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What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

Another day, another fashion emergency. Today we are on a quest of answering what shoes to wear with a velvet dress.

I don’t know about you, but for me, velvet dresses give off somewhat of a Disney villain vibe. When I try to picture velvet material, I imagine The Evil Queen in a black velvet cape with red inside, holding a delicious, magic blood-red apple.

Wow. Someone just got goosebumps! I know what I’m going to be rewatching later, for sure.

Velvet is such a luxurious fabric and one that is not worn by many on a daily basis. You will hardly see anyone rocking anything velvety these days. But when you do, you know that person has fashion in their little finger.

Its high-end feel and appearance make velvet an ideal textile for elevated design, as it has been a fashion statement piece for years. Many people even implement it in their home decor through velvet curtains, cushions, couches, and more.

Although it can be implemented into daily-wear clothes, Velvet is especially popular for evening wear. To be more precise, it is mostly used in the creation of evening dresses.

So, if you happen to have one hanging in your closet, and you are wondering how should you style it, you have come to the right place. This article will help you decide what shoes to wear with a velvet dress, so you could embrace your inner Disney villain, or turn it into the hero it needs to be.

Velvet fabric 101: What’s the tea?

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

Velvet fabric has a dense pile of evenly cut fibers with a smooth nap, which gives it a soft, luxurious feel. Thanks to the characteristics of the short pile fiber, it has a beautiful drape and a soft and shiny appearance.

Velvet was originally made out of silk. Therefore, it has always been incredibly expensive; and as such, only available to the members of royal families and noble classes. Originally developed in Baghdad around 750 A.D., the material soon spread to the Mediterranean and was distributed throughout Europe.

Later on, the new loom technology in the Renaissance period significantly lowered the cost of velvet production, whose main manufacturers became France and Italy.

However, today it can be made out of cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibers which makes it a little less expensive and easier to incorporate into everyday outfits.

Pure silk velvet is very rare to find today, and it is still extremely expensive. Even the velvets that are marketed as silk velvets are usually a combination of silk and rayon.

Today, there are 7 different types of velvet fabric, such as crushed velvet, panne velvet, embossed velvet, ciselé, plain velvet, stretch velvet, and pile-on-pile velvet.

I think there’s no need to go into more detail since you came here to find inspiration for your outfit. So, without any more digressions, let’s jump into our initial topic.

So, what shoes to wear with a velvet dress?

1. Leather boots

Starting off strong, we have an all-time favorite – leather boots! I seriously believe there’s no piece of wardrobe with which you cannot style a pair of these bad boys. They simply go with everything!

If you want to embrace your rugged side, leather boots are the way to go! Whether they are worn in the summer or winter, leather shoes are highly versatile and durable. They are also extremely comfortable, so they are perfect if you are planning on being on your feet for long periods of time.

As I have already said, these boots go well with pretty much everything. You can even wear them with your swimsuit and be the coolest and edgiest person at the pool party. So there’s no question whether these shoes can be paired with velvet dresses.

With a stunning emerald velvet dress, a chunky leather jacket, and leather boots, you’ll be definitely turning some heads. Or, you can even go for an all-black combo. You know how the song goes, right? “Black velvet, if you please.”

2. Knee-high boots

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

When wondering what shoes to wear with a velvet dress, knee-high boots are your answer! These boots are usually a statement piece when paired with anything, basically. They can be made out of leather or suede and even be embellished with some rhinestones for added pizzazz.

If you wish to have an outfit this season that will really stand out, try pairing your knee-high boots with a short velvet dress. Depending on your preferences, how cold you are, and what color of dress and boots you’re going for, you can also wear either black or skin-toned pantyhose.

You can even pair them with a long velvet dress if you wish to be extra dramatic. Your choice, really. However, you won’t be making a mistake if you opt for them. These boots were made for velvet dresses, for sure!

3. Metallic, shiny, or embellished shoes

Now, this is a fashion combination we have all been waiting for! If you have a fancy and luxurious velvet dress, then you definitely have to pair her with gold, silver, shiny, or with rhinestone embellished shoes. This is a perfect party combination and no one can disagree.

You can go for any type of shiny and reflective shoes. It could be high heels, strappy sandals, ballet flats, or even boots. Go with anything that floats your boat and reflects your personal style.

Make sure to pair the shoes you opt for with matching accessories. If your shoes are golden, go for gold jewelry and a purse. Or if you are feeling brave, mix and match silver and golden accessories. Fashion is all about being bold and not fitting into any boxes, right?

4. Suede shoes

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

Let’s be honest: suede and velvet are meant to be together! These two fabrics are a match made in heaven. So, you can finally stop wondering what shoes to wear with a velvet dress, because suede shoes got your back!

Suede and velvet make a go-to winder fashion combination. You can be sure you will stay both warm and stylish and sophisticated during those cold months. Especially if you are wearing over-the-knee-high suede boots.

The good thing about the side shoes is that you can get them in any color. Usually, girls opt for light colors, like brown or cream, but a good pair of classic black suede shoes never goes out of style.

If you wish to show everyone your creative and artistic side, you can always wear suede shoes in more fun and funky colors, like green or red, or even yellow. The possibilities are truly endless!

If you decide to go with colorful suede shoes, make sure to respect color theory and follow the color wheel. Stylists suggest you pair complementary colors, aka. colors that stand opposite each other on the color wheel, if you wish to stand out, and look both put together and quirky.

