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How To Wear Wedges With Jeans? 5 Stylish Options

How To Wear Wedges With Jeans? 5 Stylish Options

Are you looking for a casual, everyday outfit that’s easy to pull off? What about wedges with jeans – does that sound like a good option?

Wedges are a great choice when you want to add a little height to your outfit but don’t want to struggle the whole day in uncomfortable heels. They’re suitable for many occasions and some women practically live in them during summer.

They’re more glam than slides but less casual than heels, which is exactly what makes them perfect for your everyday shenanigans. But as easy as they are to wear and walk in, styling them doesn’t seem to be such a piece of cake. Especially when you want to pair them with jeans.

Please, let me help you put together a great outfit with your favorite pair of wedges and everyday denim pants.

5 different ways to wear wedges with jeans

How To Wear Wedges With Jeans? 5 Stylish Options

Wedges tend to be a bit bulkier, making it rather tricky to wear them with certain items of clothing. Some jeans simply don’t work well with these summery shoes, no matter how you try to pair them.

Thankfully, there are a number of jeans styles that will match your wedges perfectly. And I’m about to spill the tea and share some fashion secrets with you.

1. Wedges with boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed fit. We can’t call them baggy, but they certainly are way baggier than skinny jeans.

That being said, many women prefer to wear them with sneakers or ballet flats. In other words, we tend to choose more casual shoes to pair with boyfriend jeans. But what if I told you that this style of jeans goes great with wedges, especially espadrilles?

Espadrille wedges are feminine shoes that remind us of long strolls along the European coast. The sound of sea and birds, the warm sun shining through, and the smell of fresh lemon. You’re donning a flowy dress, a straw bag, and your favorite espadrilles.

Once the colder weather starts to kick in and you’re getting those holiday blues, you can use your outfit to feel like you’re back on vacation. Pair your wedges with boyfriend jeans, put on a flowy top and you’re good to go. Besides feeling good, you’ll also look great.

Who said that you can’t wear boyish jeans with feminine wedges? This outfit is your proof that these two work well together.

2. Wedges with mom jeans

Mom jeans are such a staple and I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that they go great with wedges. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a pair of shoes that doesn’t match mom jeans. They’re so versatile that you can style them however you want.

A great thing about mom jeans is that they’re usually a bit cropped. This makes them perfect for wedges since they don’t hide your shoes. Instead, they let them shine in their full glory.

When it comes to the wedge styles, I’d suggest wearing ones that have a strap around the ankle. They work well with mom jeans since these pants reach right above the ankles.

3. Wedges with full-length straight jeans

Straight-leg jeans are probably the most versatile style of denim you can own. They’re suitable for different body types and what’s great about them is that they’re comfy without looking overly baggy.

So, if you despise oversized jeans but can’t imagine wearing skinny jeans either, then straight-leg pants are made for you. They’re easy to style for many occasions and in all seasons.

During warmer months, pair your full-length straight jeans with wedges and you’ll get an effortlessly simple outfit that looks fab. If you want your shoes to take the shine, simply cuff your jeans and reveal the star of the show – your trusty pair of wedges.

For a relaxed day out, throw on a basic white tee and a cross-body bag. If you’re getting ready for a night out, replace the tee with a tank top, wear an oversized blazer over it, and add some golden or silver accessories (whichever you prefer).

Just like that, you’ll get an outfit that suits the occasion, plus you won’t struggle with painful feet. Wedges are there to give the illusion of height and elongate your body without having to wear agonizing heels. Best of both worlds!

4. Wedges with skinny jeans

How To Wear Wedges With Jeans? 5 Stylish Options

This combo is a tricky one, but it can work if you know what you’re doing. The main issue when pairing wedges with skinny jeans lies in their proportions.

Skinny jeans are tight and provide a snug fit, while wedges usually have that chunky appearance. They’re a bulkier version of heels which is mainly why some wedges simply don’t work well with tighter jeans.

In order to avoid looking out of proportion, it’s important to choose a more sleek and slim version of wedges. You need something with a lower platform at the front. That way, when you stand in front of the mirror, the thin soles of your shoes won’t contrast the tight pants of your jeans.

Another good piece of advice is to choose wedges that have either a pointy or almond shape. This will also help balance out your whole outfit.

Of course, pay attention to the color of your wedges. Make sure they match your jeans – you really don’t want to cause another problem by combining dark shoes with lighter pants.

5. Wedges with wide-leg jeans

Personally, this style of jeans is my favorite. They go well with so many different types of shoes and you can easily dress them up or down. So, go figure that wide-leg jeans match your wedges perfectly.

These jeans elongate your legs and when you introduce wedges to the party, you’ve got yourself a model silhouette. Apart from looking stunning, you also won’t have to struggle with footache!

3 best wedges to pair with jeans

Besides jeans, you can easily wear wedges with skirts, dresses, or even fitted, dressy shorts. They’re a great option when you don’t want heels but still want to look taller than you actually are.

So, a pair of wedges is a good investment since you can combine them with so many different outfits for almost any occasion.

But where do you start? The market is filled with options and if you could, you’d love to get all of them. But for the start, you need something simple; something that can be worn with different pieces of clothing.

Worry no more! I’m about to give you the top three wedge options you’ll be able to style with your favorite jeans in no time.

1. Vince Camuto Meddrina Sandal

These espadrille wedges are a great choice whether you’re just starting your shoe collection or expanding it. They go well with many styles of jeans due to their simplistic design. But it’s a combination of natural materials and various textures that makes these wedges a standout choice.

Their platform is not too high and an ankle strap with buckle closure will make sure your feet stay in place the whole day (or night).

Effortlessly simple, these wedges are fabulous for late summer nights when you want to look put together without the hassle of uncomfortable footwear. They come in two colors, black and natural. Since both shades are neutral, they will go well with everything.

2. Larroudé Naomi Wedge

If I had to choose, these would be the shoes I’d wear for the rest of my life. They’ve got a simple and sleek design yet at the same time, they’re red-carpet glam! Who said that you have to wear heels in order to look chic?

Larroudé Naomi wedges are perfect for night outings when you don’t want heels holding you back. They’re not the best option for the day, but if you’re brave enough, I’m sure you can easily style them and make them look more casual.

The straps that go all around your feet and the double-strapped buckles around your ankles will give your feet a slim and feminine look.

Just look at these ivory beauties. They’re everything you need and more.

3. Reformation Camilla Lace Up Wedge Espadrille

How To Wear Wedges With Jeans 5 Stylish Options

These lace-up wedges go great with any type of cropped jeans. They are a breeze to style and add a dose of elegance to any outfit. Plus, their linen material is perfect for summer, allowing your feet to breathe.

They have a bit of a higher heel than other wedges on this list, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Wedges are usually comfy and don’t make your feet suffer as some other shoe types do.

I’m sure you won’t regret getting this wardrobe addition. They tick all the boxes – they’re elegant, flattering, and comfortable.

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How To Wear Wedges With Jeans? 5 Stylish Options