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What To Wear With Tan Shoes? Spice Up Your Outfit

What To Wear With Tan Shoes? Spice Up Your Outfit

If you don’t like to spend a lot of money buying shoes in every color, finding one pair that magically works with any outfit is like a dream come true. If that sounds impossible, we’ve got some good news for you. Start thinking about what to wear with tan shoes, because they might be your next perfect pair!

Tan is the most diverse shade of brown shoes you can get. They go with pretty much any outfit you can think of. Whether you want to be casual or formal, your pair of tan shoes has got your back.

Investing in different color pairs can’t be good for your wallet. Don’t even get us started on the hours of shopping you’d have to spend looking for a perfect pair of shoes in every shade. We know how hard it can be to look for even one…

If you’re ready to invest in a mighty pair of tan shoes, we’ve got you covered with some ideas on what you can wear with them. Let’s get started!

What to wear with tan shoes?

If you’ve just got a pair of brown shoes that you have no idea how to style, you’re not in such big trouble as you might believe you are. They work well with just about any color, any outfit, and can be even used to lighten up your look. Here are some ideas on what to wear with tan shoes you might find useful.

1. Suits are always a good choice

What To Wear With Tan Shoes? Spice Up Your Outfit

Let’s start classy – tan shoes and suits. If you’ve been racking your brains trying to think of what to wear with tan shoes, a good ol’ suit was probably the first thing on your mind. And for a good reason.

Since most suits come in dark colors such as dark gray or dark blue, they’re often worn on special occasions or when going to work. If you’re not a huge fan of being too formal, a nice pair of tan shoes would be the perfect choice for you. They’d make the whole look a bit more casual.

If you simply must stay on the formal side, dark brown shoes would be a much better choice with a dark-colored suit.

However, if you’re wearing a light or medium-colored suit to a not-so-formal occasion, then we’ve got a different situation on our hands. In this case, your pair of tan shoes would be a perfect choice. They add some spice to your outfit and make you extra stylish.

You should still pay attention to the model and style of your shoes. The best choice would be tan derby shoes or toe cap oxfords with leather soles. Keep in mind that you should stay away from any pair with thick rubber soles.

2. Chinos for a smart casual outfit

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Now, let’s see what to wear with tan shoes if you’d like to keep it safe with a smart, casual choice. Here, the rules are a bit more flexible, which means you can let your sense of style show a bit more. Who doesn’t like that?!

You can even wear your tan shoes with dark-colored trousers, who’s going to stop you?! We’re not saying it will make you the most stylish person in the room, but you can still try.

Still, you shouldn’t go completely crazy here. It’s important to coordinate your outfit items and their colors well. Since your tan shoes will be a statement piece, you should be a bit more careful with the rest of your outfit.

Definitely try to stay away from anything that’s too bright. You want the attention to be on your shoes. If you manage to avoid any bright colors on the rest of your outfit, you’ll be able to wear your pair of tan shoes with pretty much any colored chino.

When it comes to the styles and models, we have some ideas. For example, if you’re wearing a blazer and a shirt, a good combination of formal and casual would be the best choice, such as tan derbies. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a sweater and moleskin trousers, then you should definitely go with tan boots.

If you’re not good at shopping but want to add a pair of chinos to your closet, then we’ve got you covered. These Levi’s Standard Tapered Chino Pants are a great option and they come in many different colors so you’ll be able to find your personal fave.

3. The classic tan shoes and jeans combo

What To Wear With Tan Shoes? Spice Up Your Outfit

Oh, the classic tan shoes and jeans! How could this list go without this all-time combination? This is probably the most popular and well-known choice, and for a good reason.

If you have a nice pair of jeans sitting in your wardrobe, you no longer have to wonder what to wear with tan shoes. You’ve probably seen this combination numerous times, and it never goes out of style.

If you don’t consider yourself a super stylish person, but you still like to try – play it safe. Wear your tan country brogues with navy jeans. Not only will you be comfortable, but it also works every time. If you don’t have navy jeans, your tan shoes don’t care! They’ll look good with any shade of blue or gray.

Since this is a pretty casual option, you should also reach for a casual pair of tan shoes, too. The safest choice would be a pair of country brogues (doesn’t matter if they’re derbies or boots).

However, if you feel especially confident and you’d like to spice up your outfit a bit more, you can always try wearing a nice pair of tan loafers. They’ll make all the difference.

4. Have fun and experiment

The best thing about fashion and style is that you get to have fun with them! Ditch all the rules and make your own. Experiment a bit and see what you like the best. After all, confidence is what makes every outfit work.

Because of that, make sure you combine your tan shoes with a brave face and straight shoulders. You can get away with wearing your pair with pretty much anything, from shorts to suits, as long as you believe you look good in them. If you feel comfortable and attractive, others will see it, too.

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What To Wear With Tan Shoes Spice Up Your Outfit