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Boots You Can Wear With Shorts, For Men And Women

Boots You Can Wear With Shorts, For Men And Women

Forgive my French, but shorts are for summer and boots are for winter, right? That’s what we’ve learned from a young age, but now we’re starting to witness supermodels, celebrities, and designers rocking these two together and making everyone wonder – are there really boots you can wear with shorts?

Now, a couple of months ago Vogue noticed that boots combined with shorts and dresses appeared to be one of the year’s biggest streetwear trends.

We’ve seen Hailey Bieber rocking the trend when she stepped out on the streets of New York wearing denim shorts, a cropped, graphic tee, and combat boots. She wasn’t the only one considering we’ve also witnessed Tyler The Creator sporting shorts combined with leather gloves and leather, lace-up boots.

Both boys and girls seem to be obsessed with the newest trend, and we don’t really know how to respond.

On one hand, there’s something incredibly interesting about the way the boots break up the silhouette created by the shorts. On the other, these two don’t make much sense when we’re talking about the weather – when on Earth would you even wear them?

Granted that you’re considering wearing these two together and wondering whether there even are boots you can wear with shorts, we’ve got your back. We’re bringing you a step-by-step guide on how to style these two together, as well as a list of boots that can work for whatever weather you’re dealing with.

How can you style boots and shorts together without looking like you don’t know what you’re doing?

Boots You Can Wear With Shorts, For Men And Women

We’re pretty sure one of the biggest reasons why men and women shy away from experimenting with fashion is the fact that they don’t want to look like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Men can combine chinos with white sneakers and a button-down and they’re ready to go without worrying about standing out too much. Women can wear the same thing and get compliments for looking polished and put-together.

While there’s nothing wrong with those outfits, they’re pretty… Safe. Experimenting with patterns, fabrics, and color combinations might turn some heads, but that’s not a bad thing.

Wearing shorts with boots on a hot summer day might earn you a comment or two, but that’s not because you didn’t make a fashion statement – it’s because you did.

For women, wearing boots with shorts doesn’t get that much attention because they’re used to wearing shorter dresses with knee-high or ankle boots. Shorts might not be a conventional choice, but Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Zandaya have been rocking them so well that nobody dares question the trend.

Cowboy boots, combat boots, and knee-high boots seem to be the most popular, but there are other styles, too. For example, how can we forget Kendall Jenner wearing a freakin’ bikini with Moon Boots?!

For men, shorts and boots aren’t common. Or, they haven’t been common until A$AP Rocky wore fluffy UGGs with shorts on stage, Frank Ocean wore hiking boots with shorts while cycling, and Evan Mock wore military-style boots while attending Fashion Week.

Men are starting to understand the obsession and we couldn’t be happier – which happens to be the reason why we gathered some of the most stylish boots you can wear with shorts (for both men and women, don’t worry). Take a peep!

Women’s boots you can wear with shorts

Denim shorts are having a moment and we couldn’t be happier! Shorts are comfortable and wearable, and they’re easy to style whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or go with something more muted.

Shorts with boots have been around for years, and women don’t seem to be scared of taking things even further – have you seen Bella Hadid’s jorts recently?

Whether you’re a denim shorts type of woman or you’re leaning more towards the pleated, grandpa-style short trousers, we’re bringing you a bunch of boots you can wear with shorts.

1. Chunky, combat boots

Combat boots are definitely the most obvious answer to your “what are the boots you can wear with shorts” question. Chunky, lug soles have been everywhere for the past couple of months (even years) and we’ve noticed numerous celebrities wearing them with shorts.

Combine chunky, combat boots with denim shorts, a graphic tee, and sunglasses for that signature Hailey Beiber outfit. Or, combine them with leather shorts, a cashmere sweater, and a structured coat for something more polished and put together.

Combat boots might not be workwear appropriate, but they’re a great way to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time. Dr. Martens are always a great choice, but you can go with something along the lines of Aldo Shoes Quilt Boots or Valentino Garavani Calfskin XCombat Boots.

2. Rubber boots

Hunter Original Women's Tall Waterproof Rain Boots (Black, US Size 7)
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Who doesn’t love a good Wellington boot?! Whether you’re thinking of wearing shorts with rubber boots to Coachella, to a farmer’s market, or a night out (maybe not?), we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong with Wellies. Rubber boots have been on-trend for the past couple of years, and they’re a great stand-out part of an outfit.