So, if you have a purple velvet dress, go for yellowish suede shoes. Or if you have a green velvet dress, pick red suede shoes. Make sure to properly accessorize your combination and voilà! You are done!

But, if you are anything like me, and you like to play it safe, stick to neutral colors. Some might say it’s boring, but boring never seems to go out of style, right?

5. Velvet shoes

Did someone say “double dose of velvet” – because I am all here for it!

For some people, velvet on velvet might sound too plain and safe, but it is actually quite the contrary. Pairing velvet shoes with a velvet dress can be an exciting and interesting way to add more fun to your everyday outfit.

A good pair of velvet heels, boots, or flats can tie your whole outfit together and make it appear both daring and classy. With a nice haircut, trendy purse, jacket of choice, and a few pieces of jewelry here and there, you will be ready for the best Instagram picture of all time.

However, be careful when going velvet on velvet since it can cause some serious backfire. If not properly styled, velvet shoes and a dress can make you look as though you were blindfolded when you were picking your outfit for the day.

It is recommended to keep it plain and stick with one color. This way you know you won’t be making any fashion crimes.

6. Sleek high heels

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

For all our ladies who love to show off their legs, a classic pair of sleek high heels is always a way to go, even with an interesting fashion item such as a velvet dress. These shoes can be either dressed up or dressed down, which is also a characteristic of any velvet dress really.

High heels can be worn with pretty much anything and for any occasion, whether it be a Friday cocktail night with friends or an important job interview. They will complete and elevate almost any outfit and will make you look effortless and comfortable.

If you have an important event coming, like an office party or a wedding, pair your velvet dress with your trusty high heels. These shoes go great with both short and long velvet dresses, really. So you do not have to worry about whether it will look good or not.

You can go with your classic black high heels, or be more daring and opt for golden or silver heels. Whatever you choose, make sure you accessorize it with some nice jewelry, and you will be good to go.

7. Clear shoes

Clear shoes always remind me of those pinkish see-through heels every girl used to have as a child. They were in fact toys, usually decorated with feathers and rhinestones, and they probably were everyone’s first heels (apart from those stolen from your mother’s closet to wear around the hose when she’s not there).

However, clear shoes are the best footwear today which can make your legs appear longer. Although they look so uncomfortable and as though they are going to break at any second, these shoes are actually quite comfy and feel nice on your feet.

Anyway, these shoes can be seen around any corner. They gained popularity thanks to our favorite Kardashian, Kim. Nowadays, they are worn by pretty much everyone. And with everything.

So yes, you can wear your velvet dress with clear shoes, too. By wearing clear shoes with any velvet dress, you are both playing it safe and stepping out of your comfort zone. These shoes will go well with any color (since they are, you know, see-through) so you won’t have to worry about a color match.

These shoes come in a variety of styles, and you can find them in both standard high heels and a boots version. Pretty awesome, right?! They can give your outfit a more minimal look, while still looking cool.

If you are by any means hesitant, trust me, I understand. But it doesn’t hurt to try. Who knows, maybe you will actually like this combo!

8. Nude shoes

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress? 9 Amazing Ideas

Let’s be honest. Nude shoes are always an answer! They are another great option that can be paired with literally any color, so you can leave your color wheel for something else.

Nude stilettos, classic high heels, mules, boots… any nude footwear option you can think of goes great with pretty much anything. This color completes any outfit and makes it look more stylish and sophisticated.

No matter how good they look, nude shoes will never stand out. This is a good feature when it comes to velvet since you want your dress to be the main character. With a luxuriously looking velvety dress, a nice pair of earrings, and a lovely bun, your pair of nude stilettos will be like a cherry on top!

9. White shoes

Last but not least, if you’re still wondering what shoes to wear with a velvet dress since none of the mentioned options match your style, you know you can always lean on your trusty white shoes.

For any fancy event where you want to wear your velvet dress, you can confidently wear your white heels. Imagine this: a beautiful, knee-length black velvet dress, paired with a lovely neutral purse, a few accessories, and white pumps or stilettos. Wow! Did you just walk on the red carpet, or..?

Maybe you are going on a casual coffee date with an old friend, and you want to wear your perfect spring velvet dress – white sneakers are the way to go! Classic white converse or basically any white sneakers can go with pretty much anything in your closet.

So you won’t be making any mistakes if you decide to pair them with your velvet dress.

White shoes are equally neutral as nude ones, so with these on your dress will most likely stand out and be the center of everyone’s attention. Just make sure your white sneakers are cleaned. A luxurious fabric like velvet cannot be worn with dusty and muddy shoes.

What material goes well with velvet?

Now that you know what shoes to wear with a velvet dress, let’s see what material goes well with velvet in general. So you know how to put the finishing touches on your outfit.

Velvet is a material that works well with silk, lace, and satin. When combined with any of these fabrics, you will end up having an amazing-looking and sophisticated outfit that appears both luxurious and daring.

Many dresses already come combined with these materials, for example, dresses that have lace trims. If your dress is velvet only, feel free to experiment with accessories whose material is one of the three mentioned.

And for a more casual, everyday look, if you have a velvet dress with thin straps, you can always go for a standard white cotton T-shirt underneath.

This way you will avoid wearing a jacket, especially if it’s not too cold, but you still need a little something to keep you warm. And you will also balance the heavy feel of velvet and the light appearance of the T-shirt.

What Shoes To Wear With A Velvet Dress 9 Amazing Ideas