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Best Football Cleats Of 2023: Top 6 That Made The Cut

Best Football Cleats Of 2023: Top 6 That Made The Cut

If you’re a football player, whether professional or amateur, or just a football fan, you’ve probably at least at one point in your life wondered which are the best football cleats to buy. I know I did, and I’m not even the biggest football aficionado out there.

But one thing is certain: If there’s one thing Americans are crazy about, it’s football. Millions lose their heads over the sport. And rightfully so – it’s action-packed and highly addictive to watch.

But, football is more than just a game. It is an integral part of our culture and an essential component of many people’s identities.

So, for some people, deciding what football cleats to get is no walk in the park, but rather an important and hard decision to make.

Generally speaking, the best football cleats are usually ones that provide optimal grip on the field. They feature a special design that helps players run incredibly fast and change directions smoothly while keeping them balanced and supported.

It’s essential that the cleats have a comfortable and snug fit – not too tight nor too loose. In other words, they should fit like a glove.

Also, it’s important to note the playing position of the player. Some cleats are specifically designed for a certain position and don’t perform well when used for others.

While on the other hand, there are football cleats that can easily meet the needs of any position.

In order to spare you the search for the best football cleats, this article brings you our top 6 of 2023 that you’re sure to like. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Out 6 best football cleats that you’re going to love

1. Adidas Adizero Scorch Football Cleats

adidas Men's Adizero Scorch Football Shoe, White/Black/White, 10.5
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Starting off strong, we have Adidas Adizero Scorch. These cleats are perfect for players who need to move FAST.

They’re great for almost any position – quarterback (QB), running back, wide receiver (WR), tight end (TE), defensive lineman, linebacker (LB), and defensive backs.

As far as features go, these cleats come with a double pull tab for easier and quicker slide-on. Their upper is made of breathable and lightweight material and features a mesh tongue.

On the bottom of these cleats, there are optimized flex zones for maximum stability and comfort. The razor frame plate ensures that the shoes are light and it provides great traction while cutting.

When it comes to their size, some people claim they run a bit small. So, in case you decide to purchase them, keep in mind that it may be better to go a size up.

And their price is pretty affordable, too. At around $110, that’s a decent price-quality ratio.

2. Nike Alpha Menace Varsity 3 Men’s Football Cleats

Nike Alpha Menace 3 Shark Mid CV0582-103 White-Red-Black Men's Football Cleats 10 US
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03/16/2024 11:39 pm GMT

Second on the list, we have Nike Alpha Menace Varsity 3 Men’s Football Cleats. This pair is said to be particularly good for beginners. But it’s also amazing for advanced players since it meets all the criteria important to any football player, no matter the position he plays.

Regarding fit, these Nike Alpha Menace Varsity 3 cleats are very comfortable, and they fit true to size. Many users have claimed that these shoes sort of molded to their feet, offering them security and confidence to do runs and quick direction changes.

They are made out of a combination of breathable and lightweight textile material and mesh, and they come with two pull tabs, one at the tongue and the other at the heel.

Although these cleats feel very light on the feet, they’re surprisingly durable and sturdy. And the spike configuration offers incredible on-field traction.

These Nike Alpha Menace Varsity 3 cleats are a great option if you are someone who is just about to dip his toes into the exciting waters of football. And they won’t break the bank, either. For a price of around $80, you’ll have a great pair of football cleats in your closet.

3. Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Football Cleats

Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Mens Football Cleat Ao8277-001 Size 7.5 Black/White
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03/16/2024 11:45 pm GMT

Hey, another Nike model. What can we say, Nike never seems to disappoint, right?

These Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 cleats have truly taken the world by storm. People all around the world have only great things to say about this model, with only here and there a certain critique, like the fact that they require a break-in period. But if you ask me, that’s something that can be fixed.

These football shoes are said to be perfect for quarterbacks who are on the lookout for a great pair that’ll enable them to run smoothly and perform quick cuts.

These cleats have a very trendy look and are extremely lightweight. Made out of a combo of textile and mesh, and with a heel pull tab and an elastic cuff, they’re seriously comfortable and breathable.

An interesting feature of these Nike cleats is their Ghost Lace closure system. Its main purpose is to keep the laces out of the way during the game, reducing any distractions.

