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Help! How To Keep Your Feet From Sliding Forward In Heels?

Help! How To Keep Your Feet From Sliding Forward In Heels?

Wearing heels isn’t the most comfortable experience. Add a hot summer day and your feet constantly sliding in it, and you got yourself a day from hell! But, how to keep your feet from sliding forward in heels, and is it even possible? Are we simply doomed to struggle forever?

There’s hardly anything we hate more than finding a pair of heels that checks all the boxes, only to find out they’re far from ideal. They’re beautiful and go perfectly with your outfit. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to put them on.

Fast-forward to a few hours later: your toes are out, as you’re desperately fighting to keep your feet in place. Not only is this super uncomfortable, but you could easily trip and fall. You clench your toes trying to hold on to your heels for dear life, only to end up with blisters and painful feet the next day…

Good news, girls! Your feet won’t be sliding forward in your heels forever. There are quick and easy solutions to your issue that will change the game for you. When you find the one that suits you best, you’ll be able to look and feel good the next time you wear your pair!

Keep reading if you’d like to know how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels, why in the world this happens to us, and how to choose the right pair. Let’s answer all of your questions!

Why do feet slide forward in heels?

Help! How To Keep Your Feet From Sliding Forward In Heels?

First of all, it’s important to know why it happens in the first place. Don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with your feet, bestie. This happens to everyone! It’s not easy being a girl…

Unlike flat shoes, your weight isn’t evenly distributed across the sole when you’re wearing heels. Most of it goes to the front, causing your feet to slide forward. It’s normal and natural, but it still doesn’t make it any less annoying.

On top of the position of your feet, sliding can happen if your heels aren’t the right size. Be honest now, did you buy them because they were adorable, and there was only one size left? It’s okay, we’re not here to judge.

Next time you buy a new pair of heels – make sure they fit your feet well. You can go half a size up if you must, but not bigger than that.

Sometimes, none of these things are the reason why your feet slide! It could be simply because your shoes are polished, or there’s no traction that might keep your feet in place. No matter what it is, we’ve got some solutions for you.

How to keep your feet from sliding forward in heels: 5 life-changing hacks

Now that you know this is completely normal, we can move on to the easiest ways how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels. These methods won’t hurt your budget, but they’ll definitely be life-changing. Our favorite thing about them is that you probably have some of these things in your drawers already!

Your next night out will be a blast, and your heels will be the last thing on your mind. Let’s see how you can keep your feet in place so you can spend the night dancing your heart away!

1. Give drawer liners a try

This one might sound silly to you, but hang on. I mean, when you googled “how to keep your feet from sliding forward in heels” you probably didn’t imagine yourself cutting a piece of your drawer liner… But it works. Seriously.

You might not have it in your drawers, but we’re pretty sure your grandma’s countertops are covered with rubber liners. There’s something about them that our grannies love, and we might find a fashionable use for them, too!

Now is a great time to pay a visit to your granny, drink some tea, spill some tea, and get a piece of her rubber drawer liner. These liners are designed to keep things from slipping, and they’ll work perfectly for your feet, as well. You don’t believe us? Try it out! You have nothing to lose. Your feet are already hurting.

Take a piece of the mat and cut it into the shape of your heels. Make it a perfect copy of their insoles, and place them in. Not only will your feet stay in place, but this might make your heels a bit comfier, too.

2. Using good old talcum powder

It’ll forever stay engraved in my mind how painful my prom was. It was my first time wearing heels, and I seriously thought it will be my last. My feet were sore for 3 days straight! All because I tried to keep them on by trying to hold a grip on my soles…

However, I didn’t let that one experience hold me back from wearing heels and feeling like a goddess. So I asked my mom for advice. That’s when she introduced me to the beauty of talcum powder, and I never looked back.

Covering your feet in talcum powder is a great way to keep them dry and in place. Even when you’ve just gotten your pair out of the box! If you don’t have any talc, you can use baby powder, baking soda, or cornstarch – they all work perfectly fine.

3. Use any kind of heel grips

This one is a common solution for everyone who’s wondering how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels. Heel grips are designed for this issue, so let them do their magic.

They come in a variety of designs and materials, and they work as heel pads for your shoes. This is a perfect solution for those of you who couldn’t resist getting your pair of heels despite them being too big for you… Heel grips will fill up that additional space in the back.

They’ll also give you the much-needed traction, which will help you keep your shoes on, and your feet in place. We recommend choosing the ones made out of gel, as they’ll stick well to your skin without creating discomfort.

4. Hairspray to the rescue!

Hairspray on your feet? You’ve read it right! Using our favorite magic spray on feet will make them sticky, which will allow your heels to stay in place. This is a trick you’ll find on plenty of Hollywood, red-carpet events, and you deserve to feel like a diva!

It’s pretty easy and fast – simply spray the bottom of your feet and don’t wait too long before you put your shoes on. When they’re on, wait for a couple of minutes for the hairspray to dry, and walk around. Don’t they feel a lot more secure now? A cheap and easy trick for a Hollywood type of glam!

We recommend bringing a mini hairspray that can fit in your purse. This method will only last you for a couple of hours, so you might want to reapply the spray every now and then.

5. Double-sided tape is always a solution

Good old double-sided tape seems like a perfect solution to every problem. If you’re thinking of ways how to keep your feet from sliding forward in heels, you might want to take a look into your drawers and look for this little magic tool.

Another cheap life hack that’s loved by Hollywood celebrities. The more we look into it, the more it seems like there’s nothing luxurious about the glamorous looks we see on red carpets. Somehow, it makes us love them even more. We get to be glamorous, too!

Double-sided tape is usually very sticky, making it a great solution when you want to stick your feet to your shoes. Still, this kind of tape can be a bit too sticky sometimes, which can damage your heels. Because of that, using Hollywood tape, or toupee tape might be a better solution.

Whichever of these two you choose, one thing is for sure – your feet won’t budge. They’ll stick to the sole of your feet, but they’ll still be easy to remove without leaving residue or causing any damage. Sounds good to us!

How to choose the right shoes for yourself?

Sometimes, simply choosing the right shoes for you will help you keep your feet from sliding forward in your heels. Don’t buy heels simply because they’re cute, and make sure they fit you well. Your feet will be grateful. Try them on, walk around the store and make sure they don’t slip or slide.

Good arch support will help you keep your feet in place. Although they might be a bit more expensive, choose a pair with a sturdy and well-cushioned sole. They’ll absorb shock and reduce the impact every time your feet touch the ground.

Always go for breathable materials, such as leather, as they’ll allow the air to flow and reduce sweating. Choose comfort before style, and you’ll feel and look a lot better when there’s no excruciating pain with every step you take.

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Help! How To Keep Your Feet From Sliding Forward In Heels