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The 7 Best Slippers With Arch Support For Men And Women

The 7 Best Slippers With Arch Support For Men And Women

If you are in desperate need of a pair of slippers with arch support, then trust me – I know how you feel.

I don’t know about you, but slippers used to be one of those things I didn’t really think about. They were something I wore around the house, not caring if they are beneficial for me in any way. All that mattered was that they were warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

However, as I grow older and (hopefully!) wiser, I realize that it’s incredibly silly of me to only invest in comfortable and supportive outdoor shoes when I spend an equal amount of time (if not more) indoors.

No matter how much time I spend running errands, going on hikes, or clubbing, I spend just as much time cleaning my house, ironing, washing dishes, watering my plants, and so on.

So, I realized I need something as supportive as my favorite pair of running shoes!

Therefore, I have made it my mission to research what could be the best slippers with arch support on the market. After a somewhat long and extensive search, I have made myself a list of my 8 favorites, and I’ll gladly share it with you today.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

The importance of arch support

The 7 Best Slippers With Arch Support For Men And Women

Generally speaking, the term arch support refers to an insert that either comes with the shoe or is bought separately and placed into the shoe. The main purpose of these inserts is to minimize or completely get rid of the pain a person might feel in the foot area.

The arch itself is the small curved part at the bottom of your foot. Its purpose is to bear your body weight and absorb the shock you experience while walking.

This part of of your foot, although not that big, deals with a lot of pressure. It is responsible for creating balance, ensuring stability while walking on different and uneven terrains, and providing you with flexibility.

Depending on your arch type, you either have a normal, flat, or hollow foot.

A normal foot has a medium arch and evenly distributes the stress across the foot. It is characterized by a small, almost insignificant inward roll while walking, and it usually requires no specialized arch support in shoes.

A flat foot has a low or fallen arch. It is characterized by overpronation or extreme inward foot rolling, which can cause a lot of pain in the hip, knee, and ankle area.

Lastly, a hollow foot is one where the arch is too high. This type of arch doesn’t absorb the shock effectively, causing a lot of muscle pain and tension in joints while walking.

It’s important to get the right arch support for the right foot condition because it can make a world of difference. The right arch support can help you alleviate the pain in your back, hips, or knees, improve your posture and balance, and help you deal with certain foot conditions, like plantar fasciitis.

Not only does arch support help you deal with pain and the impact of everyday life, thus making you feel more comfortable, but it also helps you prevent the pain from ever occurring.

You may be thinking, “Oh, I feel no pain. I don’t need footwear with arch support.” However, that’s precisely why you should wear arch-supporting shoes – to nip the pain in the bud and ensure you have a troubleless life forever.

So, let’s start with some trendy and comfy slippers with arch support, shall we?

Best slippers with arch support: Our top 7 choices

1. Birkenstock Zermatt Slippers

Birkenstock Men's, Zermatt Slipper - Regular Width ANTHRACITE 43 M

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We are starting off strong with this great unisex pair made by Birkenstock. The upper of these slippers is made out of wool felt, and their outsoles are made of latex.

They come with this brand’s famous cork-latex footbed, which is lined with super comfy shearling that makes these slippers perfect for cold winters.

These slippers feature a deep heel cup, decent arch support along the sides of the footbed, and a raised toe bar. All of these features ensure comfort, stability, and natural grip motion.

They come in several, all neutral colors, and cost around $100.

2. Drew Relax Men’s Therapeutic Slipper

Drew Men's Relax Non-Slip Fabric Sweater Knit Slippers With Support 11.5 M US
$139.95 $122.90
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03/17/2024 07:41 pm GMT

Next on our list are these Drew Relax slippers made for our male readers. They feature a stylish-looking fabric upper, slip-resistant rubber soles, and well-cushioned and supportive high rebound EVA midsoles you will definitely love.

These slippers come with a wide opening and two removable insoles which you can replace according to your personal preferences and orthotic. They have great arch support and are generally very comfortable to walk in.

They come in two color patterns, grey and brown woven, and four width options: medium, wide, 4W, and 6E. And they cost around $140.

