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Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? What’s The Tea?

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? What’s The Tea?

Hey Dude is a brand with an interesting name and comfortable shoes. We could say that they currently make one of the comfiest footwear pieces on the market. They offer lightweight, breathable, and flexible shoes which are a choice for many people. But, are Hey Dudes business casual?

If you are someone who has a regular, corporate, 9 to 5 job that implements a “Casual Friday” or if the company you work for generally allows business casual attire, then you are probably constantly searching for new options to spice up your formal wardrobe.

I totally understand you. When I want to dress business casual, I want to have several options. Especially when it comes to shoes. I cannot form my outfit around the same pair of shoes each time. I need something new.

But are Hey Dudes that “something new” you and I are searching for? Can they be considered business casual? Let’s find out!

What shoes are generally considered to be business casual?

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual What's The Tea

First thing first, we need to figure out what qualifies as business casual footwear.

Generally speaking, there are various criteria that business casual shoes need to meet:

  • They need to be comfortable – there’s no point in calling something casual if it’s not comfy
  • They have to be lightweight – business casual shoes simply cannot feel too heavy on your feet
  • Colors can’t be crazy – business casual shoes are usually in neutral colors, like black, brown, white, or gray, and almost never in colors like red, green, or orange
  • The material has to be breathable – the unrestricted flow of air is a must!

Now that we have that covered, let’s see what shoe styles fall into the category of business casual.

1. Oxford shoes

Your first thought might be, “Wait, aren’t these, like, super formal?” and you’d definitely be right. If dressed formally and in sync with the rest of the outfit, these are nothing but professional and business-like.

However, if you pair them with something which leans more on the casual side, Oxford shoes can work quite well with that attire, too.

Although we associate them with dress pants, these shoes can be worn with chinos, trousers, or jeans for a perfect business casual look.

2. Monk strap shoes

This is another pair of shoes generally considered to be on the more formal spectrum. However, they are highly versatile and can easily be both dressed up and dressed down.

These shoes were very popular 10 to 15 years ago. However, they are making a comeback nowadays.

3. Chelsea boots

For those days when you need something business casual, Chelsea boots are the way to go. These boots can easily be paired with either formal or slightly informal attire. They feature a very sleek and elegant look and are pretty comfortable.

4. Chukka boots

Chukka boots are pretty trendy and decently comfortable, therefore can easily be considered as business casual. With their minimalistic look, they can be paired with almost anything.

However, not every design of these boots can be worn to work. So, to be sure, always opt for Chukka boots in neutral colors, like black or tan.

5. Derby shoes

Similarly to Oxfords, Derby shoes are also considered to gravitate more toward the formal spectrum. But if styled correctly, they can easily be incorporated into business casual attire.

A good hack to keep in mind is to always match the color of your Derby shoes to the color of your belt. That way you’ll achieve a cohesive and clean look.

6. Loafers

Loafers might be the first footwear style that pops into our heads when we hear the word business casual. These shoes are extremely comfortable, modern, and stylish. They’re easily slipped on and off, they are the shoe of choice of many men and women.

7. Sneakers

Last on the list of business casual shoes, we have sneakers. They can be a great option to wear on those days when you don’t have to look very formal and professional.

However, this doesn’t mean you can wear any type of sneakers. There are some general rules that should be followed, like ensuring the sneakers have more of a simple and minimalistic look and that they are properly cleaned.

Are Hey Dudes business casual?

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual What's The Tea

Right off the bat, the answer is – Yes! Hey Dudes can be considered business casual. They fall right in the middle between formal and informal footwear, so they are perfect for your casual Fridays.

Hey Dude has gained a lot of popularity over the last several years. The people who work behind it are prioritizing comfort and sustainability, meaning they are designing shoes out of eco-friendly materials.

Another good thing about this brand is that any model they come up with is very comfy and good for the feet, but the style of the shoe is not compromised. Their footwear pieces are modern, stylish, and trendy and go perfectly with any type of outfit.

This brand offers an interesting selection of both sneakers and boots which can be easily incorporated into a tad bit less formal work outfits.

Hey Dude has many shoe models, so you might think it can get quite tricky and overwhelming to decide what’s the appropriate mode to wear to work, right?

Well, wrong. Their official website has a section titled Dress Casual where you can easily find the style appropriate for the work environment.

All in all, Hey Dudes are definitely business casual, and, as long as they abide by your company’s dress code, they can be your trusty casual footwear option.

What are the Hey Dude options for both men and women?

As mentioned above, Hey Dude has many different shoe options. But the two of them that are the epitome of business casual are Hey Dude Wally Casual for men and Hey Dude Wendy Casual for women.

Both designs are great and are considered to be the number one option of many Hey Dude fans. Let’s see in more detail what these shoes are like.

1. Hey Dude Wally Casual

Hey Dude Men's Wally B Sox Grey Size 10 | Men’s Shoes | Men's Lace Up Loafers | Comfortable & Light-Weight
$64.99 $35.74
Buy Now
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03/16/2024 03:44 pm GMT

People have described walking in this model as “walking on clouds.” This is a strong claim to make, indeed, but one that is not that far from the truth.

Hey Dude Men’s Wally model is extremely lightweight and comfortable. They are one of the brand’s most comfortable shoes, and probably the comfiest on the market in general.

Made out of breathable cotton in combination with other flexible but high-quality materials, these shoes feel extremely good on the feet. They feature a rounded toe box, which offers enough space for toes to wiggle freely, and elastic laces for a more uniform and secure fit that moves with the shape of your foot.

An amazing thing about these shoes is that they feature the brand’s famous Flex & Fold Technology. This means that these shoes can be easily folded and taken on the go without taking up too much space. Just like socks!

The best feature of these shoes is their insole. These Wally Hey Dudes come with odor-wicking insoles which keep the nasty smell away from your feet. They also ensure your feet stay cool during warmer months.

These shoes come in a variety of different colors, so you can definitely find the ones you fancy the most.

However, the most dominant ones are those of the neutral spectrum (which is great for pairing your shoes with the rest of the outfit). At least you know for sure that your new Hey Dudes will work with most of the pieces from your wardrobe.

The price of these ones is not too bad, either. They cost around $60 on their official website but can be found for much less on other sites. If you are lucky enough, you can even get them for around $30. Either way, you will not have to break the bank with this model as they are very affordable.

2. Hey Dude Wendy Casual

Hey Dude Women’s Wendy
$41.97 $35.10
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03/16/2024 03:50 pm GMT

The best female version of business casual Hey Dudes is this Wendy model. You like the Wally model, this one is also extremely comfortable to walk in, to the point where you do not wish to take them off once you put them on your feet.

These shoes are made out of stretchy polyester fabric and cotton linings, and they also feature the Flex & Fold Technology.

Actually, to spare you the unnecessary details, these shoes come with the same feature as the Hey Dude Willy. They are quite literally their sister model.

Versatile and trendy, Hey Dudes are perfect for ladies who like to keep things casual while they are on the mission of taking over the corporate world. They come in several different colors and cost around $60. And, just like the Willy model, they can also be found for much less.

If you are a woman who prefers wearing high heels over flats and who loves shoes that are more elegant, these might not be your style. However, give them a chance. Trust me, you will not regret it. And your feet will be thankful, too!

It’s actually good to switch things up every once in a while and try something different. Especially when you have the opportunity to try and wear business casual attire for your work. Let these shoes be your way of stepping out of your comfort zone.

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Are Hey Dudes Business Casual What's The Tea