist. Pairing them with jeans, ripped or not, skinny or wide-leg, seems like the best choice, so don’t hesitate to do that. These boots on a denim or leather skirt will give just enough spice to the whole outfit, so just say yes.

Oh, and don’t worry. They are also a perfect match for a formal look! Combined with trousers or a dress, your timeless Dr. Martens will sprinkle a bit of fearlessness and attitude into the combination and keep your socks dry during that rainy season.

3. Timberland boots

Timberland Women's 6" Premium Waterproof Boot, Wheat Nubuck, 7 M US
$170.00 $111.27
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03/17/2024 11:24 am GMT

Another very important brand of all generations – the Timberland boots. Your feet can stay dry and warm, but you don’t have to compromise the style or comfort. You don’t believe us? Then you have to get your own pair of Timberland boots.

This incredible footwear will complete any combination that you put on and give that something special to it. As Dr. Martens started from the working class, the original yellow Timberland boots have a similar story. During the ’90s, their tree-of-life logo became world-famous, again thanks to music.

Who would’ve thought that something ordinary could actually help you to stand out? Whether you want to pair them with your floral summer dress or wear something comfy and warm while you’re out in the cold and rain, these boots are made for everything.

Nowadays, you can find them in different colors, but the yellow/ocher ones still remain people’s favorite. You’ll easily recognize them and, trust us, they are worth the money. Timbs may not be something that you connect with high couture, but their resistant leather and waterproof membranes will keep your feet dry.

Ripped jeans, a plaid shirt, a coat, or a sweater dress – all will look perfect with these boots. Honestly, it has never been so easy to show how bold you are and express yourself through your own style!

4. Lace-up boots

See by Chloe Women's Florrie White Chalk Rain Boots Lace Up Booties (9, Numeric_9)
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Are you wondering what shoes to wear in the rain? What do you say about lace-up rain boots, then? All of these are stylish enough for your red carpet moment, but you can also easily hike in them. Sounds like something you’d like?

Lace-up rain boots are weather resistant and will save you from that horrible feeling of your feet being soaked into a pool of water. They come in different lengths, so you’ll definitely find something for yourself. Ilse Jacobsen rain boots will be there for you and you can wear them with almost anything.

For a classier look, you can choose Chloe Florrie rain boots in black, brown, or white. There are also a bunch of other brands like London Rebel, Marc Jacobs, or Sorel who are selling incredible high-heeled lace-up boots that perfectly complete any outfit.

Dresses of every length, jeans and simple sweaters, or your business attire, lace-up rain boots can handle it all. So what do you say about lacing them up?

5. Duck boots

Chenghe Women's Winter Duck Boots Waterproof Lace Up Two Tone Rain Duck Boots Black US 9
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These may not be your first choice when combining an outfit for a date, but they sure can keep your feet dry. Duck boots were originally designed as a part of hunting gear, but because they are waterproof and warm, they somehow made it on our shoe shelves.

Basically, these boots have rubber bottoms that allow you to go through muddy and watery areas. Their top is made out of leather that actually keeps your feet warm. Bean Boot managed to pair these two together, making these duck boots, as we call them today.

Sperry, Kamik, Eddie Bauer, and Sorel are just some of the brands that accepted this model and incorporated it into their offer. When you asked “What shoes to wear in the rain?”, anything with rubber soles was the right guess. But, how can you wear these duck boots and not look funny?

Another good guess, leggings or jeans will be a perfect choice, combined with different sweaters and coats. Scarves and a beanie will also keep you warm, and they surely match these boots. You can choose a sweater dress and wear it with your favorite pair of duck boots, too.

6. Heeled ankle boots

Dansko Women's Becki Tan Waterproof Bootie 5.5-6 M US
$179.95 $125.97
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03/17/2024 12:00 pm GMT

Heeled ankle boots are definitely worth mentioning. Even though you probably think about suede and leather boots, there are also rubber-heeled ankle boots designed just for rainy weather. All of them are extremely trendy and figure-flattering, so they will be the best choice for your outfit.

