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Quit Horsing Around: How To Store Cowboy Boots Correctly

Quit Horsing Around: How To Store Cowboy Boots Correctly

With an enormous collection of cowboy boots, every cowboy needs a proper storage solution. Whether you’re planning on building a mudroom for your muddy boots or trying to keep your Western footwear in pristine condition, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to store cowboy boots the right way.

Where do we even start? From clever cubbies to keep your boots out of sight to simple, sleek, tiered racks to show them off, there are numerous options to consider. Further, you can always DIY a wall-mounted mirror that opens up to reveal an entire world of Western boots.

Whatever you decide to do, we’re going to be there every step of the way. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to store cowboy boots guaranteed to keep your precious possessions out of harm’s way. Read more down below!

But first, what to do before storing cowboy boots?

Quit Horsing Around How To Store Cowboy Boots Correctly

Before you start shopping for cubbies and cabinets, make sure your boots are prepared to be stored away for months to come. When stored the wrong way, your cowboy boots can get stretched out, cracked, and wrinkled.

Not to mention that moisture diminishes the integrity of leather, which means your Western boots might end up catching a bad case of mold and reeking of mildew – never to be the same again. Now, you can avoid that by following a few tips and tricks to ensure they’re taken care of for a long time to come.

1. Clean them

Always take time to clean your cowboy boots before you store them. Cowboy boots are oftentimes made of genuine leather, which can get damaged and destroyed when stored incorrectly. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just dust them off and put them away.

Get your hands on warm water, a clean cloth, and a soft brush. Brush them to get rid of dust and debris. Clean them with warm water and leave them in a well-ventilated spot until they’re fully dry.

2. Waterproof them

Waterproofing your cowboy boots can make a world of difference. When leather boots get wet, there’s always a chance they might end up stretching out, creasing, and losing shape.

With cowboy boots, that possibility’s even bigger because they’re typically made with exotic leather that requires special care. Waterproof them with wax or an over-the-counter waterproofing spray and you’re good to go.

3. Condition them

If it’s your first time waterproofing your boots, we suggest conditioning them before applying a waterproofing spray. If it’s not, we’re pretty sure you don’t need to follow a particular order because your boots already have layers and layers of product on them.

Whatever the case might be, you can condition your cowboy boots with a lanolin-based boot condition or polish them with a cream leather polish that matches your boots. When you’re done, you can proceed with figuring out how to store cowboy boots.

How to store cowboy boots

1. Use a clever cubby to store your boots away from the eye

Whether you’re working with a mudroom, an entryway, or a storage room, cubbies are pretty much the most convenient way to store your cowboy boots. With a cute little cubby, you get to keep your boots out of sight without much trouble.

Stylish cabinets are available anywhere you turn, so it’s up to you to choose the one that works for your space. Remember, opt for a cabinet that’s tall enough to store your tallest cowboy boots and go from there. Consider putting a microfiber towel within each cabinet space to trap excess moisture.

2. Use a boot rack to keep them off the floor

Storing boots can be a tough task because they’re known to require more storage space than your average sneaker or sandal.

Cowboy boots are even worse because they’re easily damaged, but we’ve got a solution for every shoe-related problem you might experience. Boot racks are perfect for cowboy boots because they’re made to keep your boots from creasing.

Whether you hang them on the wall, display them in the entryway, or keep them hidden inside the cabinet, boot racks are guaranteed to keep your cowboy boots safely out of your way when you’re not wearing them.

3. Use a boot box with ventilation holes for expensive cowboy boots

When you were saving up to buy a pair of perfectly fitted Rios of Mercedes cowboy boots, you didn’t think you’d need to figure out how to store them without damaging them.

Paying over $500 for a pair of Western boots means you need to get your hands on a boot box or two. Pleasing to the eye, boot boxes are suitable for storing pricey cowboy boots because they’re made with high-quality materials, ventilation holes, and simple, sleek designs.

Whether you stack them on top of one another or display them for everyone to see, your Rios of Mercedes will be safe and sound.

4. Use a boot bag to store your cowboy boots under the bed

Quit Horsing Around How To Store Cowboy Boots Correctly

Boot bags are another great way to store your cowboy boots when storage space is limited. Because they’re lightweight, breathable, and compact, you can get away with putting them anywhere – under your bed, in your closet, or on your balcony.

But what’s even better about boot bags is that you can use them to bring your boots with you when traveling. With a boot bag, you won’t have to worry about your cowboy boots getting damaged or dirty on the way. What’s not to love?

5. Use a boot stand to show them off

Boot racks and boot stands are similar, but boot stands are made to show off your Rios of Mercedes or Frye Western boots.

Whether you’re a cowboy or a Western culture enthusiast, chances are you aren’t wondering how to store cowboy boots because you’re bothered by them – you’re thinking about how to show them off to your guests without actually showing them off.

With a fashion-forward boot stand, you can display your cowboy boots and use them as a part of the decor. Prop them up on your entryway cabinet or put them on the wall of your bedroom. Whatever you do, remember to have fun with it.

6. Use boot shapers and boot trees to prevent your boots from cracking

One of the biggest concerns of storing cowboy boots is the never-ending question of how to keep them straight and scuff-free.

On one hand, cowboy boots are made with high-quality, hard-wearing materials that promise to last a long time. On the other, they’re easily destroyed because they’re sensitive to creases and cracks.

Because of that, you can use a boot shaper or a boot tree to ensure your cowboy boots keep their shape during the time that they’re stored. We’d suggest opting for a boot tree made from cedar because it will absorb moisture and leave a pleasant scent in your boots, too.

7. Use a free-standing shelf to keep your cowboy boots on display

Wondering how to store cowboy boots without hiding them away?

When boot stands don’t go with the aesthetic of your apartment, you can always opt for a free-standing shelf to display your Western boots. With a free-standing shelf, you don’t need to worry about storage space because you’re using your cowboy boots for decoration.

Make sure you use boot shapers and boot trees to keep your boots upright, then play with different placements. Experiment with bigger and smaller shelves to get the effect you’re searching for. Good luck!

8. DIY a one-of-a-kind shelving solution

What would we do without Pinterest? We’d have to pay skilled professionals to do the work we’re perfectly capable of doing – sort of. We’re aware that not everyone’s a fan of DIY projects, but they’re a great way to have some fun and end up with a one-of-a-kind product.

With DIY shelves, you can decide what works for you. Whether you go for a free-standing shelf or a cute cabinet, we’re keeping our fingers crossed your Western boots don’t end up without a roof over their head by the end of the project!

9. Use a boot bench for a multipurpose solution

Who wouldn’t want a multipurpose boot bench that’s guaranteed to make any entryway appear more polished and put-together?

Boot benches are great because you can use them to store your cowboy boots, rest on them when you get home from work and you can’t move a finger, or sit on them when you’re trying to put on a challenging pair of tight-high boots.

10. Use hooks to hide even more cowboy boots under a boot bench

When you clean your cowboy boots, you can get away with keeping them under your boot bench without anyone batting an eye.

Bigger boot benches typically come with an open shelf or open space underneath. With a couple of hooks, you get a DIY storage solution for your cowboy boots when you aren’t wearing them. What a great hack!

Quit Horsing Around: How To Store Cowboy Boots Correctly