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Pain-Free Steps: 10 Best Shoe Inserts For Fat Pad Atrophy

Pain-Free Steps: 10 Best Shoe Inserts For Fat Pad Atrophy

Okay, you’re over here looking for the best shoe inserts for fat pad atrophy because you overheard someone describing your exact symptoms and blaming them on that condition.

Now, you have no clue whether that’s what you’re suffering from, but you prefer to do your research before you contact the doc.

Humor me for a minute. Are you uncomfortable when you walk barefoot on hard, rough surfaces? Are high heels out of the question because you can’t wear them without screaming bloody murder? Are you self-conscious over calluses, bunions, bruises, and blisters every time you get a pedicure?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might be dealing with fat pad atrophy.

Starting from the beginning, fat pads are fatty substances found around specific areas of your body. But they’re different from the fat you accumulate from eating too much or exercising too little. Fat pads play the part of protecting your bones.

Of course, the fat pads found on the bottom of your feet protect your tendons, ligaments, and nerves by absorbing the pressure that stems from standing, walking, and running.

Over time, fat pads can become thinner due to wear and tear, age, weight, diabetes, and foot-related health problems. And, as you might have guessed, this phenomenon is known as fat pad atrophy. Fat pad atrophy comes with pain under the heel or ball of the foot, difficulty walking, and a burning sensation.

We urge you to schedule an appointment with the doctor the moment you notice these symptoms because fat pad atrophy can be slowed down with the right approach and appropriate footwear. More on that down below!

Can you treat fat pad atrophy with shoe inserts?

Pain-Free Steps: 10 Best Shoe Inserts For Fat Pad Atrophy

Well, here’s the thing: You need to manage your expectations because fat pad atrophy can be managed and slowed down with proper care, but the condition cannot be reversed.

When you, for instance, figure out that you’re suffering from fat pad atrophy and start wearing orthotics and extra padding, the fat pads won’t necessarily grow back.

Sure, your feet will be much more comfortable and you’ll be able to do things you couldn’t before (such as walking barefoot), but that doesn’t mean that you can make the condition go away with time.

Some of the most common ways of treating fat pad atrophy are keeping your feet comfortable with cushions, wearing footwear with extra padding around the problem areas, wearing orthotics, not walking barefoot, and not wearing high heels or other uncomfortable footwear that puts too much pressure on problem areas.

None of these things are going to reverse the damage, though.

Other than that, you can also get foot fillers to protect your bones and ligaments. With these treatments, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to go on with your everyday activities without pressure and pain.

We do need to underline that custom orthotics and shoe inserts are the best and easiest way to replace your damaged fat pads. People who suffer from fat pad atrophy typically turn to viscoelastic orthotic devices, heel cushions, and heel cups.

Now, let’s move on to the best shoe inserts for fat pad atrophy, shall we?

What are the best shoe inserts for fat pad atrophy?

Before we start, we do need to mention that the best shoe inserts for fat pad atrophy are the ones your doctor recommends to you.

Costom-made orthotics are guaranteed to fit your foot to a tee, address the problems you’re suffering from, and make your feet happier and healthier. You shouldn’t just get orthotics and shoe inserts based on what’s appealing or attractive to you.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your research and check with your doctor whether some of the orthotics you’ve got your sight set on could work for you.

1. Superfeet Green Performance Insoles

Superfeet GREEN – High Arch Orthotic Support
$54.95 ($27.48 / Count)
Buy Now
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03/16/2024 02:51 am GMT

Superfeet designs some of the most comfortable and wearable orthotics on the market. Superfeet Green Performance Insoles caught our attention because they’re made with heel cup technology that contours and molds to your foot to provide you with proper support and padding.

Not to mention that they’re made with shock-absorbing foam that’s guaranteed to keep you grounded throughout the day. Additionally, these insoles are versatile and can be worn with sneakers, boots, espadrilles – pretty much any shoe that doesn’t have a high heel.

And, Superfeet offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

2. Pro11 Ball of Foot Fabric Support with Gel Pad

When you’re on the hunt for something to help you with fat pad atrophy, you don’t have to go with full-length insoles. We suggest experimenting with gel pads that are meant to be worn around the toes and the balls of your feet – they’re great when you don’t need the extra padding under the heels of your feet.