Whether we’re talking about those that have a zip on the side, lace-up or pull-on boots, these heeled ankle pieces became our favorite. You can wear all kinds of dresses, wear something completely casual, or put on a business look, get loads of compliments and keep your feet completely dry.

Finally, you can wear your favorite wide-leg pants because they won’t get wet anymore on those rainy days. They are comfortable, colorful, waterproof, and whatnot. These boots will make you feel confident, bold, and ready to conquer the world.

UGG heeled ankle boots, Blondo waterproofs, Dansko Becki boots, or London Rebel heeled rain boots offer you a variety of choices. You don’t have to ask yourself “what shoes to wear in the rain” anymore, do you?

7. Boots with a platform

Sam Edelman Women's Garret Combat Boot, Black Waterproof, 8
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03/17/2024 12:10 pm GMT

Jeffrey Campbell boots, Montelliana Lucy, and Sam Edelman are just some of the brands that offer boots with platforms. Their sole is thicker than usual, and they can have a high heel as well, but they don’t have to (they can be flat).

These boots are going to elongate your legs and they will definitely look great no matter what you chose to wear. You can dress up for a special occasion, and look classy, but you can also wear them on jeans for a more casual look.

You don’t have to compromise on anything when it comes to this type of shoes and those rainy days. Chunky sole, or something a bit more delicate – these boots are definitely a match made in heaven for those red carpet moments.

8. Moon boots

Moon Boot Nylon White EU 35-38 (US Men's 3-6.5, US Women's 4-7.5) Medium
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03/17/2024 12:00 pm GMT

Even though these boots were created as après-ski wear in the ‘70s, they didn’t stay that way for too long. They became the perfect connection of past and future, giving them the title of retrofuturistic shoes.

Surely, their creator was inspired by the unique design of astronaut boots and they became an absolute hit when Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa posted pictures on their social media wearing them. Because of the material used for their production, original Moon boots are proven to be waterproof.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and express yourself in a different way, you can wear them rain or snow. Tuck your pants in, pair them with your favorite puffy jacket and you’re good to go!

9. Waterproof sneakers and flats

Geox Women's D Palmaria A Flats, Silver, 7
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03/17/2024 12:05 pm GMT

If you’ve never heard of waterproof sneakers and flats, you’re welcome. These are the perfect choice when you start wondering what shoes to wear in the rain. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also a perfect protection from raindrops.

Low-top sneakers or loafers – you really don’t have to give up on those as soon as you see those dark clouds rushing in. Make sure to check out Spyder Shasta waterproof trail running shoes, Dksuko’s with laces, or Blondo Frey waterproof loafers.

They will definitely keep your feet dry and you’ll stay true to your style. If you want everyday sneakers, perhaps Vessi everyday move waterproofs are the best choice for you. Italeau Mara has incredible pointy flats that can withstand any weather.

Also, woven, Palmaria flats from Geox or rubber ballet flats from Hunter will give that something that your outfit was missing. We can’t forget about Hush Puppies rubber sneakers, Cloudventure running shoes, or all-terrain trail runners either!

Sneaker boots made with waterproof leather or waterproof high-top sneakers can easily be incorporated into your everyday outfit as well. Who said that you can’t go running when it’s raining, or that flowy dresses have to be stored in your wardrobe until the sun comes out again?!

You can own those gloomy days and bring your own sunshine to them. Oh, and jump into a poodle or two without fear.

10. Garden sloggers

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe for Women – Outdoor Slip On Rain and Garden Clogs with Premium Comfort Insole, (Midsummer Black), (Size 9)
$39.99 $35.00
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03/17/2024 04:14 pm GMT

Garden sloggers are something that you probably didn’t expect to see on this list, but hey, they are here for a reason. Not only that they are waterproof, but they nowadays have a pretty appealing look, too!

Their low cut makes it easier to combine them with rolled-up jeans, dresses, and whatnot. We don’t say that you have to wear these on the first date, but they are really convenient when you have to run some errands and rain is threatening to ruin your plans.

You can buy the classic black ones, or opt for something more colorful with flowers, animals, or all those different prints and patterns that they come in. Just put them on and go!