Combine them with denim shorts, a white button-down, and a chunky cardigan when you’re grabbing lunch with friends. Or, wear them with longer shorts (or jorts) that cut off right at the edge of the boots, a turtleneck layered underneath a clean-cut blazer, and an oversized coat for an elevated look.

Other than the obvious Wellies, you can go with Hunter Boots Tall Rubber Stud Riding Boots, Prada Rubber Logo Pull-On Rain Booties, or Chloé Betty Rubber Rain Booties.

3. Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots and shorts? Where do we sign up?! Cowboy boots might not be the first footwear you think about when you wonder what type of boots you can wear with shorts, but that’s not to say they wouldn’t work together.

Denim shorts and cowboy boots are reminiscent of the bohemian, free-spirited fashion of the 60s and 70s.

Considering the fact that these two eras have been the talk of the town for the past couple of months, we’re not surprised that Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid have been putting their twist on denim shorts and cowboy boots.

We have been going on and on about our love for Ganni embroidered leather knee boots, but you can go for Mango, Zara, or H&M ones, too. Wear them with denim shorts, leather shorts, and even those adorable grandpa-style, pleated shorts.

4. Knee-high boots

Boots You Can Wear With Shorts, For Men And Women

Who’s surprised to see knee-high boots as one of the options? From the moment women started wearing boots with shorts, knee-high boots became a wardrobe must-have.

Whether you wear them with super short shorts or the ever-so-popular, elevated longer shorts, knee-high boots are guaranteed to make you look sophisticated and expensive.

M. Marie Reverse Cowgirl could be a great way to wear cowboy boots without actually wearing cowboy boots – combine them with leather shorts, a structured white button-down, and a clean-cut blazer, and make them the statement piece of the outfit.

Or, go for something more simple like Larroude Kate Boot In Ivory Leather and wear them with tailored, pleated shorts, a cashmere sweater, and a coat.

Men’s boots you can wear with shorts

Men seem to adore the logic-defying combination of boots and shorts and we couldn’t be more excited to see what you come up with.

Whether you’re thinking of breaking your own fashion rules or planning on switching things up, we’re bringing you a couple of boots you can wear with shorts – and look like you knew exactly what you were doing. Throw a glance!

1. Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, Soft Toe, Slip Resistant, 6 Inch Work Boot (8.0 MW)
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Turns out shoes do make a man! Therefore, if you’re planning on buying anything this season, don’t think twice about buying Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens are everyone’s favorite footwear for a reason, and they’re guaranteed to look fresh and fun when combined with shorts.

Chunky, combat boots such as Dr. Martens tend to work wonders with swishy, cargo shorts and flannel button-downs, as well as blue denim shorts and hoodies.

Other than that, they’re great with dark denim shorts and a waxed jacket. But, they’re also perfect with dressier, tailored shorts and structured button-downs. Of course, Dr. Martens go with pretty much everything.

2. Chelsea boots

Boots You Can Wear With Shorts, For Men And Women

Chelsea boots are workwear and street-wear must-haves for every man out there. Whatever your style might be, we can assure you that you need a pair of high-quality, suede or leather Chelsea boots.

We would go as far as to argue that Chelsea boots are your best bet to finally settle on a pair of boots you can wear with shorts.

Chelsea boots are easy to slip on and off (every man’s dream), but they somehow look like the most cosmopolitan, high-fashion footwear ever. Our favorites are R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman boots, Viberg Chelsea boots, and Blundstone 500 series boots.

3. Rubber boots

Rubber boots might sound… Odd. But, they’re one of the season’s biggest trends and there’s nothing wrong with experimenting. As a matter of fact, a raincoat, an umbrella, and a pair of proper rubber boots might even make you look like you came fresh off the runway.

Bottega Veneta Tire boots are a high-fashion flex, but there’s no denying that they would look amazing combined with shorts, a button-down, and an oversized trenchcoat. But, you can’t go wrong with Hunter Original tall rain boots or Hunter Original Refined waterproof Chelsea boots, either.

4. Desert boots

Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boot, Black Suede, 8 M
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Desert boots go with everything, or at least that’s what the GQ magazine stated when talking about the season’s most attractive and sought-after boots. Desert boots straddle the line between formal and fight-ready footwear, and they’re a great way to elevate your ensemble.

Wear them with denim shorts for a relaxed, easy-going outfit. Or, wear them with tailored shorts and button-downs for work. Clark’s desert boots, Astorflex Greenflex boots, and J.Crew 1990 MacAlister boots are some of the desert boots you can wear with shorts. So, what are you waiting for?!

Boots You Can Wear With Shorts, For Men And Women