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Are Converse Good For Skating? 10 Things To Keep An Eye On

Are Converse Good For Skating? 10 Things To Keep An Eye On

Now, are Converse good for skating?

Whether you’re searching for starter sneakers to try out for the Bones Brigade skating team (the OGs will know what we’re talking about), or you’re a skating pro that’s searching for the perfect skating sneakers, we’re not surprised that the ever-enduring Chuck Taylor sneakers come to mind.

Converse sneakers have managed to become synonymous with streetwear, but that’s not how everyone’s favorite canvas sneakers started. Around the year 1908, a company known as Converse Rubber Corporation decided to start producing rubber shoes for workers who were working season-to-season.

Over time, they figured out they would be better off producing athletic shoes (more demand, more money). At the time, everybody was obsessed with basketball and the company decided to produce basketball shoes.

Around the year 1917, the company created the first version of the iconic All-Star sneakers with rubber soles and canvas uppers. At first, they didn’t make that much money and they were thinking of switching things up again.

However, when Chuck Taylor, a basketball player for the Acron Firestones, started promoting them across the country, the All-Star sneaker sales skyrocketed. And, that’s how the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors that we know and love came to be.

At the end of the day, Converse are great for basketball – but…

Are Converse good for skating?

Are Converse Good For Skating? 10 Things To Keep An Eye On

Converse are good for skating (sort of). Converse is a great brand to turn to when you’re searching for starter skating sneakers or sneakers that are going to serve the purpose without offering you everything you need when you’re skateboarding.

Converse offers a variety of sneaker styles to choose from, and they even feature an entire sneaker collection dedicated to skateboarding known as Converse Cons. Right off the bat, Converse sneakers are made with high-quality, durable fabrics such as leather, rubber, and canvas.

More often than not, Converse sneakers are breathable, lightweight, and flexible. Considering the fact that they were constructed and designed to be worn on the basketball court, they’re great at providing you with enough traction and grip to prevent you from slipping and falling.

Now, skateboarding sneakers need to feature a few characteristics to be appropriate for the skatepark. For starters, skateboarding sneakers need to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible. Converse shoes offer exactly that.

Other than that, they need to offer great grip, ankle support, and arch support, as well as provide your feet with enough comfort to combat blisters and bruises (which some Converse do).

Of course, they need to be durable, scratch-resistant, and scuff resistant, as well as offer enough shock absorption to protect your feet.

Are Converse good for skating, then? We would argue that they are, depending on what you’re searching for and depending on which style you choose.

What makes Converse good for skating?

1. Converse are lightweight, breathable, and flexible

Whenever you’re wondering “are Converse good for skating,” remember that these sneakers feature three of the most prominent characteristics that skaters search for.

Converse sneakers are lightweight even though they’re made with rubber soles and hardwearing materials. Some Converse sneakers are made with mesh uppers and synthetic overlays that make them even lighter than other sneakers.

Also, Converse sneakers are breathable, whether they’re made out of leather or canvas. Converse sneakers feature little eyelets that allow airflow. Oh and, Converse sneakers are flexible because they’re made with gum rubber soles and soft uppers.

2. Converse are durable

That’s right, you don’t need to opt for sturdy, hard-wearing sneakers that are going to weigh you down and prevent you from performing flips and tricks. Converse are made with high-quality leather and canvas uppers that are difficult to tear and damage even with excessive force.

On the other hand, Converse sneakers are made with rubber soles (which we already mentioned a few times) that are made to withstand daily use without breaking down.

While we’re on the topic of breaking, Converse sneakers don’t need the “break-in period” to make them more flexible and comfortable. They are made with fabrics that promise comfort from the get-go. Talk about a versatile sneaker!

3. Converse protect your toes

Converse sneakers feature rubber toe caps that appear to be made for skaters and skateparks (but, they’re not!). Rubber toe caps are added to offer protection and durability – they’re reinforced with stitching for the same reason.

Now, when you’re one of those skaters who adores showing off different moves, flips, and tricks, rubber toe caps are guaranteed to protect you from wounds, blisters, and bruises.

