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What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

Who doesn’t love pink?! The mood-boosting hue seems to have been the muse for some of our favorite runway shows, from Alexander McQueen to Dior to Versace – Valentino even created 48 (that’s right, a whopping 48) head-to-toe ensembles featuring the shade. To be honest, we’re all wondering what to wear with pink sneakers.

Sure, we’re drooling over the sophisticated capes and tailored suits we witnessed on the Valentino runway show. And, we’re still not over Zandaya’s test drive of the label’s electrifying creations (those 3D flowers were to die for!).

Oh and, do we even need to comment on Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement photos and her very, very pink, vintage Chanel coat?! But, there’s always but when we try to wear the things we see on the runway.

Come on, where would we even wear the Valentino wool and silk bralette? Where would we even wear the Valentino embellished, puffed-up dress? Where do we even start?!

Right off the bat, most of us can add a dash of color to our street style: a hot-pink Coperni bag here, a magenta blazer there. Most of us can throw on a pair of pink sneakers with a denim-on-denim look, an all-black ensemble, or a flowy, floral, pastel frock.

Worry not, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about wearing pink without looking like you came straight off the set of Margot Robbie’s latest movie. What’s even better, we’ve gathered a couple of Barbie-approved outfits to answer your “what to wear with pink sneakers” question.

How to wear pink without lookin’ like Barbie?

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

With the announcement of Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie, we’ve witnessed a sickeningly-sweet style shift – Barbiecore. Now, the unlikely muse, as we already know, happens to be a blonde bombshell that adores wearing all-pink ensembles.

Of course, celebrities didn’t take long before they hopped on the Barbiecore trend.

From Meghan Fox wearing a metallic, hot-pink set and matching strappy sandals, to Kim Kardashian sporting powder pink pantaboots, a cropped zip-up hoodie, and an encrusted Balenciaga Hourglass bag, to Sebastian Stan channeling Ken at the Met Gala – we’ve seen a great share of Barbiecore outfits that evoke memories of Aqua’s Barbie anthem “Barbie Girl.”

With that out of the way, how can you stay on-trend and wear pink the right way? First off, when you’re wearing something as eye-catching as pink, there’s no room for thickening out.

Go bright or go home. Bright sneakers combined with a denim-on-denim look or a pastel, tailored suit set are guaranteed to attract attention.

On the other hand, monochromatic moments are always on trend. Whether you go for a fuschia frock or a blushing blazer and matching wide-legged trousers, make sure you tie everything together with complementing footwear (and accessories, of course).

Depending on the shade of pink you’re going with, make sure the rest of the outfit consists of complementing colors such as blues, greens, and browns. You might be surprised at how electrifying fuschia and deep, dark green look together!

Whenever you’re wondering what to wear with pink sneakers, remember that you have more color combinations and patterns to work with than you might have thought. Without further ado, we’re bringing you 10 Barbie-approved looks ready to wear.

What to wear with pink sneakers?

1. Go all-pink for a monochromatic moment

We can’t talk about pink without talking about Valentino! And, we can’t help but turn to Valentino for fashion advice when we’re wondering what to wear with pink sneakers.

According to Pierpaolo Piccioli (the creative director of Valentino), you can’t go wrong with a monochromatic moment, whether you wear head-to-toe Valentino or turn to your resources.

We suggest you combine bright, hot-pink sneakers with a matching dress for the summer or a blushing blazer, matching wide-legged trousers, and a matching coat for the winter.

Don’t forget to tie everything together with hot-pink accessories – we adore the Tory Burch Fleming Bouclé Small Convertible Shoulder Bag, but you can get something similar from Zara or Mango, too.

2. Denim-on-denim

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

Denim-on-denim will never go out of style! Whether you go for the grungy, edgy moment with chunky combat boots like Bella Hadid, bright, eye-catching stiletto boots like Gigi Hadid, or simple, white sneakers like Emily Rajakowski, you’re guaranteed to look like you came straight off the runway.

To make matters even better, you can’t go wrong with a head-to-toe denim ensemble embellished with hot pink (or pretty much any other shade of the iconic color) accents. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different styles of jeans, jean jackets, jean overshirts, and (of course) jean jumpsuits.

3. Flowy, floral dresses for a feminine look

What better way to stay stylish, comfortable, and (might we add) adorable than with a sneaker/dress combination? Flowy, floral dresses might be reminiscent of espadrille wedges, straw hats, and raffia tote bags, but we adore them with sneakers and matching over-the-shoulder bags, too.

And, when you combine meadowy prints and blushing shades you get everyone’s favorite summer style.