And, we’re rooting for Pro11 Ball of Foot Fabric Support with Gel Pads because they’re cushioned enough to protect the metatarsal heads of your feet and reduce pressure off of the balls of your feet. Oh and, they’re super simple to slip on and off when necessary.

3. ZenToes Sleeve Socks

ZenToes Sleeve Socks are another product you can opt for before you get your hands on custom orthotics. Why wouldn’t you want to wear something that resembles miniature underwear for your feet, right?

When you’re suffering from pressure and pain around the balls of your feet, you might prefer to go for something that adds the extra padding but doesn’t require you to wear full-length insoles.

We recommend ZenToe Sleeve Socks for that reason. Remember to wear them under your socks to prevent them from slipping down and you’re good to go.

4. Dr. Scholls Energizing Comfort Inserts

Circling back to inserts and insoles, though, we can’t recommend Dr. Scholls Energizing Comfort Inserts enough.

Right off the bat, you can count on a high-quality, high-performance product when you turn to Dr. Scholls. Whether you go with Energizing Comfort Inserts or one of the other types available on the website at the moment, your feet are going to thank you.

These inserts give you moderate arch support and a cushioned forefoot with a gel sole. What’s not to adore?

5. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Insoles

When you’re trying to figure out what works best for your feet, you need to pay attention to a few features that are guaranteed to keep them supported and protected.

With Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Insoles, for example, you’re getting stabilizing heel cups that keep your feet aligned, Hypurcel foam padding for comfort, and a thin platform for support.

And, according to reviewers, these insoles are great for people suffering from overpronation and supination, too.

6. Silipos Ball of Foot Cushion Universal Gel Straps

Silipos 10025 Ball of The Foot Gel Cushions Pack of 2  - Latex Free, Hypoallergenic Foot Pads. Foot Care Products
$11.99 ($6.00 / Each Set)
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03/16/2024 04:28 am GMT

Silipos’ Universal Gel Straps do the same thing, but don’t forget that they’re appropriate for ball-of-the-foot fat pad atrophy only.

Among other things, these particular straps aid in reducing pressure and pain, taking care of all five of your metatarsal heads, and protecting your feet when walking on rough surfaces. And, they’re easy to get hold of considering they’re available pretty much everywhere.

7. Langer Bio Advanced Medium Density Insoles

If you’re happy to spend a little more money on something that’ll provide you with everything you need, you might want to check out Langer Bio Advanced Medium Density Insoles.

While they might seem expensive and extravagant (around $75 at the moment), they’re one of the best shoe inserts for fat pad atrophy for a reason.

Firstly, they’re heat-moldable, which means you can make them fit your feet to a tee. Furthermore, they’re equipped with contoured metatarsal support and replaceable EVA plugs.

And, they’re durable – you can wear them for months (and even years) without having to replace them.

8. Pedag Sneaker Magic Step Memory Foam Insoles

Pedag Sneaker Magic Step Memory Foam Orthotic Insole, M13/eu 46, 4.0 Ounce
$25.00 ($6.25 / Ounce)
Buy Now
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03/16/2024 04:31 am GMT

With Sneaker Magic Step insoles by Pedag, though, who’s to say you can’t have the same features for a fraction of the price? Made with memory foam, there’s hardly anything more comfortable you can wear on your feet.

And, their design features offer you more comfort than any of the other brands we’ve mentioned beforehand. A padded frame, a memory foam construction, and bamboo fibers that absorb sweat and keep your feet dry make for the most affordable alternative on the market.

9. Footmedics Gel Covered Full-Length Insoles

People who suffer from pronation along with fat pad atrophy are going to adore Footmedics Gel Covered Full-Length Insoles. They offer dual-density padding for comfort and are equipped with arch support for people suffering from overpronation. And, they’re made with a microfiber top cover.

10. GelSmart M-Gel Universal Metatarsal Strap

Pedifix GelSmart Mgel Universal Metatarsal Strap Uncovered Gel Large/X-Large Right

Buy Now
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03/16/2024 04:35 am GMT

GelSmart M-Gel Universal Metatarsal Straps might not be the best shoe inserts for fat pad atrophy, but they’re going to keep your feet supported and protected while you wait for your doctor to recommend something more custom.

Whether you’re suffering from fat pad atrophy, plantar fasciitis, or other foot-related problems, these straps are a great way to alleviate some of that pressure off of your feet.

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Pain-Free Steps 10 Best Shoe Inserts For Fat Pad Atrophy