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How To Waterproof Ugg Boots And Make Them Rain-Ready

How To Waterproof Ugg Boots And Make Them Rain-Ready

If you’ve been wondering for a while how to waterproof Ugg boots and make them ready for rainy weather, then I am happy to inform you that you’re about to get your answer!

Nothing says sweater-weather aesthetic as well as a good-old pair of comfy Ugg boots. They’re perfect for autumn and winter since they’re both functional and trendy – they keep our feet warm while looking as stylish as ever. But Uggs are notorious for getting soaked in the rain and losing their original shape.

Personally, I have always hated that. In high school, these boots were the staple piece of my wardrobe. There was literally no outfit combo I hadn’t paired with my Uggs. They were truly my ride-or-die footwear option.

Until one day, when I forgot to check the weather forecast. I didn’t bring my umbrella or wear a pair of rain boots.

To put it plainly, my Uggs were ruined. They lost their original shape and charm, and I could no longer wear them as often as before.

A few years later, I bought myself a new pair. I made sure to waterproof them right away and to never wear them when it’s pouring rain outside.

It took me one terrible mistake to learn my lesson. Which is fine. Now, I know how to properly take care of them. And I will gladly share my secrets with you.

So, without further ado, let’s see how to waterproof Ugg boots.

What material are Ugg boots made of? Is it rain-friendly?

How To Waterproof Ugg Boots And Make Them Rain-Ready

Ugg boots are (usually) made out of suede – a type of material that is obtained from the underside of animal skin that has a soft exterior and napped finish.

Generally speaking, suede can be made out of sheepskin, goatskin, deerskin, cow skin, or skin from other animals, but the Ugg brand usually uses sheepskin in the production of their footwear.

This brand uses two types of sheepskin: lambskin and Merino sheepskin. The lambskin Uggs are softer and more breathable, while the Merino ones are more durable, have better insulation, and are generally better at repelling water and stains.

The inside of Ugg boots is made out of fleece and is exceptionally warm, comfy, and soft. It is also very thermostatic, which means it ensures the feet inside are close to the natural body temperature, no matter the temperature outside.

When it comes to determining whether Ugg boots are waterproof and suitable for rain or even snow, unfortunately, we have to give a negative answer, at least when we’re talking about the classic Ugg model. These boots are just partially water-repellent and are not fully waterproof.

I’m afraid that means wearing your favorite pair of Ugg boots in the rain is a very bad idea. If you want to keep your precious toes safe and protect them from getting soaked, Ugg boots are not the way to go.

However, they can handle a light drizzle pretty well, especially if they’ve been previously waterproofed. But you’ll read more about that down below.

How to waterproof Ugg boots?

Before we get to the point, it’s important to mention when to waterproof your boots. And the best time is the moment you take them out of their box.

However, if you have an old pair that you want to make waterproof, know that it’s not too late. You still have time to make your favorite pair of Uggs rain-ready. Of course, if they’re not already ruined by the rain.

There’s just one rule: you first have to clean them, get rid of any dirt, debris, and stains to prepare them for the waterproofing process. If you skip this step, the waterproofing will probably not work well enough.

Before we start, please note that it is never advisable to wash your Ugg boots in the washing machine since it can only severely damage them. Instead, opt for manual cleaning and follow the steps below to ensure your boots are as good as new.

Step 1: Preparing your Uggs for waterproofing

First things first, make sure there is no dirt or dust on your Uggs. Knock the boots together so all the excess dirt falls off them and then use a brush for more stubborn residue.

You can also wet your brush in some cold water to thoroughly clean the grooves of your boots’ outsoles. Just make sure you don’t apply too much water and wet the boots’ uppers.

For the suede upper, it’s best to use a suede brush. There is a special kind of brush that comes with an Ugg Care Kit, but if you don’t happen to have that one, any suede brush will do. And if you don’t have a suede brush, an old clean toothbrush or nail brush will do the trick.

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If there are any bald spots or stains on your Uggs, use a soft white cotton cloth and dampen it in cold water. After removing the excess water, use the cloth to dampen the upper.

Then, apply a small amount of Ugg cleaner and conditioner, and with a dye-free sponge gently work it in your boots. Don’t be too harsh as it doesn’t take much to significantly damage the material.

When you finish cleaning your boots, use a clean damp cotton cloth to remove any soapy residue. Then, leave your Uggs to dry in a well-ventilated place.

You should never apply any direct heat to your Ugg boots nor should you put them in the dryer. Just set them aside for approximately 12 hours or overnight to completely dry on their own.

It is recommended to stuff your Uggs with newspapers or shoe trees while they are drying, so they can keep their original shape and not become saggy. If you happen to have a boot dryer, you’re more than welcome to use it. It will dry your boots efficiently, without changing their appearance.

Step 2: Waterproofing your Ugg boots

How To Waterproof Ugg Boots And Make Them Rain-Ready

When your Ugg boots are completely dry, it’s finally time to waterproof them. For this part, make sure you are either outside or in a well-ventilated area since you shouldn’t breathe in any of these chemicals.

You need to waterproof your Ugg boots with a waterproofing spray.

It’s important to make sure it’s the one specifically designed for suede. You can buy Ugg waterproofing spray to be sure you are using the right one, but basically, any suede-friendly spray will get the job done.

Now, shake the spray bottle and spray your boots at a safe distance of 5 to 7 inches. When your Uggs are evenly coated (but not saturated!) set them aside to dry, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

It is best to let them dry for 24 hours, after which they will be ready to wear. This process should be repeated every 2 to 3 months, depending on how often you wear your boots.

Aside from waterproofing spray, some people opt for beeswax. But while it can be a great and cost-efficient product to waterproof regular leather boots and hide scratches and scuff, it might not work so well with suede. Plus, we’re worried about possible stains it could leave behind.

Also, since beeswax can’t penetrate through the suede, the water might eventually end up collecting under the beeswax and mixing with it, resulting in the darkening of your boots and making them look overall messy and unappealing.

How to properly care for your Ugg boots

If you love your Uggs and enjoy wearing them, you also have to take proper care of them. Sometimes it’s difficult because they’re very sensitive – quite possibly the most sensitive pair of shoes you have in your closet.

So if you have a classic pair of Ugg boots, it might be better to save them for dry weather and deal with the rain in some rain-friendly boots.

Here are some useful tips on how to care for your favorite Ugg pair so they always look as brand new:

  • Never let them get overly wet, even if you’ve previously waterproofed them.
  • When cleaning your Uggs, make sure you always use a suede-friendly brush.
  • Never apply too much pressure when cleaning them.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals on your Uggs.
  • Make sure you never cook in them as they can get easily stained by cooking oils, sauces, etc.
  • Before storing your Ugg boots, make sure they are completely dry.
  • Keep them away from your furry friends – pets love to chew on Uggs.
  • If you do not want them to smell nasty, make sure you wear socks with them.
  • Take them to a professional cleaner if you don’t have the proper tools to clean them.

Final thoughts

I hope this article was useful to you and helped you learn how to waterproof Ugg boots and take good care of them.

If you carefully follow the abovementioned steps and make sure you take extra care of them after, you’ll be wearing your favorite Ugg pair for a long, long time!

How To Waterproof Ugg Boots And Make Them Rain-Ready