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How To Make Heels Quieter? 7 Effective Tips

How To Make Heels Quieter? 7 Effective Tips

Almost every pair of heels makes that loud click-clack sound I’m sure you’re more than familiar with. For some people, it is a sound they love to hear, for others it is annoying, to say the least. You have probably wondered how to make heels quieter so you don’t make a noise every time you take a step.

You wish to silence your shoes in order to avoid being the center of attention when you walk into the room (being late, of course). Everyone stops what they’re doing, and a million eyes are staring right back at you.

Not a pleasant feeling, at all. Especially if you’re an introvert like I am. I remember one time, back in college, I was late for this class (like, really late!) and for some reason, I decided to wear my new, heeled boots.

Not only did they make me slower, but they also ensured everybody, including the professor, noticed how late I actually was. If I had worn my regular boots, I could have slipped into the back seats of the class and only a few of my colleagues would have noticed that I was late.

But nope. I had to make my life difficult for myself. That’s just something I obviously like doing.

This little situation made me curious about why are heels so annoyingly loud sometimes. I’ve found out it’s due to their shape, the thickness of the heel, or the material they’re made out of. It also has a lot to do with the way a person walks.

After realizing this, I have wondered if there is a way to minimize the would heels make. After some research, I have finally found out how to make heels quieter.

Of course, I will share all my secrets with you. Below, you will find 7 useful and effective tips on how to calm down your loud pair of heels. Do check them out, and surely you’ll find the one (if not more) that works for you!

How to make heels quieter?

1. Purchase some high-heel caps

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One way to make heels quieter is by purchasing and installing high-heel caps on the pointy tips of your heels. You can go for Heel Lovers Protective Heel Caps or choose from many other options that are available on the market right now.

These caps act as sound suppressors – they don’t ultimately reduce the sound your heels make, but rather minimize it and make it less audible.

These caps, often called protectors, also serve as a protection for heel tips since, as we all know, they can significantly wear off in time. Plus, they ensure that you and your heels don’t sink into the grass when you find yourself in the great outdoors.

They come in many different colors and sizes, so it’s more than easy to find the ones that work best for your heels and blend with the rest of the colors.

Also, they are extremely easy to put on. All you need to do is to pull the existing tip of your heel with any pincer tool you have, especially if you’re able to see the little metal inside showing through. Then take the right size of heel cap, put it inside, and hammer it in until it’s secure. And that’s it!

These caps will not only make your heels quieter but also ensure that with every step you take, you feel stable, secure, and safe from falling on slippery surfaces. They will also increase the longevity of your heels.

2. Use gel foot cushions on the insides of your heels

To make your heels even quieter, apart from using the heel caps, you can also try to use gel foot cushions. We suggest Dr. Scholl’s Ball of Foot Cushions since they’re affordable and do their job.

These cushions will absorb all the vibrations you make with your heels while walking and will make your every step that much more stable. This comes in handy if you are not the most graceful walker in heels.

These foot cushions are placed inside your heels with the self-adhesive side bottom, also making them more comfortable. They are especially useful with open-toe shoes because they prevent your foot and toes from sliding over the edge of your shoes.

Another good thing about these ones is that they can be reused and put inside other shoes, as well. However, make sure you change them regularly, both for practical and hygienic reasons. If they are used constantly, the self-adhesive might loosen up, and they might escape your shoes altogether.

So it’s best to replace them on a monthly basis. Which shouldn’t be a problem since these are very affordable and easy to get.

3. Get anti-slip rubber soles for your heels

Do you want another great tip on how to make your heel quieter? Get anti-slip rubber soles for your heels! These rubber soles will not only reduce that click-clack sound your heels make, but they will also add a layer of grip and traction, preventing you from slipping over challenging surfaces.

The anti-slip rubber soles are glued under your heels, but it’s not actually something you can do yourself, without any prior experience. You’ll probably have to take your heels to your local cobbler and have him do it for you.

This might get a tad bit more expensive than the previous two methods. But, think of it as an investment you make for a pair or two of your favorite heels. You don’t have to put rubber soles on every pair you have. Just pick the ones you wear the most.

Make sure you ask the cobbler for extra strong rubber, to avoid your anti-slip soles getting worn out too quickly.

This method can is also applicable to shoes you work in. Or basically, any shoes you want to make a tad bit more slip-resistant.

4. Use foot foam on your heels

How To Make Heels Quieter? 7 Effective Tips

Next on our list is the foot foam. It is made out of shock-absorbing rubber and can come in a pre-cut form or in a larger form which you have to cut on your own according to the size of your heel. In my opinion, this second option is better since it’s more customizable.

Generally speaking, foot foam is pretty easy to install. All you need to do is peel off the adhesive and glue the foam to the shoe. Easy peasy!

This foot foam is amazing at minimizing the loud sound heels can make. However, it’s not the safest option for wet and slippery surfaces since it is not exactly the most slip-resistant option on this list.

But, it can do the trick on regular, dry ground.

5. Glue felt fabric on the soles of your heels

“How to make heels quieter? Can I DIY this thing?”

Of course, you can! If you, for whatever reason, don’t want to buy any of the four abovementioned products, you can follow the next three DIY tips and silence your heels on your own. You’ll still have to get certain things, that’s for sure. But who knows, maybe you already got some of them in your home.

The first DIY method includes gluing felt fabric on the soles of your heels. They will serve as your homemade anti-slip soles. They will have a somewhat similar effect and could be more rewarding for you since, you know, you made it yourself.

All you have to do is get a felt fabric, preferably the most durable you can find, cut it according to the size of the bottom of your heels, and glue it on the soles using super glue. Wait for it to completely dry, and that’s it!

Keep an eye on this one since it is not a long-lasting solution. In a couple of weeks, depending on how often you are wearing your heels, you will have to change the felt fabric because the old one would wear off. That’s nothing to worry about, though. Just repeat the same process, and you’ll be good to go.

6. Use duct tape

Another DIY solution is to use duct tape. This is a common household item, so I’m sure you already have it lying in one of those cupboard drawers. And I’m sure you never thought you could use it to make your heels quieter.

The process of applying duct tape to your heels is fairly easy. First of all, you have to thoroughly wash the soles of your heels as the dirt and debris can make the sticky part of the duct tape ineffective. After your heels are properly dried, you can proceed and apply duct tape to their soles.

Make sure you cut the duct tape according to the size of your heels and feel free to use several layers for optimal results. That’s pretty much it!

You can also try to use gaffer tape as it will have the same effect. It might even work better since it is made out of fabric, meaning it’s better at muffling the sound.

Bear in mind though that these two solutions will only silence your shoes, not make them less slippery. So be careful with it and avoid challenging surfaces.

7. Use sandpaper on your heels

As our last tip, we have the sandpaper method. This is a highly effective method and a fairly simple one. All you have to do is take some sandpaper (I’m sure you have some in your garage) and rub it over the soles of your heels.

This will change the texture of your heels, making them quieter. However, it will also make them slippery. Believe it or not, this is one of the methods dancers use to make their shoes more slippery for dancing.

So, if you are not planning to go dancing, be extra careful with this one because it can make you lose your precious balance.

How To Make Heels Quieter 7 Effective Tips