3. Glerups Slip-On Leather Slipper

Glerups Wool Open Heel Unisex Slippe Charcoal – EU 43 – Men’s 9.5-10 US Medium
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03/17/2024 07:46 pm GMT

These Gelrups Slip-Ons are one of those slippers you imagine on your feet when you try to picture yourself in the mountains, lying on the couch in your cabin in front of a fireplace, while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.

They are incredibly cozy and comfy, but very supportive, too. The upper of these slippers is made out of Merino and Gotland wool and is highly insulating, meaning it will keep your toes warm in the cold. This material is also moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to fret about dealing with smelly feet.

The soles of these slippers are made out of soft calfskin, which makes them perfect for indoor use since they won’t leave marks on your wooden floor.

These slippers come in six different colors and cost around $100.

4. OrthoFeet Charlotte Slippers

These slippers work wonders in the pain-relieving department. They are made out of supple suede and are lined with soft synthetic fur for unmatched comfort and a cozy feel. They come with a wide toe box which reduces pressure on swollen feet and is great for people who have bunions or hammer toes.

These slippers feature polyurethane ergonomic soles which come with great heel cushioning and premium orthotic insoles for anatomical arch support.

These slippers are great for people who have arthritis, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, or any kind of back, hip, knee, or ankle pain. They are available in three width options, medium (B), wide (D), and x-wide (2E) and come with an adjustable strap for a custom fit.

You can purchase them in two colors, black and tan, for the price of around $110.

5. Tempur-Pedic Women’s Windsock Scuff Slippers

Tempur-Pedic Womens Windsock Scuff Slippers Casual - Black - Size 11 B
$45.00 $32.55
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03/17/2024 07:50 pm GMT

Next, we have these very regular-looking, everyday-kind-of-slippers. These slippers are very affordable, which does not mean they lack in quality whatsoever. The podiatrists highly recommend them and have only good things to say.

The upper of these slippers is made out of terrycloth and their outsoles are made out of rubber. They are lined with the same terrycloth material, which makes them extra soft, warm, and extremely comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

These slippers also feature Tempura’s material-cushioned footbeds which can adapt to your foot’s pressure points in a unique and personal way and offer you the right kind of arch support you deserve.

They come in seven fun and different colors, and they cost around $45.

6. Vionic Gustavo Slippers

Vionic Gustavo Men’s Orthotic Slipper with Removable Insoles Greige – 9 Medium
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03/17/2024 08:01 pm GMT

Up next, we have a brand that never disappoints when it comes to foot support. These Vionic Gustavo slippers are a great option for people who are fans of closed-heel slippers because they don’t like to deal with slippers falling off their feet.

These polished-looking slippers are made out of soft suede material, and they feature outsoles made out of durable rubber. They come with technical, faux-shearling-covered EVA footbeds which guarantee comfort.

It is recommended that you wear these slippers for a few hours for the first couple of days in order to completely get used to their fit, excellent arch support, and comfort. This process of simulation should last for a week or two until you reach the point when you barely want to take them off.

Like with anything made out of suede, it’s not recommended to keep these slippers in direct sunlight or near any heat source. The preferred way of washing them is by hand, using a cotton cloth, warm water, and mild shampoo, and drying them in the air (not in the dryer!).

And in case any bald spots occur, don’t stress: you can easily get rid of them, too.

These slippers come in four neutral colors, and they cost around $110.

7. Vionic Relax Slippers

Vionic Relax – Orthaheel Orthotic Slippers Tan – 11 Medium
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We are finishing this article strong with another Vionic model. These Vionic Relax slippers are probably the most famous ones on the market. They are so good, they have even received The American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal Of Acceptance.

These open-toe slippers are entirely made out of soft 100% polyester terrycloth which is treated with anti-bacterial odor-resistant Ecofresh. They feature an adjustable strap for a personalized and custom fit and have durable rubber outsoles.

They come with flexible EVA midsoles which are great with shock absorption and reducing the impact on ankles, knees, and hips. Also, they feature Vionic’s signature built-in orthotic footbeds which provide arch support, comfort, and stability.

They come in four neutral colors and one fun leopard print. And the best thing is – they are pretty affordable, too! They cost around $70 which is a great price for slippers as amazing as these are.

The 7 Best Slippers With Arch Support For Men And Women