We suggest you go for feminine silhouettes with a Sleeper Atlanta linen dress, a Ganni floral babydoll mini dress, or a Caroline Constas Gianna floral-print poplin maxi dress. Or, you can go with sophisticated slips such as the Velvet Poppy slip midi dress (for a monochromatic moment) or a Zara satin effect dress.

4. Pink sneakers and a pink blazer? We’re in!

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

There’s no better way to wear pink than to choose two statement pieces that match and keep the rest of the outfit basic and boring.

That’s the whole wisdom behind staying on-trend but staying true to your style at the same time. Whenever you wonder what to wear with pink sneakers, remember you can always throw on a pink blazer and you’re good to go.

Combine these two pink pieces with baggy denim bottoms and a simple white tee for running errands or grabbing brunch with your friends.

Wear them with cream, gray, or other earth-toned, wide-legged trousers and a simple white button-down for the office. Whatever you do, make sure that the blazer and the sneakers stand out.

5. Workout sets work wonders with pink sneakers

Who doesn’t want to look like a Barbie while sweating on the treadmill?! We’re kidding, but we’re not kidding about the thought of wearing one of those stunning Lululemon workout sets with matching sneakers.

We know you work out, but we also know you’re probably snapping progress pics to your friends.

We already mentioned Lululemon workout sets which are guaranteed to motivate you solely because they’re too cute not to show off. But, we’re fans of Lorna Jane, Beyond Yoga, and Port de Bras workout sets, too.

Whichever you decide to go with, make sure they’re around the same color palette as your sneakers.

6. Pretty pastels could use a pop of pink

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

Whenever you’re wearing something bright, you can choose to make the rest of the outfit simple and subdued to ensure the statement piece actually stands out.

That’s a great hack for whenever you’re not sure how to style something extravagant – there’s nothing wrong with building the entire ensemble around one statement piece.

Bright, hot pink, or fuschia sneakers would work wonderfully with a pastel pink silky slip, a mint suit set, or a cerulean workout set. Whatever your style might be, there’s always a way you can wear these shades without compromising.

Pinks and pastels go together, and we couldn’t be happier about the thought of making our wildest Barbie dreams come true.

7. White-on-white could use a pop of pink, too

We’re not talking about weddings… Or are we? White-on-white outfits are bound to make you appear more expensive, luxurious, and put-together.

When you combine them with carefully thought-out gold accents, delicate details, and sleek silhouettes, you’re guaranteed to demand attention wherever you go (and get free drinks, of course).

While women do adore the minimalist moment, there’s nothing wrong with adding a pop of pink to a white-on-white outfit. We suggest you go for a muted shade rather than a bright one to create balance, or two ensure your sneakers aren’t the only bright part of the outfit.

White suit sets and white blazer dresses could use the feminine energy that blushing sneakers bring to the table, for example.

8. Unexpected color combinations (like pink and green)

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

We might have brushed over the fact that pink and green make an odd couple, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of how fashion-forward and on-trend matching the unmatchable can be.

When you’re wondering what to wear with pink sneakers, chances are you’re wondering about the best way you style them without standing out.

But, there’s always a possibility you might change the way you look at mood-boosting hues. Pinks and greens, lilacs and yellows, oranges and blues might not be your thing, but there’s nothing wrong with checking whether you would appreciate them more when you put them on.

“Don’t knock it ’till you try it,” as they say.

9. Take on the Barbiecore trend with a pink silky slip and matching sneakers

We all remember the time when that pink silky satin Zara slip took the world (or TikTok) by storm.

Perky pinks, spaghetti straps, and open backs seem to have made a comeback thanks to Zara, and we were over the moon to discover how flattering the dress was on different body types.

While that particular Zara dress might not be available anymore, we couldn’t brush over the fact that a satin slip would be the perfect answer to your “what to wear with pink sneakers” question.

Whether you go for a matching moment or play with different color combinations and patterns, we’re sure you can make a satin slip work for you.

10. A wedding dress, maybe?

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers? 10 Barbie-Approved Looks

And, we’re ending the article with a controversial take on weddings.

White wedding dresses seem to have become a fashion passé and daring brides seem to have decided to forgo white dresses and say “I do” to fuchsia, flushed, and blushing frocks. They’ve even decided to swap the timeless stilettos for kitten or block heels.

Now, would you wear pink sneakers with a pink wedding dress? You can always wear a pretty pair of Manolo Blahniks for the ceremony and swap them for a perky pair of sneakers for the party. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay true to yourself.

What To Wear With Pink Sneakers 10 Barbie-Approved Looks