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How To Dry Boots Fast: 5 Ways To Save The Day

How To Dry Boots Fast: 5 Ways To Save The Day

Looking over at your shoes after you’ve spent the whole day out in the rain, you’re now trying to figure out how to dry boots fast. How are you supposed to wear them tomorrow, too?! If there was only a quick solution to your problems…

Would you know it – there is a solution! More than just one, actually. We assume you’ve already heard that air-drying your shoes is the best way to go.

Because you’re here, we also assume you’re not lucky enough to be able to wait that long. If your work boots are soaking wet, but you still have to wear them the next morning, you’ll need a way to dry them ASAP.

It probably took you weeks to find a perfect pair of work boots. They can get pretty expensive, too. If you’ve treated yourself to a nice pair of quality leather boots, we assume they came with quite a big price tag. We get it – you’d like to use them for as long as possible. Who wouldn’t?!

Drying them in high heat can be damaging to the leather. We’re sure it’s tempting when you need a quick fix. But we’re also pretty certain you don’t want to regret it a month later… Because of that, it’s important to prepare your boots well and choose the right drying technique.

Just thinking about putting on a pair of wet boots makes us cringe. Of course, we won’t let that happen to you! If you’re looking for ways how to dry boots fast, we’ve got answers for you. You’ll want to start as soon as possible, so let’s wait no longer – here are our favorite tips!

Preparing your boots for drying

How To Dry Boots Fast: 5 Ways To Save The Day

Before we get to different methods on how to dry boots fast, it’s important to prepare your pair first. It will help you protect your lovely leather, while also making the whole process a lot faster.

We all know how dirty boots get in damp environments. To avoid the risk of staining and discoloration, it’s crucial to clean them well, first. You can use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt and mud but, for a deeper clean, go with the good ol’ cloth and soapy water combo.

Make sure you never use alcohol or detergents with strong chemicals, as they can damage the leather or even cause discoloration. Keep it simple!

After you’ve cleaned your boots, remove the insoles. Put them aside at an angle to dry and let the air get to the outsoles of your shoes more easily. Not only will your boots dry faster, but the airflow will also reduce odor.

Although you can skip this step, it might be a good idea to remove the laces, too. They’ll dry faster when they’re out of your boots. In case you’re dealing with a pair of high-top boots, removing the laces can be a long process, so you might want to skip doing this altogether.

How to dry boots fast: 5 easy methods that work

Now that you know how to prepare your lovely pair, let’s see what are some of the best ways to dry boots fast. You’ll see, most of them are super easy. The amazing part is – you won’t need any special tools. Except for one method, but we’ll get to it. Here are our favorite tips!

1. Good old grains technique

We’ve all heard about putting our phones in rice when we accidentally drop them in water. Although it might sound silly, this method usually works! For many people all over the world, this is a trusting solution they always go back to. But, can it work for boots, too?

Believe it or not, putting your pair of boots in any kind of grain is a great way to dry them! As always, start off by cleaning your pair inside and out. Use a pair of stockings or any kind of thin socks, and fill them with uncooked grains.

After you’ve sealed them with a rubber band and placed them inside your boots, it’s time to deal with the outside. Take a bowl big enough to fit your damp boots, add about an inch of dry grains, and put your boots on top.

Containers for dry food would be an ideal choice as they won’t let any air inside. Seal your bowl shut and let the grains do their magic! How long you keep your boots inside depends purely on how wet they are. If they’re absolutely soaked, leave them overnight.

2. Wrap them in a towel

Do you want to know how to dry boots fast? Soak up as much water as you possibly could using just about any old cloth you have. It seems like it’s good you didn’t throw away that old and ugly towel after all!

It’s finally time to use it! Of course, start by cleaning off any dirt and mud. Then, slowly blot the surface of your boots, and let the towel soak up as much moisture as possible. This will speed up the drying process significantly.

For the best results, we recommend stuffing the inside of your pair with a towel and using another one to wrap them. Leave them aside for about an hour or so, and see if they’re still damp. If the answer is yes – change the towel and repeat the process.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Plus, there’s no risk of you accidentally damaging your lovely pair! We see no cons here.

3. Let them bask in the sun

How To Dry Boots Fast: 5 Ways To Save The Day

If you’ve been wondering how to dry boots fast, you’ve probably thought about putting them outside to get some sunshine. This might seem like a good solution, but you still need to be careful if you turn to Sun for help.

Although sunshine will dry your boots pretty quickly, don’t leave your pair outside and forget about it for the rest of the day. Exposing your leather to direct sunlight for too long can damage your shoes, as it could cause discoloration and even cracking.

A few hours in the sun will be just enough for your pair. To avoid any possible damage, it would be a great idea to use some polish afterward, just in case. There’s no harm in doing it, so why not play it safe and give your shoes some hydration?

What’s the first step? That’s right – it’s cleaning your boots. Next, remove the laces and insoles. That way they’ll be directly in the sun, too, which allows them to dry quicker. Put your boots in a place where they’ll get full sun exposure and let the sun do its magic.

4. Speed up the process using a fan

We’ve played it pretty safe so far – let’s get a bit more creative. What do we use to dry ourselves on a hot summer day, or to boost air circulation in our room? That’s right – a fan! Doesn’t placing your wet shoes in front of it sound like a good idea, too?!

After taking off any dirt and mud, wipe your shoes with a towel to get rid of excess water. You don’t want to risk getting electrocuted simply for wanting to dry your shoes…

Remove the insoles and let them air dry, they won’t take too long. For this method, you’ll want to keep the laces in your boots, and we’ll explain why.

Get your fan and place it on the table or wherever you usually keep it. Next, using shoelaces, secure your boots to the front of your fan cage. We told you your shoelaces will come in handy! Shake them a little to see if they’re secured well enough, and turn on the fan.

Make sure you’re never using a hot fan. Not only it can damage your leather, but you’re also risking getting electrocuted. Finally, make sure you place something heavy at the base of your fan. You don’t want your heavy, damp boots to tip the fan over…

5. Play it safe and use a boot dryer

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If you want to get straight to the point and avoid any DIY projects – get a boot dryer. Not only will it make the whole process a lot easier and faster, but you’ll also have it at your disposal whenever your shoes are wet. This is a great solution for those who spend a lot of time working outside, no matter the weather.

Since this tool is made solely for the purpose of drying your shoes, it comes as no surprise that this is the most efficient method. Although it depends on the type of boot dryer, most of them come with drying ports where you put your boots facing downwards.

These dryers are designed not to damage the leather, so they don’t get too hot. You can easily let your shoes dry overnight, especially if they’re soaking wet. Most of the time, however, drying them this way won’t take longer than a few hours.

It’s a straightforward solution for your problem, but it will require some money if you don’t have a boot dryer already. But, I mean, if you did – you probably wouldn’t be out here trying to figure out how to dry boots fast in the first place…

In that case, JobSite Boot Dryer is a great option. It’s silent and you’ll be able to use it with all kinds of boots, sneakers, ski boot liners, gloves and hats. So, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

How To Dry Boots Fast 5 Ways To Save The Day