What shoes to wear in the summer when it’s raining?

You could find various answers up there for your what-shoes-to-wear-in-the-rain question, but what’s with those short summer showers?! Don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well.

The first and the most obvious choice are jelly shoes. They are light on your feet and comfortable, and they give a dash of color to your outfit. Other shoes that you can wear are, of course, waterproof sandals.

Teva Hurricane Drift waterproof sandals, Keen’s whispers, Chacos, and waterproof espadrilles are just some of the perfect shoes for rainy summer days. There are also plenty of waterproof leather flip-flops, crocks, and slip-on pieces that you can wear, but you have to be careful while walking in these.

Adidas aqua slides, Birkenstock Arizona slip-on, Freedom Moses two-strap slides, or Fear of God The California mules are also incredible and fashionable choices nowadays. Crisscross slides by J.Crew Marina, Eva sandals, and Merrell Hydro Moc slip-on don’t fall behind either.

If you’re in the mood for platform slides, Mia Kandy has a perfect match for you, or you can decide to wear world-famous Italeau Morgana or Birkenstock waterproof sandals. Whatever you choose, make sure that your outfit speaks more than a thousand words!

How to choose the right shoes for rainy weather?

What Shoes To Wear In The Rain? 10 Pairs To Make A Splash

When it comes to this question, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, there are some things that you need to pay attention to when choosing the proper shoes for rainy weather. During those lighter showers, it’s enough for your shoes to be water-repellent.

But, if you live in an area where heavy rains are a thing, you need specifically waterproof shoes and you have to pay attention to that when buying them. Also, their sole has to be non-slippery if you want to walk around in them.

Boots with lug soles are the perfect choice for almost every occasion because they are mostly waterproof and they make it easier to survive rainy and even snowy days. Rubber soles, synthetic materials, and faux leather boots are great choices as well.

The exact type of shoes that you should wear – it’s up to you! You have a lot of propositions in the upper part of the article, so find something that suits your personality and your style and shine some light on those rainy days!

How to protect your shoes from rain?

Most waterproof shoes need a thin layer of protection so they can last longer and serve you for more than just one walk in the rain. You can use a shoe cream to preserve the natural moisture of your boots.

Beeswax is considered to be one of the best protectors of our beloved shoes because it dries quickly and it leaves no stains or markings on them. It also doesn’t affect the waterproof system of your shoes at all!

There are also a bunch of sprays that can help out, but you have to be careful when using those. Some of them are extremely toxic for the environment (and yourself), and others may completely change the color, or even ruin your shoes.

So, before deciding on how to protect your favorite boots, do a little research, or ask in the shoe shop where you’ve bought them. They should be able to give you the best advice on how to protect your shoes when it’s raining.

How to take care of your shoes if they got wet on your adventure?

Even though we’re trying our best to keep our shoes dry, sometimes those dark rain clouds come out of nowhere, and boom, your favorite pair is ruined. Worry not, we’re here to save the day (and your shoes, of course)!

The first thing that you have to do, as soon as you arrive home, is to find some newspaper. Then, crumple them and put them inside your shoes. Dry them with a cloth from the outside and leave them to air-dry.

Whatever you do, don’t try to leave them in front of the heater, because the material may crack and even peel off. On some specific occasions, like when your shoes are made of high-quality leather, you can use a shoe dryer to quickly dry your favorite pair.

After they are dried completely, but before your next adventure, remember to apply a shoe cream, moisturizer, beeswax, or some other shoe protective layer to keep your booties safe.

Final words

What shoes to wear in the rain hasn’t been a simple question to answer, but we’re sure we’ve covered it all – from rubber boots, Dr. Martens, and Timberland boots, to Moon boots, waterproof sneakers, and flats.

There are no more excuses to stay inside when it’s raining! Put a smile on and give your shoes of choice a little dip in the puddle next time you go out. Let your inner kid enjoy and be carefree, just like when you were younger!

So, it’s up to you to choose what matches your style the best and enjoy those rainy days at least as much as we do.

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What Shoes To Wear In The Rain 10 Pairs To Make A Splash