The outsoles come with bigger and widely spaced studs, which ensures an amazing grip and allows players to “cut into” the grass and therefore run faster.

On the price point, Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 costs around the $250 mark, which is a bit much when compared with the previous two models. Nevertheless, it’s a worthy buy.

4. PUMA Future 2.1 Netfit FG/AG Football Cleats

PUMA Future 2.1 Netfit Fg Ag Mens
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Now, this is an incredible model by Puma. Their Future 2.1 Netfit football cleats form part of the second-gen of Puma’s Future collection and are loved by many worldwide.

For those who don’t know, the FG/AG in their name stands for “firm ground” and “artificial grass,” which is a way of describing the soles and studs, meaning they’re suitable for both terrains.

These cleats require minimal break-in time and are generally praised for their comfort and snug fit. They are extremely lightweight and feature flexible and agile Pebax hybrid outsoles which ensure great grip and traction.

What’s amazing about these cleats is their awesome lacing system. The upper is covered with a netted material which provides the wearer with endless lacing variations. This is a truly unique feature since it makes these cleats very customizable for different foot sizes and shapes.

The only drawback is that they cost a pretty penny – approximately $230, which is definitely an investment, but one worth making.

5. Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleats

Under Armour Men's Highlight Mc Football Shoe, White (106)/Metallic Silver, 15
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03/17/2024 12:10 am GMT

Second to last on our list is Under Armour Highlight MC. These cleats are said to be perfect for different power positions, especially for players looking for a protective yet mobile rearfoot.

These cleats feature a woven textile upper that comes with a structural 3D-printed cage that ensures incredible speed and lightness. They also come with a 3D-molded tongue, which only enhances their overall comfort.

Thanks to the high-rebound SuperFoam insoles for excellent shock absorption, the cleats are very comfortable, stable, and durable. And because of the CompFit ankle construction, they provide a snug fit and are very supportive.

And despite them being high-top, their new lace-free neoprene collar with speed straps makes for an exceptionally easy-to-slip-into cleat.

Under Armour Highlight MC has a decent grip but is not very breathable. It comes in a variety of colors and on average costs around $140.

6. Under Armour Men’s UA Spotlight Lux MC 2.0 Football Cleats

Under Armour Men's Sportlight Lux MC 2.0 Football Shoe, (401) Midnight Navy/White/White, 12
$130.00 $99.40
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03/17/2024 12:25 am GMT

And we’re finishing with another Under Armour model – their Men’s UA Spotlight Lux MC 2.0 football cleats. These unique cleats were designed for players who desire to stay on top of their game and need all-day support.

A lightweight engineered upper made with razor-sharp cuts makes these cleats extremely aerodynamic for explosive acceleration. They come with an anatomical 3D-boot, ensuring long-lasting comfort and great ankle support.

These cleats also come with SuperFoam insoles which can adapt to the shape of your foot, guaranteeing a perfect fit and solid shock absorption. And they also come with bladed and conical studs, affording great on-field traction.

These cleats are visually on point, too. They have a sort of shiny appeal that adds swag to your game. And they come with a sock-like collar with two pull tabs which ensure slipping in and out of them is pretty easy.

An added bonus of these Under Armour cleats is that they come with internal-structured guards which ensure even more support.

These cleats are available in 6 different colors, and they cost around $130.

How to choose the right pair of cleats?

We’ve given you 6 options to choose from, but now, you may be wondering which ones to go for. Nike Alpha Menace Varsity 3 cleats are pretty affordable and seem great for their price. But Under Armour Highlight MC cleats look cool and you’ve always been a fan of high-top ones.

We can’t make a choice for you, but we can definitely give you some guidelines.

First of all, consider the position you play and focus on the features your cleats need to offer. Unique design will definitely make others stare at your feet but that won’t help you if they aren’t lightweight and easy to run in.

Also, consider if your position requires some additional protection for the ankles or if you need them to be “free” so you can easily cut and turn. That way, you can decide if you should go for low-cut, mid-cut, or high-top cleats.

You should also check the material they’re made of. It needs to be breathable and shouldn’t prevent you from scoring those 6 points.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a perfect pair of cleats for yourself after reading this article. Good luck!

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Best Football Cleats Of 2023 Top 6 That Made The Cut