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Wearing Cowboy Boots With Jeans: Tips For Men And Women

Wearing Cowboy Boots With Jeans: Tips For Men And Women

If you already own a pair of cowboy boots but never had the courage to make them a part of your everyday attire, the time has come for you to change that. Western footwear and clothing have really taken the world by storm. That’s why pairing your cowboy boots with jeans has never been easier.

Maybe you always wanted to experiment with your embroidered pair of western booties but simply felt like you were not stylish (or brave) enough to do so. But right now, you see everyone rocking these cool-looking shoes and you want to give them a go.

Your dusty boots that have been hiding deep in the closet deserve their moment of glory. With these simple tips, you’ll finally be able to wear your cowboy boots like a pro.

Top tips for wearing cowboy boots with jeans

Pairing your favorite denims with stylish cowboy boots is a piece of cake. Trust us, anyone can wear this combo as long as you make sure your jeans go well with your booties.

And that won’t be a hard task since we’ve prepared a few tips to help you put together an outfit that works like a charm. Let’s get you ready for the day.

1. Pay attention to the color of the jeans

Men, listen up! When it comes to denim color, there are a few options you can choose from. But it all depends on the color of your cowboy boots.

For example, your light-washed denim won’t pair best with dark brown or black boots. This combination looks awkward. So, for the best results, pair your lighter pair of jeans with lighter brown or tan boots.

That being said, darker jeans will go great with darker cowboy boots. This is a good outfit for a night out when you want to feel like you’ve just stepped out of a Western movie set.

If you want to play it safe and don’t feel comfortable wearing blue denim with cowboy boots, you can always opt for earth-toned jeans. Colors such as tan or brown work with most Western boots. With these on, you won’t have to worry if you’ve successfully paired everything together.

When it comes to women, similar rules apply to you as well. Wear a lighter pair of jeans during the day and opt for darker hues for a night out. You can’t go wrong with this.

2. Wear the right style of jeans

When pairing cowboy boots with jeans, it’s important to pick the right style of denim. This is a make-or-breaker!

Men, pair your boots with bootcut, straight, or relaxed-fit jeans. These models are not as tight and offer enough room if you want to cover up your shoes.

Tighter jeans styles don’t work as well, so avoid them if you don’t want to end up looking out of proportion.

On the other hand, women will look great in skinny jeans combined with cowboy boots. Both ankle boots and knee-highs will be easy to style with a tighter pair of jeans.

Other great models women can wear with their Western booties are straight, cropped, and bootcut jeans. They all have enough room for boots to fit under the pants, and cropped ones are great if you don’t want to hide your fabulous shoes.

3. The length of the jeans should be just right

Women have a bit more freedom here. Both cropped and to-the-floor denim look great with cowboy boots. What matters is that you match it with the right pair of shoes that aren’t too bulky.

Men, on the other hand, should pay a bit more attention since their jeans should reach just above the heels of the boots. Your outfit will look best if your pants cover the shaft of your boots. Avoid tucking them in – it looks clumsy.

Another thing to pay attention to is to make sure your jeans don’t touch the ground. Too-long pants are not a good match with cowboy boots. It’s not a look, trust us.

3 best cowboy boots men can wear with jeans

Guys, you have all the tips you need to style your cowboy boots with jeans. And if you already own a pair of these Western bad boys then you’re halfway there. Just pair them with your favorite denim pants that tick all the boxes we’ve mentioned and you’re good to go.

But if you’re still on the lookout for a nice pair of cowboy boots and don’t know where to start, here are a few options you can choose from.

1. Rhodes Roper Boots

Rhodes Footwear Men’s Leather Roper Boots, Round Toe & Low Heel
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03/18/2024 01:07 pm GMT

This boot is advertised as “The perfect first cowboy boot” and we couldn’t agree more. Their simple look ensures they will work great for different occasions. Pair them with jeans as a casual, everyday outfit, or with a suit when attending a wedding.

Their simple design is also fantastic if you want to give cowboy boots a try but are afraid that you won’t be able to pull them off. These boots are guaranteed to change your attitude.

Another great thing about them – they’re made of soft leather that provides extreme comfort for your feet. These boots will adapt their shape to fit like a tailored glove.

Also, their heels aren’t as high as with some other cowboy boots, which is another reason they’re so easy to wear.

If you’re on the lookout for your first pair of Western boots, Rhodes Roper is a great starting point. They’ll make you fall in love and after them, you’ll probably expand your collection.

2. Dan Post Boots Men’s Dry Gulch Python Boot

Dan Post Men's Dry Gulch Python Exotic Boot Broad Square Toe Tan 11 D
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03/18/2024 01:07 pm GMT

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic and unique, then these boots are made for you. They’re great for brave men who love experimenting with their cowboy boots.

But what’s great is that you won’t sacrifice comfort for looks. Besides their to-die-for snakeskin design, these boots are also perfect for everyday wear. They have a cushioned footbed to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

3. Ariat Men’s Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot

Ariat Mens Heritage R Toe Western Boot Black Deertan 10.5
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When we think of cowboy boots, this style is what comes to mind. This pair of Ariat boots has a classic look that makes you want to take up horseriding.

They come in two muted colors – distressed brown and black – allowing you to combine them with everything and anything. So, they’re a solid option when you’re looking for something versatile and easy to style.

These high-quality cowboy boots are made from full-grain leather and Duratreated soles that will support you through your adventures.

3 best cowboy boots women can wear with jeans

As a woman, pairing your cowboy boots with jeans is a dream combo. This outfit will give you that boost of confidence and boldness that comes with feeling good in your skin.

If you want to experience this but don’t already own a pair of cowboy boots, then here are some options you should check out.

1. Madewell The Santiago Western Ankle Boot

Madewell The Santiago Western Ankle Boot in Leather True Black 5.5 M
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03/18/2024 01:09 pm GMT

These boots are a great choice when you don’t want to go for high-knee booties but still want to rock the cowgirl vibe. They have a simple design that works great with different kinds of jeans. They’re anything but plain Jane, though, thanks to the cool ankle accessories.

Sleek yet effective – that’s the best way to describe them. They will certainly add a little something-something to your outfit without being over the top.

2. Tecovas The Jaime

Tecovas Women's The Jamie Cowgirl Boot Desert
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The Jaime boots aren’t everyone’s cuppa tea since they’re a bit more traditional than some other women’s cowboy boots on the market. But if you’re going for real Western vibes, these boots are a resounding YES.

Their leather shaft and stacked heel design will make you feel as if you’re the main character in a Western movie. Once you put them on, you won’t even think about taking them off – they’ll quickly become your go-to shoes.

Tecovas The Jaime are the most authentic cowboy boots you can get and you’ll love everything about them.

3. Dolce Vita Lelou Boots

Dolce Vita Lelou Black Multi Leather
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Are you looking for something different? Something unique and fully embroidered? Then Dolce Vita Lelou boots are made for you.

They’re perfect for festivals and those days when you want to show your wild yet feminine side. They have a higher heel that pairs fabulously with jeans, both cropped and straight-fit.

Also, if you’re an environmentally friendly person, you’ll appreciate the fact that these boots are made out of recycled materials.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Dolce Vita’s stylish designer boots.

Wearing Cowboy Boots With Jeans: Tips For Men And Women