And, they’re guaranteed to protect your sneakers from wearing down prematurely. Most sneakers wear down around the toe area because of the rubbing and scraping against the ground.

4. Converse feature added protection and reinforcement

Are Converse Good For Skating? 10 Things To Keep An Eye On

Skaters know that skating sneakers need to feature added protection and reinforcement around the toes, heels, and other areas of the foot because the feet are the ones that suffer the beating.

When you’re skating, you’re pretty much putting enormous amounts of pressure on your feet that’s guaranteed to make your feet bruised, beaten down, and uncomfortable by the end of the day (when you’re lucky).

Converse sneakers feature rubber toe caps, but they feature added padding around the heel collar, too. And, some even have cupsoles and vulcanized soles, as well as CX Foam sock liners.

5. Some Converse offer ankle and arch support

Now, we won’t beat around the bushes and argue how Converse feature enough ankle and arch support for everyone – because they don’t.

When you’re a skater that needs these two features due to health problems, previous foot problems, or even personal preferences, you might want to go with more appropriate alternatives.

When you’re someone who’s not that bothered with these features, on the other hand, you’re free to choose the Converse sneakers that speak to you the most.

But, for the sake of the article, the Converse Cons sneakers we mentioned beforehand do feature added ankle and arch support. Opt for high-tops and you’re good to go!

6. Converse offer double and triple stitching

Are Converse good for skating, you wonder? Actually, they are when you choose the ones that feature double and triple stitching.

When you’re a skater that’s planning on performing tricks (aren’t we all!?), you need to go for sneakers that aren’t glued together. Sneakers that are glued are guaranteed to break apart sooner or later, and they aren’t guaranteed to serve you for years and years.

But, sneakers that are made with double stitching and triple stitching are both durable and flexible. And, the Chuck 70 Triple Stitch High Canvas Sneakers by Converse are crafted with triple stitching which means those are the ones that might be the most appropriate for a skater.

7. Some Converse are designed specifically for skating

So, we already brushed over the fact that Converse offers sneakers that are specifically designed for skating. They feature everything that a skater might need.

We’re, of course, talking about the Converse Cons sneakers which are made with rubber-backed uppers, rubber toe caps, cupsoles, vulcanized soles, CX Foam sock liners, and CONS traction rubber outsoles. Converse Cons are what every skater’s dreams are made of, right?!

What makes Converse bad for skating?

1. Some Converse don’t offer ankle and arch support

Of course, we can’t forget to underline some of the drawbacks of Converse sneakers (when we’re talking about skateboarding).

Converse sneakers aren’t made to accommodate anyone’s ankles and arches because they weren’t made with orthopedic design in mind.

While some Converse offer padding for arch support and rubber backing for ankle support, most Converse don’t feature the characteristics that take care of these feet problems.

When you’re wearing Converse sneakers, don’t forget to avoid performing tricks that might have you rolling your ankles or hurting your feet.

2. Some Converse are made with canvas which wears down over time

Are Converse Good For Skating? 10 Things To Keep An Eye On

When you Google search “are Converse good for skating,” you’re probably going to uncover something along the lines of “they are, but canvas Converse aren’t.”

Now, Converse sneakers made with canvas uppers are pretty lightweight, breathable, and flexible which works wonders on the skateboard.

However, canvas sneakers are known to wear down and break apart pretty quickly which means that Converse sneakers might not be the right choice for everyone. When you’re searching for durable sneakers, opt for leather Converse or some of the other competing brands.

3. Some Converse don’t offer enough padding to provide comfort for sore feet

Finally, we can’t forget about comfort. Now, most skaters would describe Converse as comfortable because they’re lightweight, breathable, and flexible (we’ve talked your ears off with those characteristics).

But, Converse sneakers don’t feature enough padding to make them as comfortable as running shoes, for example. Unfortunately, they don’t offer enough cushioning to protect your feet from bruises and blisters when you’re out there performing your flips and tricks.

Converse are good for skating for the most part, but they’re not the best skating sneakers out there.

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Are Converse Good For Skating 10 Things To Keep An Eye On