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Do Crocs Stretch? Here’s All The Tea You Should Know!

Do Crocs Stretch? Here’s All The Tea You Should Know!

Although Crocs are known for their comfort, if they don’t fit you properly they can be pretty uncomfortable to wear. Yes, even as breathable and roomy as they are, the world’s favorite clogs can be too tight. So, do Crocs stretch, or is getting a brand-new pair the only solution?

You’ve been on the hunt for a perfect pair of Crocs for quite some time. You finally found your favorites, ordered cute accessories for them, and couldn’t be more excited to put them on. However, your excitement completely crashed once they were on and you realized they were too tight.

You’ve always had issues with buying shoes because of your in-between size, but you didn’t really think Crocs would give you trouble, too. Well, life always has a way to prove you wrong, and this is definitely the last thing you expected.

So, are you able to save your money, or do you have to purchase a whole new pair? Do Crocs stretch? Worry not, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll give you all the answers you need. Hint: we’re pretty sure you’ll like them!

So, do Crocs stretch?

Do Crocs Stretch? Here's All The Tea You Should Know!

Good news, Crocs lovers! Your lovely pair will most likely stretch a little after you wear them a couple of times. Since everyone’s favorite clogs are super flexible and mold easily to your feet, don’t worry if they feel a bit tight at first. They’ll stretch and find their way to your heart!

If simply wearing them doesn’t stretch your Crocs enough, there are many ways you can go a step further (see what we did there?) and stretch them even more! If you overdo it, don’t stress about it. You can also easily shrink them back! And we thought we couldn’t love Crocs more…

No matter what, Crocs will always loosen up a bit thanks to their flexible material. However, we understand you’d probably like to speed up the process a little bit and finally enjoy your new pair. It’s a good thing you’re here, my friend – we’ve got some great tips for you!

Best ways to stretch your Crocs

Knowing that Crocs do stretch with time doesn’t mean much if you want to wear them ASAP but they keep hurting your feet. You need a quick and easy solution – and we’ve got exactly that. Here are our favorite ways to stretch your Crocs with little effort!

1. Put them in hot water

The material that Crocs are made of is reactive to heat and becomes a lot more flexible and elastic. Because of that, heating up your lovely pair of Crocs might be the solution you were looking for.

What’s the quickest and safest way to heat something up? Put it in hot water – unless there’s a risk it will melt. However, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to Crocs. They’re pretty darn durable.

Step one is boiling some water and pouring it into a large bowl or pot. Next, take the Crocs you’d like to stretch and put them in the hot water. Don’t leave them inside for longer than a minute. We highly doubt you’d like to end up with Crocs that are too big now, do you?

After one minute, take your Crocs out of the water and let them cool down. Warning: don’t touch them with your bare hands! You’ll most definitely regret it…

Once they’re safe enough to touch but not completely cold, put your feet inside and wear them around the house. No matter how uncomfortable wearing wet Crocs is, let them dry on your feet so they can mold to them.

2. Heat them up with a hairdryer

Do Crocs Stretch? Here's All The Tea You Should Know!

Okay, we might have lied a little bit. Putting things in hot water might not be the quickest way to heat them up. We’re big fans of using hairdryers for the same purpose.

A hairdryer will work quickly, efficiently, and without any mess you’ll have to clean up afterward, like droplets of water all over your floors… The only thing you’ll need is a hairdryer (duh!) and a pair of thick socks.

We bet you didn’t believe you’d end up cooking your Crocs or drying them with a hairdryer, but here you are. Place your hairdryer inside the Crocs, and turn it on to the highest temperature. Don’t worry, your lovely clogs will be just fine.

Keep it inside for about 30 seconds and, once you notice they’ve started warming up, turn it off. Next, put on an extra thick pair of socks and wear your Crocs around the house until they cool down. They’ll mold to your feet in no time!

3. Freeze them!

Wait, we’ve just talked about how heating them up can help you stretch your Crocs, but now we’re about to freeze them?! Yep! And, it will work just as well as putting them in boiling water or heating them up with a hairdryer.

In fact, this is probably the most popular method of stretching Crocs – you can even try it on your other shoes and see how it goes! All you’ll need for this little DIY project are small plastic bags, some water, and, of course, a freezer.

The first step is filling some plastic bags (preferably Ziploc) with water and placing them inside your Crocs. Make sure you push the bag all the way to the toe area of your Crocs, and that the lid is fully closed and secured.

In case your toe section is not an issue but some other parts of your Crocs need stretching, simply put more bags so that they push other parts as well.

When they’re nicely filled with water bags, put your Crocs into the freezer and leave them overnight. Another thing you didn’t expect to do after reading about ways of stretching Crocs we assume…

In the morning, brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee, and head to your freezer. Take the frozen bags out of your Crocs and put them on your feet. Again, we have to warn you – don’t be barefoot. You might regret it…

Walk around your home for a bit and you’ll pretty much feel them mold to your feet. Of course, if that’s still not enough, you can put them in the freezer for another night and hope for the best the next morning.

You can shrink Crocs, too!

Now, I know you’re here because you were wondering if you can stretch your Crocs, but in case you’ve tried any of our methods there’s a chance your dear pair might be a bit too big now…

It’s hard to find the right fit sometimes, isn’t it? Don’t worry. Just like you were able to stretch your Crocs, you can shrink them, too. It’s just as easy, so let’s see what are some things you can do.

1. Put them in a dryer

Do Crocs Stretch? Here's All The Tea You Should Know!

You’re now looking at your Crocs, thinking about how they were too tight about an hour ago, and now they keep slipping off your feet because they’re too large. If there was only a restart button on them…

Well, there might not be a restart button, but you can throw them in a magic machine that will make them go back to their original size! Okay, it’s not a magic machine, it’s a dryer, but it’ll work like magic. I promise!

In case you skipped the whole article and didn’t get the message – heat allows you to alter the size of Crocs. Just like you can stretch them, you can also shrink them!

Throw your Crocs in a dryer and turn it to medium heat. It might be tempting to go higher, but there’s a high chance it might damage them. We’re pretty sure you don’t want that after going through so much trouble to make them fit…

Don’t leave them inside for longer than 10 minutes before you take them out and see if there’s any change in them. If they still feel too big, throw them back in and repeat the process.

2. Leave them out to get some sun

Remember that time you went outside and put on your old Crocs, only to find out your feet have somehow grown a size up overnight? Yeah, you don’t have superhero feet, but we’re pretty sure you’ve left your Crocs in direct sunlight the day before.

Now, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and let the sun do its magic. Take your Crocs outside on a sunny day, and let them bask in direct sunlight for about half an hour.

This will work relatively quickly, so don’t leave them out longer than that. Once they feel good, keep them in a shade so they don’t shrink too much.

3. Put them in hot water (again)

No, we’re not messing with you. Putting your Crocs in hot water can help you shrink them, too… The only difference is in what you do afterward.

When you boiled your Crocs to stretch them, the final step was putting them on and walking around the house. It was the thing that made them stretch and mold, so the only logical thing is to skip doing it altogether!

Put your Crocs in boiling hot water for a minute, take them out, and leave them to cool off. They should be back to their original size.

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Do Crocs Stretch Here's All The Tea You Should Know!